The Gollum Progression and the Grinch from Talmudia

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Dec 7, 2013

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CHRISTMAS is coming and since I know it will annoy those bent on destroying this tradition (of course they don’t mention who’s behind it but we know who it is- A LOT OF VALUABLE INFO HERE THAT YOU HAVEN”T SEEN BEFORE. The Harvey Fierstein section says it all), while elevating their own, I would like to open this posting with, “Merry Christmas!!!” One of the things that annoys me is that I don’t have a big enough profile to really annoy the people bent on making everything bent. See, when you are unnaturally bent, due to being possessed of a poisoned genetic code, or due to a progressively, ever more wicked persona, manifesting off the reincarnation cycle, you eventually become a kind of philosopher. Now there are many types of philosophers because there are many types of philosophy. It would take you some time to just read the list of all of these philosophies. Given that there seems to be something for everyone under the sun and even for those who hide from the sun and eventually can’t even handle moonlight, which I refer to as The Gollum Progression, it stands to reason that there would be a philosophy whose fundamental motivation… uh…; I don’t know what its name would be right offhand but its basic tenet would be, ‘turn everything into shit’. Perhaps it might be called Retro-Alchemy, or Reverse-Alchemy. There is a similar Middle Eastern system called, Talmudism, which bears many similarities to it, insofar as turning everything into shit. Anyway… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What the Hell, HAPPY EASTER! …too …while we’re at it.
One of the things that seems to go missing in people’s computations, when analyzing the state of our times is what I call the, ‘hiding in plain sight, right in front of your eyes factor’. With all the puffed up chest action, bristling armaments, goose-stepping police departments and storm trooper, PC Zio-bots taunting and jeering at the beaten down populace, with all the whitewashing of stone cold criminal, do whatever we fucking want because the judges are in our pockets action going down while, I say ‘while’ those immune from prosecution make a killing locking up those without the power to defend themselves, simply to enrich themselves, based on their ownership of the private prison industry… while all of this is murking up what passes for the scenery, most people are missing the basic reality that is going down, emphasis on ‘down’. Ten years ago, 90% of the people to be found anywhere, should anyone be looking, had little or no idea of what was happening. Now, 50% of them have left the Crass Media and a very significant portion of the population is facing imminent distress of a mega-wattage kind. This is the sort of life survival pressure that forces people to wake the fuck up. That’s not the only impetus for waking up. Mr. Apocalypse is actively engaged.
Through the kind and non secular (heh heh, I almost wrote non sequitur) reality of the internet, information is free flowing like a Niagara through the collective mind. In the midst of the populations is another population that is actively at war with the disinfo and lies that have been our daily fare for a long time. You can see the new grassroots war of truthful souls appearing in forums and comment sections all over the internet. They weren’t there even a little while ago. Things are changing. Not only is evil not covering its tracks but it is leaving tracks (does that make sense?) and screwing up more than it has ever done before because our own invisible jester, Mr. Apocalypse, is tripping them up with his walking stick, pinching them on the ass, pulling at their earlobes, tweaking (or is that twerking) their cheeks, as if they were little cherubims designed by Raphael, which they definitely are not. What they are, for the most part are vermin infected, urban wharf rats, which you would see peeking behind their, ill fitting, human costume.
Sure, they’re getting away with bloody murder for the moment but all that is is enragement fodder for the cosmos and it’s residents. It’s all about building the passion and suspense. The movie wouldn’t be as entertaining as the director insists it be if it weren’t for the ratcheting suspense, the delicious (almost real) tension, the unnerving uncertainty (God, it feels real, doesn’t it?). It’s like being on one of those rides at the Universal Studios Complex. Yikes! Here comes Jaws! Damn! It all seems so real but it’s not. It’s not. What is real is us if we are real (does that make sense?)
