Rack’em and Stack’em, Critical Mass for the Planetary Ass

Smoking Mirrors — Dec 4, 2013

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Today we shall have another installment upon themes various. I want to talk about the divine feminine. Firstly an example. In The Lord of the Rings, a tome birthed by a very high end muse, there is a part in the book, I think it’s Gandalf speaking and he’s talking about ‘the shadow’ and its works. It copied the elves when it made the orcs but it did it in a distorted fashion. That’s all it was capable of. We see the same process in our own world. As ‘diabolus’ means slanderer, one could say that the shadow, this world’s shadow is performing slander when it seeks to pervert originals and bend them to profane ways. It is presently engaged in this on many levels. One of them where direct slander is engaged is the ever increasing hysteria against truthtellers, especially when it comes to 9/11 which, by now, many of us know was carried out by Israel and rogue elements in the administration and intelligence services. They really are getting hysterical, as well as suggesting all sorts of Draconian reactions to those of us who see the emperor’s tiny penis and flaccid buttocks, which explains his behavior.
If you want to be a covert revolutionary, buy some sticker blanks, white paper with glue on the back, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Kinkos or any large department store or stationary chain should have something. I haven’t been to the U.S. in ten years, so I don’t know what you have. Anyway, then you get one of any number of free softwares that does image sizing and you print the image you see here. If you want a smaller or larger size, simply go to the 9/11 link on the main page (right hand side) and you will see selection links there. Now, you have your stickers and boy do you have places you can put them. Can you imagine if some thousands of us got industrious and started putting them up all over the place? Of course, this sort of action would generate companion actions in others who get that V mindset. Freedom is contagious, that’s why the powers that suck, work so hard to restrain it and stamp it out. Every day, porcine lawmakers are sitting around, in between frenetic periods of watching porn and calling escort services and hammering out new, offensive laws against humanity. They do this because the crime syndicate known as Israel owns their ass and they can’t get into office (they think) without Talmudic backing and financing. This results in the very worst characters occupying the most sensitive positions. Also, active agents of this crime syndicate are also routinely shoehorned into office, like Schumer, Cantor, Boxer, Feinstein and assorted; vastly over represented, according to comparative demographics. They are bolstered by all sorts of vile bureaucrats and weasel minded barristers on the Central Banker tit. They are assisted too by the worldwide Satanic fellowship and a supporting cast of millions who are manipulated by either greed or fear, through the medium of stupidity. Awakening is coming and day by day, day by day, the numbers increase until we got critical mass for the global ass; rackem and stackem! Can I get a shitlist! ♫I’ve got a little list, there’s none of them be missed♫
It’s not my job to go after these monsters. There’s another department that handles that. I’m in the Department of Exposures and Descriptions. We’re just down the hall. Drop in sometime if you happen to be around for official business, not that most people do, or even know our location. They’ve no trouble finding the temporal counterparts however.
I’m thinking of those stickers, on public toilet seats and just under the plea “for a good time call this number” on the toilet stall wall. I’m thinking of them on the street windows of shops, cabs, buses and official cars, national monuments, even rear ends if they’ll take …but it’s problematic how to attach them in a surreptitious fashion. You probably shouldn’t attach them to livestock and neighborhood pets but all manufacturing zones and corporate addresses are fair game. Think of those exclusive business high rises and the toilets in those locations, the walls and what have you. Be inventive, be creative, be ingenious. Be brave, be bold, be sneaky. Be there or be square. Remember, “to know, to will to dare and to be silent”.
Other effective guerrilla actions have to do with using the power of the mind. We’ve been talking about emptying the mind. One of the reasons to do this is to reclaim your personal power, for you to be the master of your adytum, instead of some force that does not mean you well and if you are not in charge, you can be sure someone is. When you get that empty mind state, you can consciously focus on the entities seeking to harm us all and seriously affect their ability to keep at it, especially if there are some number of us so engaged. As I have oft mentioned, the centers of evil are like conning towers, broadcasting towers that radiate their noxious messages into the telepathic zone of the population masses who are ill equipped to defend themselves against it. They spread confusion, fear and darkness. We are also conning towers, broadcasting unit who can spread confidence, certitude and transforming energies from the central light that automatically go about their business. One light workers efforts can be more than the sum of many agents of the darkness. The higher resonance always mutes or alters the lower resonance, in the same way that those operating from the higher mind automatically command the consciousness of those operating from the lower end. It is simply more powerful and more clear. Agents of both forces move among us every day. It would be a definite global good if more of us became conscious workers as we go about our days.
I was going to talk about the divine feminine. With the arrival of the long, long, long awaited Aquarian Age, the divine feminine is being restored to its rightful place. This is also the age of universal brotherhood and the inner meaning of this seeming contradiction is that brotherhood comes about through correct placement of the divine feminine. Humanity is a family, albeit much larger and more complex than any single family unit. Those who can go about in an awareness of this provide all kinds of help in unifying previous disunity. The age of divide and conquer is on its way out. World leaders, international corporate scam artists and all manner of elite rabble that prey upon the larger mass are coming up against irresistible cosmic change. Dark doings can flourish in the time granted to them but when that period of privilege is done, it’s done, you can stick a fork in it.
Unfortunately there are a lot of wack jobs at work, utilizing the influx of new energies for the advancement of self interest or pet agendas, dealing with sexual issues and politically correct nonsense. An awareness of the divine feminine is necessarily internal, though you can see the effect of shakti everywhere, the sweet consciousness of the indwelling is just that, indwelling. Kundalini is a female force and anyone having experienced it’s deeper presence, as opposed to the spurious shaking routines commonly seen in certain for profit ashrams, knows this is so. Kundalini can be wild and troublesome and definitely scary both to the one it is happening to and for those in the neighborhood of it but eventually it reaches the more elevated zones and all is well. Part of the problem with having an activated Kundalini at this time is the terrific force of materialism going on virtually everywhere that anyone is.
All your energy of action is shakti energy. Some of us have a guidance factor and some of us don’t, meaning that otherwise our drives and our actions are orchestrated by our appetites and acquisitive nature. Once again, Irony rears its freakish head. You already have everything you need and you already are everything you seek to be. It’s the awareness of it that is missing. The activation of the interior feminine brings that awareness into manifestation. It’s not all roses and rainbows however. At the lower levels this force can be raw and violent if active in the undisciplined. There is a dark side to the whole affair and some number of people (in all times and climes) who seek out this persona for personal gain, leading to bad shit for the halfwit, sooner or later.
Some of us think we are so clever, always seeing 5 steps ahead, filled with the impressions of our superior intellect and material savvy. What all these movers and shakers don’t get is that they are being led, step by step toward a fitting conclusion, all the while thinking they are in charge of what is going down, when the whole production is nothing more than a dramatic skit of them going down. Their arrogance and indifference are like large horse blinders. Their ambitions and drives are all manipulated and amplified but not by them as they, no doubt, think them to be. They are mere cyphers in a performance demonstration of what not to do and who not to be. Of course the whole thing looks different to most people who have but a dim understanding of how the cosmos works and those perspectives are being fed to them by the compromised charlatans in the pulpits and before the altars of their houses of worship. They all work for the bank.
This is a regrettable time for the female side of things, with sex trafficking, kidnappings to that end and as has been graphically described in The Dutroux affair at the recent Origami. Around the world in cultures where anachronistic traditions prevail, the female is getting the worst of it. Those perpetrating these vile acts need to keep in mind one of the inflexible tenets of reincarnation. Your doorway of return is ‘through a woman’, giving a telling meaning to the phrase, ‘payback’s a bitch’. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.
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