Al-Qaeda Lifts Propaganda From Spoof News Website

If you thought the twilight zone insanity of the propaganda being desperately spewed forth in order to prolong the “war on terror” wasn’t ludicrous enough, this week it got worse, after Ayman al-Zawahiri, or whoever is using him as their personal sock puppet, directly lifted a spoof news satire piece and incorporated it into his diatribe.

A few weeks ago popular news satire website The Onion ran a spoof video interview skit wherein an Al-Qaeda operative appears with a 9/11 conspiracy researcher to express his frustration about other parties being given credit for carrying out the terrorist attack on the WTC and the Pentagon.

“How would you like it if you spent two months in a mountain cave, sleeping on rocks, planning something really special, only to have someone take the credit away from you,” laments “Omar Al-Farouq”.

Many in the 9/11 Truth Movement took this as a sneering send-up of researchers who question the official story while others just found it funny.

Either way you look at it, the significance of this video has now taken on a new perspective after what we’re assured is the real “Al-Qaeda” number two – Ayman al-Zawahri – followed suit and threw a hissy fit aimed at 9/11 conspiracy theorists this week, who he claimed were based in Iran.

Perhaps people should be worried that CENTCOM is spending more time surfing around satirical news websites than worrying about America’s supposed enemies. The fact that they would lift a skit from a comedy video and incorporate it within an “Al-Zawahiri” speech just shows how dumb they think the American people are and the extremities of what they think they can get away with.

As blogger Darryl Mason points out, al-Zawahiri’s virtual defense of Israel, the supposed sworn enemy of Al-Qaeda along with their close ally the “great Satan” America and his condemnation of Neo-Con prime target Iran, is a transparent indication that the much-vaunted audiotape, whose authenticity was not established as it never is before the media goes big with it anyway, is just more cartoonish propaganda.

“So just to recap : We’re supposed to now believe that the CIA-branded entity known as Al Qaeda is annoyed that Israel is being credited by conspiracy theorists for the horrors inflicted on infidels on 9/11. Al Qaeda doesn’t think it gets enough credit for the attacks, and that annoys them. Al Qaeda also has a conspiracy-within-a-conspiracy theory. They blame Iran for helping to spread conspiracy theories that Bush, Cheney and Mossad were in cahoots on 9/11. Oh, and by the way, Iran helped the United States invade and occupy Iraq, so get a bit more bloody busy with your personal jihading and add Iran to your shitlist, okay?,” writes Mason.

“Former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld did promise the ‘WoT’ would be fought with a heavy emphasis on propaganda, online, as well in the front lines. How much of what we see supposedly flowing from the Al Qaeda publicity bunker is information warfare? You don’t need much footage to work with. Osama Bin Laden has already proven how effective and how far only a couple of hours of repeatedly recycled footage and audio speeches can go.”
The fact that the Pentagon-affiliated IntelCenter, who have been caught branding old material as new and purporting to obtain tapes from “Al-Qaeda” that were in fact U.S. government recorded surveillance footage, is releasing the tapes only adds more weight to the evidence.

The reality is staring us in the face – the Neo-Cons are manufacturing or doctoring so-called “Al-Qaeda” tapes and using the phony terrorists’ rhetoric to demonize their political enemies – and 9/11 truthers are their latest target.

People who have personally met with people like Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, such as London Independent journalist Robert Fisk, are shocked by how uninformed they are about world issues. Bin Laden reportedly consumed newspaper stories Fisk had brought with him like a kid in a candy shop, because he is (or was) completely closed off from society.

“As I sat there watching the man who had declared a “holy war” against the United States a year earlier–the man who was supposedly the “mastermind of world terrorism”–I reflected that he didn’t seem to know much about the world he was supposedly terrorizing,” wrote Fisk.

All the more ridiculous it is therefore that Bin Laden, in his October 2004 pre-election videotape that both Bush and Kerry admit swung the presidency for Bush, was supposedly quoting Michael Moore and going off on a myriad of other tangents in a guilt-by-association set-up that appeared as if it was lifted from Republican talking points – even prompting Walter Cronkite to allege that the whole thing was a Karl Rove orchestrated hoax.

Fast-forward to this week and Ayman al-Zawahiri is ranting about global warming!

How much more of this fairy-tale are Americans going to swallow before they become a little more sophisticated and realize how monumentally conned they have been?