Iran Redeploys Warships After Overhaul

News Brief — Dec 1, 2013

Iran’s media reports that the country has redeployed four navy vessels after refitting them with new, indigenously developed weapons and equipment.
The warships Neizeh and Tabarzin were equipped with Ghader and Noor anti-ship missile systems, with ranges of 200 kilometers (120 miles) and 120 kilometers (70 miles) respectively.
In addition both vessels had new integrated fire control systems installed, as well as new radars and rudder control systems. Both vessels also had their engines and generators overhauled.
The two warships originally joined the Iranian navy in 1981 and their overhaul reportedly took thirty months to complete.
Together with the missile firing warships Iran’s navy also re-launched an updated and refurbished logistics support vessel, the Sirjan.
The overhaul of the vessels marks another step in Iran’s drive for military self-sufficiency; a program that Iran’s naval commanders say illustrates the country’s growing technical competence.
“Bringing the three new warships back into operation for the Iranian naval fleet shows that the Navy’s experts are capable of overhauling light and heavy vessels without relying on foreign experts,” Iranian Navy Deputy Commander for Engineering and Technical Affairs Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini told Fars News Agency on Sunday.
The day before Iran’s navy re-launched its updated and overhauled helicopter carrier, the Lavan. The Lavan was equipped with new weapons systems plus a new radar and sonar systems while the ship’s hydraulics were overhauled.
Iran has accelerated its naval development program after the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei described it as “a strategic force”.

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