Polish Elite Didn’t Die in Smolensk Crash

Image from video footage shows firefighters working to extinguish the flames near the wreckage of a Polish government aircraft after it crashed near Smolensk airport in western Russia. Click to enlarge

Polish blogger Z pins the blame on Russian-controlled Polish military intelligence. He says their political allies investigated the crime and wrote the report.  Z thinks the passengers never left Warsaw.

“There was no air crash; it was all a hoax. False flag. TV show. The real action was in Warsaw and it was a coup d’etat, whereby contrary to the constitution a new “president”, totally loyal to Moscow, an ignorant buffoon and a patent idiot, was installed. Russian circus, my friend. That’s what it was. A cross between a circus, an operetta and bloody murder, Bolshevista style.

Polish Elite Didn’t Die in Smolensk Crash

Zezorro — via henrymakow.com Dec 4, 2013

1. The whole operation on April 10th 2010 was a military coup d’etat, installing a new, pro-Russian president in Warsaw – Mr. Komorowski.

The Warsaw air hangar from which the Presidential plane departed was demolished shortly after the coup, including the underground foundations [and underground hidden structures below.]. Secondly the reported fatal flight could not have taken place officially, because Russian air control withheld permission. Specifically, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not accept the flight plan through the Polish embassy in Moscow [as is the standard procedure], meaning the flight did not have permission to fly into the Russian airspace, meaning practically the plane could not start the voyage from Warsaw EPWA airport. There is no evidence that the group left Warsaw. No photos. No ceremony.
What about the reported victims? Only a couple of corpses were positively verified here before burial. Other victims were buried without identification  or with fake documents, with no postmortem. From a legal standpoint, all reported victims should be considered missing from a legal standpoint.

2. A crucial part of the psy-op in Smolensk was a staged hoax plane crash in which allegedly all people on board perished.

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