The Darkness That Feeds on the Darkness in Itself

One of the problems I have with religion… wait a minute… I’ve got a number of problems with religion and I think I’ll cover them all here today. It’s a perfect time to discuss something like this; given that the world’s priciest drag queen is doing his “King of Hearts” tour of America in the Elvis-mobile.

Religions are all based on principles, set down in laws and theories of behavior delivered by the founders and then pounded out into the hard metal of enduring time. The priest class gets into the act about as soon as the founder is sent on his way by the preexisting Pharisee class through whatever Sanhedrin they’re operating… or it might be bad food; as is attributed to the passing of Buddha, or poison as is associated with Mohammed. You check the histories in the mythologies and you get the idea.

The priest class sets up a schematic which, coincidentally is designed to transfer the operation of the founder’s power to their intermediary operations as they negotiate between God and man all the little niceties that are required for the smooth functioning of the operation, which amounts to a business no different than any other company or corporation you may be familiar with. So… in the space of a couple of hearts-beats lawyers appear as well and the priests and the lawyers manipulate their siphon machines for the benefit of those closest to the trough.

This is a little cynical, I know. Many churches and members under the umbrella of the greater corporation do outstanding work. At the same time, many members and churches engage in missionary work promising violence or with-holding food in order to quicken the conversion. Then there’s always the threat of hellfire before and afterward. So, maybe the good and the bad cancel each other out while the ugly remains untouched in the hard drive.

You’d be a fool (my opinion) to believe that governments and religions and corporations do not engage in a conspiracy of control for your attention, your freedom, your sweat and blood and the fruits of your labors.

Okay… that’s one of the problems that I have with religion, or several of the problems I have as parts of the central problem. Another problem I have is the ridiculous outfits of some of the religious heads. I think the purpose is to lend majesty to the weight of the office they occupy. To a sane person it looks like the rank vanity of deluded mortals appearing in dreadful musical theater while viewed on bad LSD. Its purpose is to lend to the atmosphere of mystery which is the main product that religion sells. Mystery is a great product because no one knows what it is and it’s easy to sell according to whatever fears and desires you may be preying on; or is that praying on? Some Christian sects will promise you eternity in Heaven if you leave them all your goods on departure. I’m assuming you need to have some amount of goods otherwise you’re flying economy class and you’ll be getting the full body cavity search on the higher planes; presuming you are going in that direction.

The chief by product of religion is hypocrisy along with profit and perpetuating the organism. Survival is as much a priority of soulless enterprise as it is in any life form capable of recognizing threat. So it is that you get the obfuscator in chief of the pedophile scandal now operating as Pope and wringing his hands about what a tragedy it was while he was the main force behind its continuance. Religion gives us many terrible ironies and this is only one of them. Yackety yack, don’t look back.

This is the age of bad religion. Well… it has pretty much always been that age. But in this age it is the major mechanism that drives the war machine. You could say that the psychopaths are merely using this because it’s a great hot button for encouraging the canon fodder to die uselessly once again while they fatten their wide asses off of human misery. You could say that and it is probably true but it’s still the big clarion cry with the most amount of face time at the moment.

If The Pope was just performing in the longest running Broadway musical of all time then that might be fine as mere fatuous entertainment but he’s a player in the whole game and he’s got about as much connection to and the same relationship to God as… the fabled devil.

All the religious scams that are about as efficient and user friendly as Best Buy just go on spinning their web of disinformation along with governments and corporations and the web that binds you into a hallucinating belief in anything they do is all spun out of the strange sexual orgies that they participate in with each other. Don’t think about it. It’s not a pleasant image. They are joined in present time with the new breed of rip-off which is the majority of New Age operations and Scientology and any system that has got you putting fruit and children’s bodies out in ceramic dishes to appease the God of Blood and Thunder.

The kicker is… there really is a divine agency. I know this to be so. I know it… not believe… know- beyond a shadow of a doubt due to personal experience that perpetuates from one day to the other. This is the good news because ultimate karma takes care of these thieves, liars and murderers in good time. Unfortunately it doesn’t accomplish it until enormous harm gets done and that, I suspect, is because so many people are waiting in line to replace these people and would love to do the same thing to their fellows, given the power and opportunity. That’s the key. People stupid enough to believe in this rubbish are also often venal enough to want to practice the same things that they are suffering now. This is why dumbing down and propaganda, mumbo jumbo, mystical hand signs and outfits from “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” are employed as they are.

Meanwhile, all of these religions and governments and corporations send out the message that we should respectively, love each other as ourselves (probably not loving ourselves accounts for a problem here), obey the law and be a good citizen …and practice able dealing for fair profit when… when… their closest connections to any of these things occurs when they are mouthing the words.

There have, maybe, been good Pope’s. There has certainly been bad Pope’s but I suspect this one is one of the bad ones. Millions of people will go on attributing divine agency to this over dressed clown. Millions of people think George W. Bush is a Christian. Millions of people believe lies and order their lives according to these lies and would love to be among the people spreading these lies because there’s nothing like being in a position of power for being able to exercise all of the worst traits in the human spectrum.

I’ve got no good words, or the usual upbeat closure that often attends my posts, to offer you today except to use your common sense and to realize that we, the mass of humanity are the real power. If we would stop supporting these religions, governments and corporations they would have to change the way they do ‘business’. If we shut off their water they run dry. Until humanity realizes this they will be sheared and slaughtered and sold to their fellows as packaged meat. I suspect they are going to have to be pushed into terrible desperation to get their priorities right. It’s a crying shame but that is the way it is.

For those of us who can see, I suspect we are doing what we can. It’s not a requirement that we win the battle. What is required is that we did the best we could manage. The battle against ignorance has raged since recorded time and ignorance has generally won. However… it would have been a lot worse and possibly over already if so many of us had not strived (often at the cost of the life) to hold out a lantern and a helping hand to each other. If you are looking for the essential element that religion distorts for a profit. If you are looking for that mysterious force that can transform your life and the lives of others, I suggest you look into your own heart where it has always lived. Call it what you will. Call it God or Love. Call it Truth or what have you… it’s there and you’re good to go when you find it.

Right Thru My Heart

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