Dancing in the Suburbs of the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Visible Origami — Dec 3, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
This is somewhere around 600 Visible Origami postings. Okay then! If those were years it would be somewhat more significant …but what is time? Other than an artificial construct and very relative at that, very relative; such as whether you are on vacation in Bora Bora or doing 20 years in Pelican Bay, it just there if you are there. Like gravity, it’s one of those things you can’t see but which factor prominently in the day to day.
Where were we? Ah yes, the mind. It can be a cesspit and the percentage of minds so represented is dependent on the age in which one finds them. The mind can also be a luminous, shimmering mirror of Mercury where thoughts ‘trip the light fantastic’ oft skating in solitary pirouettes, in celebration of the shining interior sun. These days it is often obscured by clouds of doubt and collective degeneracy, so as to appear to be the norm. However, normal has left the building. That’s their intent though, to make the perverse normal. Anyone who has the patience to read the length of it, or the acumen to check the titles of the portions of this lengthy collective, for precise descriptors, aptly named, will know the trembling horror of what some get up to. Sure, you thought it might be bad. It is far worse than ever you imagined, far worse. The chapter entitled, “A Sniff of Extreme Abuse” should suffice. Be forewarned!!! This is very toxic stuff! However, if you ever needed to know the degree of monstrosity of which certain inhuman entities are capable, you will find it here and no one can doubt the culpability of the political and law enforcement community, when it came to killing and or subverting the investigations. This is proof positive of international cabals, populated by highly placed personnel in critical positions. If ever the sobriquet, “Sick Fucks from Hell” might be applied, it is to men ‘and women’, like these.
This, more properly should have been a Petri Dish and the last Petri Dish here but I can’t predict these things and will endeavor to resurrect the Origami aspect. You don’t have to read that article. Hardly anyone did the first time I put it up (if anyone) because we would have heard about it in the comments. I was shocked and stunned and I have been a practitioner of research in this area, for the purpose of authenticity in my novels for some years, even focusing two years worth of study on serial killers; not for the faint of heart but… this surpasses anything I have encountered before. I am reminded of Nietzsche’s; “do not stare over-long into the abyss”.
The mind is the original progenitor of all things defined as evil and there are various reasons; a warped upbringing, irrational appetites, possession and the like. Psycho and socio-pathy are rampant and in some extreme cases, require entirely new definitions.
Here’s an example of irony burning brightly at high noon (my time, sort of). I saw the headline at a news site and thought to myself, without yet seeing the article, this is why I look at the charity business as a business. I then thought I would coin a phrase, ‘bonoizing’, imagine my surprise when I went to the article and saw that raging egotist sitting next to Gates and pointing at… you? Wow! Just, wow! What slippery snakes AND… they have more money than they will ever be able to spend, yet they need more. This is one of the perpetual mysteries of existence. It puts a new light on Bono suing his hairdresser some years ago for taking a pair of his jeans. Perhaps his original pants became soiled during the process of Bono working out some charity ideas and so Bono loaned him a pair of his? It was implied at the time that he had borrowed them. What does a person like this say to himself when he lays down to sleep at night? Pathetic. Besides all kinds of cooperative scams with crotch clutchers like Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow (the last paragraph is telling), Chris Martin, he and The Edge bought up some of the priciest building lots in Southern California in order to build high end luxury housing. This is also a charity effort? Probably.
Yes, Mr Apocalypse, I know you’re watching and may I say it is a pleasure to be in your employ.
These days, any kind of scam that can be imagined is in operation. It’s as if all kinds of people have tumbled to right action being a bad career move, in their estimation. This is the evidence of corruption in high places. As it filters down into the ranks, it ignites that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ thing. The mindset of, “if they can get away with it so can I” is everywhere to be seen. In defense of those resident in the lower orders of the scheme of things, in many cases, they have little choice but to turn to crime because the criminals above them have made their continued existence a very difficult feat indeed.
