If There is a Devil, the Devil is in Your Mind

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Dec 2, 2013

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Ach! heute das leben is schoen und… und? Well, that brings something to mind that has been cavorting at the fringes of my mind for awhile. I tried to treat with it at the conference in London the weekend bevor and… und… I know what the problem is but it’s a bitch in the application of corrective measures. Our biggest problem is our reactive mind. See… here’s the truth of the matter; life is perfect. It is perfect for those who have perfected eyes. Perfected eyes are not an easy acquisition, nor is halting, arresting, the reactive mind. If you are looking for the devil (let’s hope not but… metaphorically speaking), you need look no further than your own mind. That is the seat of divisiveness and the agency of war upon yourself and others. Your mind is your biggest enemy and potentially, your best friend, once you are able to turn it right side up. Although many of us are born screwed up from the gitgo, one can easily say the majority of us are truly screwed up in the process of puberty, when the world divides on us into oppositional states which, is one of the reasons the Tribe inspired intentional gender confusions are pushed and proliferated from the initiation of public education. Their watch-phrase is; ‘destroy the family unit’. After that it’s Brave New World or The Penal Colony, depending on your choice of authors. Following that you got shitwits for lunch and 1984 on the menu. ‘neti, neti’ is probably a Zen thing; not this, no, not that either, more or less.

So… you have to stand guard at the gateway of the mind, at that avenue where thoughts enter and you have to reject everything that comes in and also throw out whatever is there already. What you will find is that once you’ve expelled the surface chatter there is a whole other layer below that and possibly yet more before you hit ‘the beautiful silence’. The logic behind this is that whatever is real is not going anywhere. Following a period of persistent practice, the mind will be cleared of garbage and you can spot the garbage bombs as they seek to enter in and turn your mind back into a landfill. The natural, or supernatural state of the human mind is one of brimming optimism and enthusiasm. Lao Tzu has a number of passages that relate to this. The image given, if we colloquialise or manifest it at street level is that of a fellow with an continuous tumescence (a man in full, so to speak and women have their own version that manifests as wisdom, oracles and a kinship with Lady Nature) and a song being sung through the whole of the day with no strain on the voice. I met such a person and such encounters are not easily forgotten. One could simply dismiss such a character and label them mad, were it not for the forehead and features that so exactly mirror those of the ancient Japanese and Chinese figurines that you may or may not have seen by now.

It is easy to become disheartened at the amount of willful ignorance, apathy and appetite pursuit that surrounds you on all sides, as you attempt to make your way somewhere, wherever somewhere is, ♫somewhere a place for us. Take my hand and yadda yadda♫. It’s all set up to bring you down. It was one thing in the not recent past because then you could just migrate to another location, or step outside of it altogether but now you have to deal with passports and permissions; countless government and social restrictions, on action and movement, not to mention a relentless pay as you go system of enriching virtual vampires at every turn. In other words, the squeeze is on. When Ronald McDonald Raygun came into office, as a handpuppet for Bush and the military industrial, Zio-Ogre complex, he authorized a few things that made life a grind for everyone involved, except for those profiteering from them. He closed the mental hospitals and unleashed the homeless epidemic. He made adjustments in the laws that brought about the explosion of condos and the jacking up of rents across the board to unlivable levels and went after the unions as a force recon effort against the middle class. A whole boatload of idiots bought into the principles from the security of their positions and spawned a legion of Governor Walkers, Koch Brothers and others who had no problem shitting where you eat. On the heels of removing all of the protective legislation that were in place for a damn good reason, the majority of the population wound up buggered to a fare thee well and don’t come back.

In tandem with these horrors, they slowly but surely altered the sitting (fat-assed) perspective of the Supreme Court until it became what it is today, a rubber stamp for corporate fascism. How are we to see this world as perfect now? Good question. Here’s the key, the individual human mind is more powerful than all of the negative consciousnesses put together, provided that mind understands what it is about. It is more powerful for the same reason that a single candle will push the borders of darkness back on all sides.

