Hanging Bodies and the Dark Power of Radiating Torpor

Visible Origami — Dec 10, 2013

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Today is our 600th Origami posting. Kudos to Alan from Perth for noticing. We’ve been at it awhile, nearly 2,000 postings in all. Along the way, we’ve made some sterling friends and alienated a few and made some temporary enemies. One of the things that really annoys my detractors is that I haven’t been rendered persona non grata as a result of my escapades during my period of trial over the last five years, thankfully that is now at an end. Some people want me brought low and discredited. They’ve gone so far as to send agents to visit me and create false events. Well, I’m still ticking and you’re still ticking and together we’re clicking (grin). I’m most grateful that those who come against me are mostly of low character, will not reveal themselves and are prone to obvious slanders and vigorous ad hominem. Anyway, onward.
As I have not been shy about repeating a number of times, one of the keys to the pincher assault of Zionism and Satanism is the destruction of the family unit, (a fine article) or is that family eunuch? This is already in full swing in the UK, where the control of the financial systems of the west is situated. This should tell you that those in control of the financial system are willing participants in this destruction and also overwhelmingly represented by the two factions I’ve already mentioned. Of course, you can’t have a triumph of darkness unless you have a large cast of supporting Nimrods and bobbing hood ornaments who might have once been human but are now worse than ravenous beasts because they have hands and can do all kinds of things beasts cannot do in the service of appetite, like open the refrigerator, create and handle terrible weapons etc.
I notice a press of despair in the air. I note an invisible cloud of depression that seems to blanket the lands. I noticed it most strongly yesterday. It was uncomfortable for me and the major reason why I couldn’t overcome minor technical difficulties with my system in order to do a radio broadcast. The forces impacting on me were greater than my initiative to resist. I tried and I failed. In no way is that an anomaly. Add to this the definite interference with my emails and readers efforts to post comments, well, I had hoped that I would hear more from the people I met in London. I went out of my way to solicit the attention of one of the people I met there but never heard a word. Odd, that.
I make mention of astrology now and again, mostly because I can feel it. I can feel large bodies of influence moving in the aethers around me and that’s been an unfortunate and fortunate (by turns) condition in my life. Unfortunate because I have to be aware of it and it’s not pleasant sometimes and fortunate that I can associate it with the conditions of my discomfort. So it goes. In past times in altered states, there is a dance I was able to do that involved moving (seeking to move) in concert with these forces. I’m trying to employ some variation of that now but the leaden cloud of tamasic consciousness that surrounds me is an impressive oppression.
My feeling is that the dark towers of radiating torpor and malice have had their wattage upped recently. It’s as if one were climbing a hill and suddenly the grade of ascent has increased noticeably… noticeably. The demands of the game have intensified. Perhaps it is to counter the force of awakening taking place? Perhaps it is to preface a new assault upon what little remains of our wellbeing. Perhaps it is an astral radio wave concert, between malevolent inhuman residents and alien ET’s. Certainly there is some kind of a technological exchange between these anti-life forces. We’ve ample evidence of the one and a load of circumstantial on the other. I’m guessing there are good aliens out there. I don’t know what they’re up to. I hope they do. I hope they’re doing something other than watching it all on their saucer monitors. I’m hoping it’s merely my lack of awareness that makes me blind to what must be intense efforts on the part of of human, alien and any number of other entities working on our behalf. I’m hoping it’s just my personal blindness and not the usual cosmic indifference (grin).
Yes… I don’t know if I’m getting more sensitive or they’ve upped their evil games. I always anticipate crescendo tactics when we’re getting close to the shore. Those who have damned themselves are fully committed to every opportunity to pull the unwitting and indifferent down with them; misery loves company and some in our company, having left the human race, love misery to begin with. I’m guessing that’s an acquired taste. I’m guessing a lot of things are an acquired taste and that is why there is such an effort on to manipulate the tastes and attractions of the masses in a slow but certain and despicable manner. It’s like pushing piercings as a positive fashion statement and later on you wind up hanging from one of these; lovely, just lovely. Or, let’s say you start taking ecstasy to free up your inhibitions and you get yourself a few tattoos and next thing you know, you’re in a leather lesbian bar, enjoying a welt raising, razor blade tattoo, branding action. You can look that up yourself. Most people are fortunately unaware of the level of depravity going on in certain subcultures. It’s a slow moving progression (usually) from one outrage to the next against one’s own person, and then the body of another. You don’t go from steak tartare to cannibalism over the course of a weekend, unless it’s maybe a Thanksgiving weekend with those extra days. The bonus would be the combination of the spirit of Thanksgiving with a real life version of 28 Day’s Later. Aren’t you glad you come around here where you can be introduced to all kinds of new and questionable possibilities? All these things and worse are going on in the secret get togethers of the post Jimmy Savile circle jerks.
Whenever I think about the sort of things the titled aristocracy gets up to, I’m reminded of the differential between the simplistic common folk and the Byzantine mentalities of the genetically privileged. The more complex and devious the mindset of the entity, the wider the parameters of perversity. The brutish are… well, brutish, whereas the jaded sophisticates have a wide range of singular appetites indulged in. Certainly not all of the common folk are brutish, many of them are as decent as the day is long, although the days are no longer as long as once they were.
It is an amazing thing to have once thought that Bush Junior was as low as it could get when it came to venial and vile offenses against the public but Obama has outdone him noticeably.
Regardless of whatever our perspective on anything may be, we are generally judging from appearances. Appearances are a lie and a blind that conceals the essential beneath the manifest detail. This is why Patanjali constantly repeats his admonitions and instructions to restrain the chitti; the mindstuff. This is the basic tenet of mind control. You aren’t going to get very far on the path until mind control takes place and then, boy! You can move at a rapid rate. Once again, as the Bhagavad-Gita states, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Believe it. So… it doesn’t matter if you believe in the existence of The Devil or not. It is a certainty that evil is afoot in the world and it is a certainty that there are evil forces. Maybe it’s just a problem of semantics, or some prefer to believe it is just human nature as opposed to a mentating power. In any case, what I am about to say is for the purpose of argument, insofar as I want to illustrate something. Appearances are a lie. The Devil is called the Father of Lies. Ergo, the mind is the seat of The Devil when it embraces appearances as they seem to be instead of the deeper view. This is why control of the mind is all important because you unseat The Devil and restore the rightful ruler to the throne of the mind. Once this is accomplished, your inspirations are of a different order and you have access to the higher muses in a more permanent manner because your state of mind no longer offends them.
It is said in occult teachings that there is a corona of light around the form of The Devil should you see him. This is the form of the angel concealed behind the misconceptions of the mind; “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” If you want to reject all possibilities of religion intruding upon your thought, you can say ‘the appearance of evil conceals the presence of potential good’. Masters of the mind know this as a fact. Knowledge of this is what distinguishes an initiate from the rest of the pack.
It is a very simple matter, simply restrain the mindstuff from shaping nonsense on your behalf, or see it as casting out thought with a continuing series of brief snorts. It works. I don’t pass out techniques that don’t work, or that I haven’t proven true myself. Here is the key to evading all disease and all aberrations of the mind. Here is the key to brimming and sustained optimism. Here is the key to the doorway of wonders, to The Door of Everything. There are ancillary wisdoms to be gained from many sources, like The Kybalion and seriously, anything you want to know is out there and, if not, it’s in there… if you would only look. A determined inquiry that will not quit, will not be denied.
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