Jessica Lynch “Blanks Out”

Rescued American POW Jessica Lynch has lost her memory and can’t remember her ordeal as a prisoner in Iraq.

Experts believe the 19-year-old’s mind may be blanking out the terrible things she witnessed.

Jessie was captured after her company was ambushed on March 23 near Nasiriyah.

A US official said: “She basically has amnesia and has mentally blocked out the horrible things we believe she went through.”

Jessie was rescued on April 1 after American troops learned she was being held in a hospital.

Officials had hoped she would be able to provide information about how nine fellow members of her unit, the 507th Maintenance Support Company, died. Their bodies were found during her rescue.

Her evidence could lead to war crimes prosecutions.

“This is not unexpected,” said Dr Isadore Rosenfeld, an expert on memory loss.

“These things usually take months – sometimes years – but usually months to eventually recover.”

Jessie is recovering at a military hospital near Washington DC.

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