Even if everyone around you is slogging through the darkness, convinced that they can see where they are going, you do not have to share their state. The pull of the familiar is strong and the force of peer pressure is formidable but… you will find when you turn and go against the current of perdition that there is another current or let us say, magnetized pull that responds to your resonance. In the Hindu tradition they have the subud, which is a sound current. You can travel on currents; sound currents, etheric currents, high end vibrational currents of powerful cosmic emotion that can be likened to the winds of cosmic weather. Come sail with me on the cosmic seas of consciousness! Let us say you have reached the point where Love is the single most powerful expression of your being… as it was intended to be at the genesis but which got warped downward into the appetite market consciousness, that pings off of the lower floors of your being and eventually turns you into food for other more ancient appetites.

One of the reasons that various areas of existence are closed off to us or hidden from us is that the sight of these places and these inhabitants will serve to drive one mad with fear. Of course, until you can walk right past them with nary a sideways glance you’re screwed. There are few things worse than to be in fear of that which is inimical to you. One’s greatest fear should always be that one might go astray, or forget what you came here for; it wasn’t so that you could prop one, or several, of your 6 cow stomachs into the child carrier portion of a Wal-Mart shopping cart.

The biggest obstacle to your existence as a free and sovereign being, is the pressure to conform. You’re surrounded by life as you have ‘come to know it’. That’s not how it really is at all. As T.S. Eliot said, “that’s not it at all”. Lest anyone think I’ve lost my scatological and sacrilegious edge, cue the Squeegees ♫Uh Uh Uh Uh taking a shit, taking a shit, Uh, Uh, Uh Uh,taking a shiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeit. Well you can tell by the way I swallow everything they’re shoving down my throat♫ It’s not just our bodies that turn things into shit. Life does not have to be like that but we make life that way when we buy into the version being forced upon us by the shitmeister’s extraordinaire. Without Love, life eventually and rather quickly turns into a holocaust of gastric distress and other ‘chronic’ maladies. It’s good to keep in mind that those screaming about holocausts are generally the ones who are behind them in the first place. Those who scream about oppression, while in possession of far more than their share of life’s goods, are usually the most significant of oppressors. When they are able to generate either fear or hatred on your part, they have stolen from you ‘the one thing that can afford them’. They have stolen your compassion, as Lao Tzu says “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

You have to set out upon your every day in a consciously loving state of mind and I am no less an offender in this regard than anyone else. At least I can remind myself and it seems I have reminded myself ten thousand times ten thousand and I still veer to one side or the other if I don’t have my attention fixed on my way forward. There’s a great Hindu poster that shows a charioteer being drawn off the road by his team of powerful horses. These are symbolic of the senses. The chariot is the mind and the charioteer is the self. We can see this and we can know this but it seems like, in almost no time, that we forget it. It takes constant enforced remembering to stay on course. Few people have the stamina or the will for it and they pay a heavy price for not paying attention. As I have pointed out many times, or maybe this is the first time in this fashion, the Major Arcana of Tarot symbolize archetypes; actually, the first 7 symbolize forces or powers. The second 7 symbolize mediums and the last 7 symbolize states or conditions brought about or corrected by the proper channeling of the forces or powers through the mediums. The Magician stands for ‘focused attention’ or ‘concentration’ and the dual meaning that attends the image is ‘life and death’. This can be the result of paying attention and not paying attention so, pay attention. One can learn a lot from the sun. All the sun does is shine. It shines on everything. We should too and at some point it will shine through us. We should make the sun our shining example. We are frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in extension. The whole point is to turn into conscious sunlight and reside in our solar bodies. This is the objective of The Operation of the Sun, as perfectly exemplified in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Wake up!

I am always talking to myself when I am engaged in my business here. It would be less than effective were I not doing so. In the town where I live, I am viewed as an eccentric and possibly a mental case because I am often singing wherever I am, on the street, in the supermarket, or sometimes I am talking to myself. It’s a little sub rosa but you can hear me within a small parameter. I experience no shame or embarrassment from this. Why the Hell would I be insecure about my own freedom out of deference to those who have lost their own? Everyone should be singing to themselves as they go down the street. This is powerful magic. This is powerfully transformative magic. It doesn’t just transform the world around you but it transforms you as well. When you lose your youthfulness, you become hard and rigid. You become old. You do not have to become old. You can remain vital and alive so long as you remain close to the source of it. Bad behavior and the wrong behavior patterns take us away from it.

My phone and internet were mysteriously off line all day but so was the entire, quite large province in which I live. They couldn’t tell us why.

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