Why Is Israel Permitted to be Racist ?

henrymakow.com — March 22, 2017

Beach scene Tel Aviv. Click to enlarge

Beach scene Tel Aviv. Click to enlarge

Tired of being browbeaten daily about the evils of racism and the joys of diversity?
Then, cast a glance at Israel, the only Western country allowed to maintain its racial identity.  Wonder why that is?
Last week, a UN official quit rather than apologize for referring to Israel’s “Apartheid” policies. 
Below, “Saul” an Israeli American, reviews Israel’s race laws which includes a prohibition on interracial marriage. 
The fact Israel gets a free pass means the Masonic Jewish central bankers intend for whites to become a minority.
Makow comment- Jews don’t need a national homeland. Americans, Canadians, British, French, Australians, Germans do.  Central bankers and their Masonic toadies in government, education and media have subverted eroded their national identity.  (“We will destroy every collective force but our own,” say the Protocols of Zion. 16)

by Saul — henrymakow.com (From Dec 10, 2013)

TEL AVIV — Despite Zionist denials, Israel is an apartheid state. The term apartheid means “the state of being apart” and was a system of legislated racial separatism in South Africa. There are striking parallels between Zionist Israel and apartheid South Africa.

1) Jewish Right of Return

With very few exceptions, only Jews can immigrate. Outside of Russian immigration, immigrants to Israel must prove that their mother was or is Jewish. Christians cannot immigrate to Israel. Muslims most certainly cannot immigrate to Israel.
Why have such a racist law on the books when 20% of the population are Muslim Arabs? Simple. Zionists claim that Jews deserve a homeland.

2) Jewish Marriage Law


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