Iran Unveils New Missile at Air-Combat Display

In a show of force, Iran staged its largest ever combat air parade last Thursday.

Officials said the Iranian Air Force deployed 140 aircraft for Army Day, the aircraft included the Russian-origin MiG-29, Su-24 and U.S.-origin aircraft.

“The military is in the heart of the Iranian nation,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

Iran also displayed U.S.-origin aircraft procured in the 1970s, including F-14 fighter-jets and Boeings 707 and 747.

“The air parade seeks to reveal the power of the Iranian armed forces to defend their homeland,” Iranian Air Force commander Gen. Mohammed Alavi said.

The air force chief said Iran would expand its military capabilities in an effort to “maintain security in the region.” He did not elaborate.

On the eve of the parade, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei urged the military to maintain what he termed the “highest level of combat preparedness.”

In addition Iran’s Press TV reported that Iran exhibited its 1800 km-range missile “QADR 1″ (pictured below) for first time during the parade on the country’s National Army Day.

Iranian aerospace experts working for the Iranian Defense Ministry manufactured the domestically produced missile.

Every part of the missile has reportedly been manufactured inside Iran including the fuel system, Oxide charger and the missile launcher. The device underwent comprehensive testing using more locally produced technology, Press TV reports.