A Zombie Apocalypse on the Streets of the Great Satan

Smoking Mirrors — Dec 1, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold sand wet.
Like I’ve said any number of times. I love irony. It’s everywhere these days. I believe I also said that the definition of stupid is being unable to register irony, unable to know what it is or where it is. It’s sort of like not being able to see who you are and what you are. Zombie themes have proliferated in recent times, on the big screen, in video games and now on the streets of The Great Satan. You can get into the melee while police stand by, exactly the way the IDF stands by, when settlers abuse Palestinians but you can’t film anything.
You can’t tell any difference between governments and corporations these days. Government spy agencies and corporate spy agencies- macht nichts, except that the corporates are probably more comprehensive. On the heels of finding Zuckerberg is related to the Rockefellers and world class scumbag Greenberg of AIG, it should come as no surprise what Schmuckerberg is up to in his fiefdom.
It’s amazing, the things that are going on. It’s amazing, the things that are permitted to go on. So, it’s not surprising that a corporation that used to employ hit squads in South America (and probably still do), would also be engaged in pernicious mass murder, via theater concession stands and whatever homes the resident zombies take them into. 44 teaspoons of sugar in one theater drink!!! Is that crazy or what? Imagine putting 44 spoonfuls of sugar into your mouth, one after the other. Meanwhile, celebrity junkies of another sort, with their own idea of sugar, let us know what a man who can afford anything really wants. Yack! There’s not much irony more ironic than celebrity irony. No mention was made about how much the donation was from this ambulatory clothes hanger, best known for her charming and personable way with others. We are drowning in irony and hypocrisy. It surrounds us. It sucks all the oxygen out of the room.
How do you manage to hold on to integrity in a world where it is held in contempt and punishable by law, along with generosity and compassion? What a world. What a world! There seems to be no evil that goes unperformed, or under performed. 40,000 criminal cases! Zounds! Now we learn that Barracuda Sotero is, in fact, Joseph from ancient Egypt. He’s gwine take you to the promised land which is, in fact, a personalized six foot hole in the ground, unless you wind up part of a crowd and the hole, of necessity much be made larger.
I have my blogs on Google and obviously, Google is a monster. I’ve been using G-Mail and they’ve been messing with my emails. They’ve been cutting off access to my sites. My sites have been labeled as dangerous, which, I suppose they are and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They make it impossible for many people to comment. Probably I should migrate my blogs to some neutral location, or to my website. I’m using another email. It stands to reason I shouldn’t be associated with this Israeli-CIA owned operation. I generally don’t pay much attention to most of this because I know these instruments of the infernal have their hooks into everything these days. It’s hard to know what to do.
The internet came along and made it possible for people like me to be heard. They weren’t expecting that on their way to world domination. Now they’re all dependent on it and can’t figure out how to limit or control it. All the corporations are relying on it. It’s a sticky wicket and there’s yet more irony. Irony is waiting around every corner. As you anticipate running into it the moment you turn the corner, irony also is sneaking up behind you. These days it is probably in your underwear when you wake up in the morning, if you wear underwear, I don’t, I prefer to use toilet paper instead. Irony is stacked up over every airport, is backed up on every freeway and lined up around the block at every department store in a permanent Black Friday state of possible chaos breakout at any moment. People can’t see it because when you hide the truth from yourself, irony is also simultaneously concealed.
That brings me by mere accident (I think) to the subject of coincidence, which you often see in the company of irony. Many things are most clearly defined by their association with something else. Many things lead from one circumstance to another. We are a composite, not so much of the things we’ve said and done and the places we’ve been, as we are of how we feel about them, how we remember them. Few people remember the past as it happened. We color our memories according to our ongoing motives and intentions. It’s called justification. There is little hope for a positive future, according to my value system, if one is opposed to a frank analysis of the past. Life is a continuum of error repetition and error correction. The wheel of fire accompanies the first part and the spiral into the light accompanies the second, or the former and the latter if you prefer. Yes, there are purgatories, holding tanks and limbo zones aplenty; astral slums to rival the largest favelas here or elsewhere but there are only two general directions and you’re going in one or the other, one or the other. You’re going consciously or unconsciously and there are examples of both in both directions; consciously good and unconsciously and consciously evil.
