Did the Illuminati Exterminate Canadian Indian Children?

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Some of the most resolute do-gooders in the world are Christian Canadians. But while they condemn Ernst Zundel for “holocaust denial,” they may have some skeletons of their own buried in the woods near former church-run residential schools.

For 15 years, a defrocked United Church Minister , Kevin Annett, 51, has led an heroic crusade to make the church admit that as many as 50,000 Indian children may have been murdered in residential schools and hospitals funded by the Canadian government and run by the United, Anglican and Catholic Churches.

Two weeks ago his organization released a list of 28 locations of mass graves located near residential schools and hospitals.

For example:

” Port Alberni: Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, Kitskuksis Road . Grave site is a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road.”

This press release got no coverage in the mainstream media. Annett says the 28 mass graves represent the “tip of the iceberg.” There were 120 residential schools at the peak in the 1940’s.

Arnett’s website claims that government records place the annual death rate of children at residential schools between 1907 and 1959 at 50 per cent. This sounds like an organized policy of genocide to me.

The Churches have told the public that these crimes were isolated instances of physical and sexual abuse. In 2005, the Canadian government promised almost $2 billion to tens of thousands of “survivors” but refused to issue an apology.

The truth may be far more serious, so horrific indeed as to defy belief. The Church was active in defrauding Indian bands of their lands. Children were deliberately murdered, often exposed to deadly diseases. But most telling of all, pedophile rings preyed on some children while others were subjected to medical experiments by German-speaking doctors.

A “Gail Cooper” was the only survivor of 25 natives and orphan children used for medical experiments at the Lincoln Park air force base in Calgary in 1956-58. They were being traumatized for mind control purposes. They were being supervised by a “Capt. Bob Armstrong” who had an SS tattoo, and who Gail Cooper later identified as Josef Mengele.

This and the fact that Annett has met with near-unanimous rejection from every branch of the Canadian establishment, including the Church, academia, government and the media, suggests that he may have stepped on Illuminati toes.

Annett describes his persecution in his must-see documentary “Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canadian Genocide.” He was repeatedly threatened with expulsion from the church if he didn’t drop the investigation. His wife was subverted and divorced him taking their two children. After being removed from the church, he was kicked out of a Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia and told he would never work in academia. He was harassed and beaten by the police.

Apart from the necessity for the Churches and Canadian government to acknowledge and atone for their crimes, Annett’s story illustrates how most of our institutions are infiltrated and run by racists, satanists, perverts and criminals, often masquerading as devout and God-fearing Christians.

If these claims of genocide are true, they do not bode well for us re. other Illuminati depopulation programs, including feminism, “gay rights,” abortion, vaccines, famines, plagues and war.

Annett believes that the Church is part of the engine of elite control and oppression and he advocates a boycott of the Canadian churches named, and Canada in general, until these questions have been resolved. He will be my guest this Sunday at 10 pm. CT on my Internet radio show on Republicbroadcasting,org


Response from Wes Penre of www.illuminati-news.com

*Seems like *we were tuning into the same thing here. I also posted an article about the church yesterday. Annett is right- he definitely stepped on Illuminati toes. The United Church of Canada is most probably controlled by the OTO,[Ordo Templi Orientis] Crowley’s old Magick Order. Please check the two pics I attached. The ‘golden’ one is the logo of the church of course,and the black one the logo of the OTO. Same old Sex Magick and Human Sacrifice…Annett’s video very strong, by the way.

After all the research I’ve done in my days, it takes a lot to move me in a way this film did. It actually made me mad.

Oh, a little side note, by the way. I know a person who has been an A.’.A.’. member (offspring from the OTO) most of his adult life and he also knows the OTO inside out. He explained to me some years ago what the OTO logo represents: The symbol in itself is the female vagina, the bird (dove) is the male semen moving towards the Holy Grail, which is the female egg. That’s Sex Magick in pure symbolism.

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