US “Teacher” Killed in Libya was CIA — Dec 6, 2013

Ronald Thomas Smith was associated with former ambassador Chris Stevens, and was killed by the same Libyan insurgents. The author Joanne Moriarty and her husband Jim worked in Libya and have contacts with Libyan tribal groups.
In addition Joanne provides information on the Zionist puppet being groomed to run Libya.

by Joanne Moriarty — (

The American shot in Benghazi Friday, Ronald Thomas Smith II. was not a teacher.  First of all, Libya does not employ foreign teachers – this is confirmed by our experience and by our tribal leaders.
On Tuesday and Wednesday John McCain was in Tripoli.  This man Ronald Smith was in Tripoli meeting John McCain and he was observed at these meetings by a group of x-rebels mixed with Islamic extremists called “Council of Libyan Rebels”.
They reported this to their counterparts in Benghazi who were lying in wait for Smith when he returned from Tripoli. The man responsible for the killing of Smith is Wesam bin Hameed.


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