Mr Apocalypse is the Ronald MacDonald of Armageddon

Visible Origami — Nov 28, 2013

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Well, they are warming up in the background, straining at the leash to get into the foreground, on their way to being planted into the ground, sooner or later. Then you got things like this. There are many rumors and collective apprehensions of pending threats that never come or come indeed and then… then there is the really trenchant and enervating news, which is almost sustenance to some. Riding alongside the obscene and absurd, are the fantastic things we hear too little of because they have nothing to do with corporate profits, Satanic ambitions or nasty little Syndicated Crime countries. The same tired, morally bankrupt liars continue to embarrass themselves on the world’s stage. They have no shame. They have no shame.
No one can say the owner of the Washington Redskins doesn’t know how to play the game, the other game. Every day, half a dozen times, I come across something that makes me laugh, mostly from watching the wheels and gears turning behind the curtains. Things are looking more and more bleak for the liars. Can anyone doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is about? They seek him here. They seek him there but… I can see him everywhere. Yes! It’s the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon= Mr. Apocalypse. He’s playing full contact without pads. The truth is breaking through to the other side (cue Jim Morrison). Just likeChomsky, the reality of Julian (the apostate) Assange is pretty much in the can. It’s hard to argue against the government backing off of what they were so relentless about back when anyone was paying attention to any of it but… these days as we see with CNN and MSNBC, few people care anymore and if they’re not paying attention to the liars any more; where are they getting their news, eh… eh? The conservative Crass Media is not taking such a large hit but they have much more practiced demagogues and a much slicker, sliding surface that the common moron can slide into the abyss on, on any given Saturnday.
Those of you who don’t click on the links have been routinely missing the daily specials that are offered exclusively to those who click on the links, such as the autographed Ben Wa balls that were featured last week. Ben played for 9 seasons with The Paralytics in the western division but, of course, you would know that if you clicked on the links. Those who click on the links also get to know what I’m talking about (as if I did), which may, or may not, be relevant. If knowing what you are talking about was some kind of necessity for the trade, there wouldn’t be much to see. I suppose that would be a good thing but this is Kali Yuga and that’s not a good thing to begin with. Still, you have to be philosophical because you are where you are in the age you are in. You could go the Minniver Cheevy route, get all stoic like Invictus, or even come into possession of that micro-macro vision thing of a Tacitus or a Plutarch. We wind up being whoever it is that we decide is a good overlay mask, sufficient to get us through existence without the unremitting pain of being ourselves in the company of everyone else who is not. That’s the dilemma faced by everyone who has to put on a suit or a uniform in order to ad both status and conformity to their act. Dressed up and surrounded by the encapsulating environment of their fabricated reality, populated by their conspiring peers, it all looks legit. Let a lot of money come in and out, attend a few conventions, give a few speeches and hear a few speeches and what it’s not soon becomes what it is. The years roll by. The lies expand like active yeast in the malleable dough and… on they go.
We’re all headed somewhere and that would amount to, or become that which we have acted in accord with and in pursuit of. No one should ever be surprised at where they wind up. It’s what it is and it used to be what it is not. It stands to reason that those wearing a mask would, more or less, find themselves in Halloween or carnival circumstances, toodling along with the likes of carnival barkers, dancing chickens and the geeks that pursue them. Most things make sense when they are going on in a controlled environment. They make all kinds of sense in relation to the atmosphere of the environment. It doesn’t take too long for the majority to get locked in, to the point that they can’t see anything outside of what they are inside of. Tell them something that goes counter to the lies they have built their industry on and you become a threat. Tell them something which the recognition of, immediately challenges their longstanding well being and you become a dangerous threat. So long as the lies can remain in place, the infrastructure of delusion can maintain itself up until their arrival at the gates of death.
What goes on, goes on and on. It really is a cycling treadmill, where it gets dark for the briefest moment at the nadir and then back into the upswing wearing a new costume, until that brief flash at the bottom again, over and over and over again, because the lies are preferable to the truth and the darkness is preferable to the light. There are very critical periods, like the one we are in now, when enormous potential and possibility lay at the feet of the intrepid. This is counterpointed by a roiling, magnetic negativity of powerful materialism that sucks everything in reach into its gaping maw. I’ve said this over and over, one way or another. Variations upon this theme are being commented on at various points here and there, by those expounding upon the subject for a variety of personal reasons, usually having to do with profit and gain. Many of the dialogues are subtle. In the main, all the right points are made with a few omissions. Later on these omissions prove to be critical, although they didn’t appear to be at the time.
Feel good philosophies are nothing new. They are the vast majority of everything that comes out of the New Age movement. The New Age movement is an arm of The One World government movement, just as the established and now crumbling religious institutions are. All of the temporal security enclosures are mental and emotional prisons, based on a willing complicity on the part of the imprisoned; a collective conspiracy of agreement that what is not is what is and all of this is about comfort and control. Thousands of years ago when Socrates was doing his thing, the juntas of the day were not shy about showing their displeasure. It’s no different now. This is the reason secret societies came about, to protect the legacy of the light against the corruptions of the darkness. After a certain period of time, some number of these societies became corrupted as well. They weren’t in the beginning and the truths they were entrusted to protect and which departed at the first whiff of corruption, are still available to the true of heart. Nothing of value is ever acquired without tremendous effort and it is never acquired unless it is desired more than anything else. That is the one determining factor at all times and in all places. You have to want it more than anything else. It’s simple enough, until you discover what it is that is at work to keep you from it. This is why you have to want it more than anything else because anything less than that will not be enough. It is only this that makes you stronger than the force that seeks to deny it to you; “half measures avail nothing.”
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