Yes, my friends, there are those who do evil for the sheer joy of it; Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice (both Rices), Schumer, Cantor, Bloomfield, Silverstein. I could go on and on and there’s still Israel, England, Canada and Australia, France and what not. These are your Satanists. Some are born into it and others gravitate toward it because it is their life course, as determined by prior actions and intentions. My apologies for leaving out so many of the other dedicated shitbags like Bandar, Daddy Bush, Shitwityahoo and so many more, not to mention epically evil corporations. They come to their zenith in Kali Yuga and are destined ‘to fall like Lucifer’.
It is a freakish vision to behold, these driven agents of the darkside, with their appearance of power, their fortunes and command of police forces and armies, coupled with the state of the art technologies, they seem unbeatable. (It was having their technological evolution outstrip their level of moral evolution that led to the downfall of Atlantis.) From an external perspective it might seem so but… from an internal perspective, attended by the inescapable truth that there is only one source of power in the universe, the vision is quite different; “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.”. Even in my darkest moments and… I’ve had a generous share of them, beneath the chaos and confusion, the depression and despair, there percolates an irresistible optimism and an unquenchable joy that no shadow or specter can diminish. I catch myself sometimes, infuriated at my impotence to affect existence on behalf of my beloved Poncho, or to alter the course of my pending migration, not to mention the horrorshows I encounter in my virtual journeys every day; the woman who deliberately gave false evidence in so many criminal cases, which is linked in this article, is an example of breathtaking evil. Every day they seem to lower the bar. Every day they give more and more examples of their utter depravity and… what is that, my friend? What is the point and purpose of those examples? It’s evidence, evidence.
You can see life as a random happenstance of events, or you can see it as a vast panoramic film, scripted by mysterious force. There are arguments for both positions, although the former position is generally one that suits the pursuit of self interest as well as the preeminence of ego over all competition. There are several questions that are difficult to answer in support of the first position. If there is no ineffable, how come there is a Devil, worshiped and served by some very hard pragmatists? Isn’t this phenomenological universe a balance of opposites? Isn’t it a balance of opposites going out of balance and coming back into balance, sometimes in a very harsh manner? Also, what are we to make of Karma? How does there come to be Karma without some kind of over mind? How do we interpret, “as above, so below’? If there is only evil with an operative overseer, why does evil always fail in the end? If the deck is stacked in that manner it goes against common sense to simply go by appearances. Also, consider that physicists have scientifically proven that existence is ‘thought-born’ and that everything is made out of the same mindstuff vibrating at a different frequency… doesn’t that tell us something? Doesn’t that infer something? For myself I have no argument going. I have conclusively proven what I believe/know to be truth. In any case, the only person I have to convince is myself. Everyone else can make up their own mind- ♫most likely you go your way and I’ll go mine♫
I’ve also convinced myself of why people believe other than I do. The primary reason is religion. For some reason people confuse religion with the nature of the ineffable. They are two separate and distinct things. The other reason is the condition of the world. The usual argument is that there is no way God can exist and permit the things that are permitted. That, of course, is all Karma and this is Kali Yuga where Karma gets sorted and where things are sordid. Things get settled in this time zone that have been back-burnered for many years. This particular segment is The Apocalypse, where all of these considerations get revealed to us, in an ever more insistent fashion, because the greater portion of us do not want to see or hear and that’s where the Black Kali Friday comes from and Miley Cyrus, along with all of the other two dimensional cutouts of entertainers, politicians and twisted rich, in unholy love of lucre, that runaway Shekel Flu for which there is no vaccine.
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