Israeli-Based Online Casinos are a Scam

by Saul — ( Dec 3, 2013

Following my employ at the wonderfully ethical pharmaceutical company, I worked for two online casinos, both located in downtown Tel Aviv. The pay in the casinos was significantly more than at the “pharmaceutical” company, and you can imagine why. Without any product to deliver, it was a much more profitable business.
Like the pharmaceutical company, we hid our location from our customers (the players), and didn’t do business within Israel itself. Most of our victims were from the USA and Canada, though we had “customers” from all over the world: France, England, Germany, you name it. A fair share of players were from the Arab world too.  You can imagine how happy they would be to know they were being blatantly ripped off by an Israeli company. Both of these companies claimed to be located in the Caribbean.
The business was a scam. An elaborate money-laundering scam which I have little doubt the government of Israel is well aware. Both businesses were located in prominent buildings within Tel Aviv. There are hundreds of these types of businesses in this country.
The terms and conditions of the casinos (we operated over 20 from our office) made it impossible for players to actually win. Only the smallest winners could ever come out ahead, and only if they got extremely lucky and won right away, having played only a little.
Even then, it was difficult to receive the winnings and they would all cry scam and swear never to play again. Little did they realize, hundreds upon hundreds of such casinos are operated in exactly the same manner by Israeli companies. The business was hugely profitable. Beyond a sure thing. And illegal. (See Online gambling, a pastime whose time has come.).


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