I remember Mr. ‘I am that I am’, Bono, racing off to meet and greet the fairly new Moron in Chief, Drugstore Cowboy Bush with his ‘let’s get more bang for our buck from the African AIDS crisis’, not to mention all that helpful publicity to put your name in lights in Good Guy City.
Well, there’s what we can see and what we can’t see but what ‘we can see’ is that the plots and pursuits of the bad hair day Big Wigs are falling apart at the seams. Their propaganda news organizations are bleeding subscribers left and right. People are migrating away in hordes, or, from what I just read, ‘droves’. I don’t know what the difference is between a drove and a horde. I’ll leave that to the reader to sort out in their own minds. Embarrassing exposures are the order of the day. It’s as if the elite have all turned into school yard flashers. Now comes the stock market, house of cards, soon to come tumbling down. Probably that will come into the new year but I am no financial prognosticator. If I’d had any sense I would have held on to those 30 Bitcoins I bought at 3 bucks apiece awhile ago, instead of surfing on The Silk Road. I haven’t really ventured into the new production yet, except to look it over and see what my intuition says about who’s behind it. It seems genuine for the moment. My problem is that I no longer have anyone to sell me Bitcoins via Paypal and the other mediums are a tad complex for an economics goofball like myself.. Ah well, time seems to arrive in segments with me, like scenes in a film. In a few months the whole plot will change. Strangely enough, I find myself, at many a point, thinking about my future destination. It has a great deal to recommend it, besides it being a large dwelling, surrounded by big foliage and nestled in a pristine little town, fairly equidistant to two bustling metropolises but far enough away not to give any indication of them.
If our mind is not in our possession then we are possessed by something. You can’t just leave your mind lying about like a bicycle up against the garage wall. Someone will come along and steal it. They can use it the way people use hijacked computers, for whatever the reason is but also in much darker ways as well. There are a great many people doing serious time in prison who cannot remember committing the crimes that put them there. A lot of people live in an ongoing state of enduring grief and regret over actions taken, which they cannot understand their reasons for. An uncontrollable impulse sets in, a moment of opportunity to do the wrong thing surfaces, along with the necessary degree of mental and emotional aberration, bad companions certainly account for a lot of episodes. I’ve heard many a story, passing though this veil of tears, dancing with the shades in Shadowland, one of the suburbs of The Valley of Death. I’ve seen any number of things and thankfully, I remember so many of them. I attribute that to them having been real, hyper-real in many cases. It’s been quite a time period to be living in. I’m super glad I was where I was when LSD came around. Were time travel possible and I’m sure it is- but I don’t have a time machine- I’d be right back there in those days. Life was something else in those times, in the times before the coming of the great darkness. I really thought the golden age was on the doorstep. I had no idea that what came would come, or that life could be so profaned and pornographically packaged for these legions of mindless mastubators who slipped into the scenery, shrink wrapped in lost generations, with neither the product nor the packaging being biodegradable; degradable, yes, bio-degradable, no.
The great headstone of this culture floats out in the Pacific. Soon enough you will be able to see it from the moon. The Dirge of Doom is playing, no doubt Bono composed it (grin). Nah, I don’t want to get 6 kinds of negative here at the end of the posting (was it 6?).
We each control the conditions and circumstances of our existence. Our mind is like a video gamepad. Unfortunately, a lot of the buttons have been grayed out and are not operational and need to be made operational and that’s always a possibility for the intrepid. We use such a very small portion of our potential. If anything is criminal, that is. We can’t ascend the height unless we first aspire to them. It’s as simple as that. We can’t arrive somewhere if we don’t set out in the direction of it AND maintain our course. Conscious co-participation is the key. One of the reasons that spiritual disciplines are so highly recommended by those who have profited from them is that they work. They work the way an outdoor water pump works. Maybe the degree of time-lapse passage is greater, probably why so many give up during this, “I want it right this minute” culture zone but… success is assured for the persistent. Success is assured. Nothing of real or enduring value comes with great speed or off of an assembly line. We’re just about ‘there’, now all we have to do is find ‘here’.
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