What it is is similar to the death of a thousand cuts, or that moment when something massive, that has been there forever, reaches the point that a critical element of support falls away (finally) and the entire structure comes down in a cloud of obsolescence seeking dust. These are the conditions we find ourselves in today. Whenever one age shifts into the next; wait! Let’s backtrack a bit. When a new age comes into being all of what had formerly existed as temporal infrastructure is replaced, or is more often, grafted over by the new face of all the usual institutions that move from vitality to calcification (it’s routine) and then, with the arrival of the next age, well, the same thing happens again. You get the same old shit in a new container. Former authorities are stripped of their power. Traditions long in place fall away like old fabric disintegrating into tatters. The present transformation is many times more potent and transformative than usual because we are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Chances are that indicates the possibility of a total makeover and potentially, the elimination of a large percentage of the population. None of this is fixed but one has only to measure the intellectual and moral temperature of the present residents to get an idea of how it’s going to go. It’s a good thing that appearances lie because otherwise, were they true, it would not portend a desirable conclusion because the gateway to the future according to appearances is, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.
No matter what, things are changing and the Christmas killers don’t like it one bit because… as the lies crumble, the awesome horror of the truth concerning them becomes more and more apparent. From pre-Lenin to 9/11 from Slavery to the South African diamond mines, monsters, truly non human monsters are revealed as monsters.
I’ve been thinking about the entertainers everywhere and the millions upon millions of dollars they make in the employ of the Tribe members who own the industry. They can’t say anything or they won’t get any more work. I personally know that if you tell it like it is and you are a recording artist and a novelist/writer like myself, all doors are closed. Even the few gentile concerns won’t touch you because the distribution network is under control. I watch these obviously intelligent and certainly informed people; they’re right in contact with it every day. They know what they can and cannot say and they know why. Did they sell their souls for fame and fortune to agents of the Lord of Darkness? Yes, they did. Now… with all their freedom, they have no freedom. They live in a cognitive disconnect from the rest of the world, docked off their own Fantasy Island, in a gladhanding, air kissing existence, selling their asses on commercials when they already have too much money, backing phoney charities as tax dodges, showing up at disaster sites, bestowing comforting smiles all around, doing benefits of no benefit, crying about the paparazzi and their privacy when they rely on these shitflies for their media prominence; homes across the globe, ass-kissing retainers and hangers on. It’s just Karma for one life, everyone gets it, though we handle it differently. I don’t want to bang on the entertainers. I get real enjoyment from them but unlike most of them, I see the downside. Give me obscurity anytime and give me fame and notice where it counts and in the company that counts with me.
Some of us are supposed to be rich and famous. It’s how we handle it that counts. Are we stewards and good examples or just takers? One thing for sure, the bad guys are really bad guys. If you didn’t read this link about the war on Christmas above then read it here. Look at the efforts over the length of time and the things that get said. There’s no mistaking the intent. I recognize that organized Christianity is nothing but a control mechanism to keep the borderline intellects in harness. I recognize that all these traditions are going to pass away and be replaced now anyway. The time has come. Yes, I bring the same things up most days and that is because a massive PR machine is at work defending these monsters every day. Will my efforts have much impact overall, in relation to what’s going to happen anyway? Probably not… but I write what I am ‘moved’ to write and I am trying to ‘generally’ move toward a theater of hammering on the positive and distributing workable techniques. It won’t happen overnight. By this time next year a great many things will have happened. None of them are going to be, or happen, in the way most of us expect them to. The hidden hand of the cosmos holds all the cards.
Your destiny manifests out of what you believe in. Your life intentions define you. Your values are your passport in motion. Let us never forget that the visible world is only half of the equation. The other half is invisible and everything visible comes out of it. Even when visualizing on the visible we must internalize to the point from where the idea becomes the blueprints that lead to the process of assembly and construction which results in the physical product(s) we eventually see. A human life is formed and finalized in the same way. If you are getting your info and your standards from the external, you may adapt well to that but poorly reflect upon what was possible and never came to be. You can impress the sleepwalkers that surround you for so long as the dream may continue, or you can impress the invisible rescue service and be wrested free of the bondage of this veil of suffering and tears, after a time of trial. The proof is in the results and we will all of us, individually and collectively, give evidence of our worth, according to the judgment of time passing through the lens of the perfect20-20 of hindsight in the aftermath.
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