Scots Feel Oppressed by Government — Nov 30, 2013

Henry, I got this from a friend of mine who is originally from Scotland. He and his wife are back there visiting family and friends. It reminds me of the movie “Brazil”.

Subject: Mood here

Hi D, Well the mood here is a resigned acceptance. R is right when she says people have nice cars, and the Germans truly dominate here, but the government has made it almost impossible and very cost prohibitive to keep an older car, as after three years it has an annual safety check and they fail it for the smallest things – think chipped windshield or worn wiper blades.
And you don’t get a grace period to fix it- either it gets fixed right then and there or you have to leave the car there until you can get it fixed. How about taking your car in to get the wiper blades replaced and the guy notices a worn tire? he simply tells you he cannot lawfully let you drive away until you have him change the tire.
How about this? Here most people have radiators for heating. They have a boiler that heats the water for the heating and the hot water. So your boiler starts acting up or stops working. You call the approved repair guy (don’t even think about fixing it yourself, that’s a jail-time offense)  and he shows up, says your boiler is too old to get parts (usually after 8 years old) and condemns it.
He places a sticker on it and cuts off the power source or gas supply to it. You have no heat until your get it replaced. Its illegal to do anything to it (god forbid you try to get it going yourself) so you need to have him replace it.
This all came about because of the Kyoto Protocol. Remember the one where the Americans refused to sign and all the greenies were up in arms? This is why. It has completely taken control of peoples lives here.


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