A photo never lies? Or does it?

A picture of prince Charles and royal valet Michael Fawcett, was seen in all major British newspapers recently. But look closely at the picture (below) for there are some important signposts to something being very wrong.

These signs are known as “tells” in the intelligence community, who increasingly use psychic profilers to decipher them.

Before reading on however see how many “tells” you can spot in the photo.

Charles has his back turned on the other man whom from his stance is obviously a servant. Meanwhile Charles’s physical posture has been held for some time as shown by his settled head, spine, and his left foot angle.

Notice both men are standing in step” with the left, ‘unconscious’, ‘feminine’ or “Sinister” foot forward. The fact that the two men mirror each other’s posture could mean they share many secrets going way back.

The two dogs also reflect this, both animals seem very settled but bored and wanting “action”: a mirror of the two men themselves.

Men are never comfortable being in close proximity to each other, at least heterosexual men aren’t.

In fact it has been suggested that a nine-foot circle surrounding each man is his “watch” zone and anyone coming within this range is seen as a threat. Yet Charles seems quite happy with this in the photo, so from this we can deduce that he knows and trusts Michael Fawcett very well indeed.

Sigmund Freud saw guns as perhaps the greatest phallic symbol of all. But in the photo Charles weapon is not broken as it should be. In other words Charles’s weapon is loaded and cocked and ready for use.

So the men and dogs are at rest, but the gun is not. Why?

The close proximity of the two men, the loaded weapon and the apparent relaxed stances are all tell tale signs but there are more.

Charles is an expert shot yet judging from the shape of his coat he is carrying the cartridges in his right hand pocket. This is wrong, as with a right-handed shooter they should be in the left pocket, so what does his left pocket contain?

Nothing more than his hand but as studies have shown, those who hide their hands as both men are here, want to hide their motivations. And given that both men are doing this suggests a shared purpose.

Mutually hidden right hands suggests their relationship is close, but some shared aspects are hidden, this hands in pockets gesture cannot be put down to cold as there is no wind, (unruffled hair) and the men are not dressed for chilly weather.

This gesture of part of the right hand concealed in the pocket as shown, was a Masonic signal used by the Jews in Russia at the time of the 1917 revolution and has become known as an identification marker in the Illuminati hierarchy.

The light/shadow interaction also tells us that the time of day is just after midday, and the grass texture is typical of the Queens residence at Sandringham in Norfolk.

Incidentally, last year the local newspapers in Sandringham reported the Queen generously gave an unnamed donation to the local Citizens Advice Bureau. Staff at the bank photocopied this cheque, from the richest woman in the world with billions at her command.

Her donation was for a grand total of £15 (US$30).

This branch of the Citizens Advice Bureau has now been closed to the English people who fund it, as the huge refugee community in the area is seen as more needy.

But back to the men in the photo, who have been standing in this position for some time: judging by the anxious look on Charles face which suggests he is growing impatient for a signal; his slightly open mouth indicating that he may have just spoken of it.

My guess here is he is expecting a signal from the “beaters” in the bird shoot, to say “get ready”.

The other man displays visual disinterest, as he looks the other way but looks physically comfortable with the excessive closeness.

But royal valet Michael Fawcett cannot be entirely comfortable as his right shoulder is slightly slumped and he has a heavy bag against his thighbone. This should normally be on his back; the fact that it is on right thighbone and almost poking into Charles back again is suggestive of something phallic.

Whatever else this combined posture should ring alarm bells.

Many psychologists say long exposure to single sex boarding schools can damage a mans ability to fully bond with women in later life, Charles long stay in Gordonstoun may have contributed to the end of his marriage to Diana,

This picture has none of the “stiffness” that accompany photos of Charles with women, suggesting that he is happier in the company of men, and perhaps away from the pomp and falsity of the palace protocol.

T Stokes

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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence