The Black Friday Palindrome Boogie Down

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 27, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
An announcement and then to the post. The usual creeps have been shutting down people’s ability to comment and also blocking their ability to email me. It’s selective, some amount get through, many do not. I have an axillary email; Also, I lost the business card of a man from London and cannot thank him for his kindness in putting me up before I left. Richard, I hope you see this. I can’t keep this kind of thing at the top of my posts indefinitely (grin).
Probably because it is happening in a toe to heel, Chinese foot binding manner of increments, most people don’t notice us not so suddenly getting to… how the Hell did we get here? Of course, for some reason, the Israeli trained, American police forces have to shoot the dog. Now they are shooting toothless, 16 year old geriatric dogs. In concert, tandem, or whatever you call ‘at the same time’, the west’s most powerful and relentless enemy is proving the ‘purpose of demonstration’ module by making themselves the single, strident voice of prevarication and menace. For the first time, it is becoming clearly apparent to a much wider audience who is the troublemaker. These days, no one likes Israel; not even those who are compelled to interact with it. Even Israel doesn’t like Israel. It’s become a hotbed of incestuous self hate. Once again, the words of Nietzsche ring true, “those whom the god’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” Believe it. This is the case ubiquitously, whether it be shooting harmless household pets, or being the worst example of what you accuse others of.
I’ve got a small handful of malcontents who actively dislike me. They got their reasons. A couple of them, like Jong, are gay and can’t seem to understand that I have no opinion on that form of expression; there but for fortune goes I. I don’t like the political engine that works them and is near 100% Tribe controlled. I am opposed to the destruction of the family unit as the essential building block of society in the same way that a prosperous middle class indicates a cultural success, regardless of the fact that it will end as all things temporal must and has… ass is glaringly evident. I realize the way I fashioned that last sentence goes contrary to the rules of both logic and something… something else but, so what?
So it is that today I get an hysterical screed from one of these fellows about how hypocritical it is of me to fly on planes and tell people they shouldn’t. It could have been phrased differently, if advising me were the point, rather than slinging shit out of the prison cells of their own self confinement, it wasn’t. The fact it that I almost never take a plane. I travel a lot but I never take planes unless I have no choice. I take trains and buses, over long distances, and the cost is no great discount over planes but… it was a good point. Truth is, we’re all caught up in this garbage, personally and collectively and we’re all susceptible to conviction by cherry picking, agenda artistes.
Despite my being guilty of what I tell people they shouldn’t do, I do the best I can, considering. It ain’t easy being me (grin). Seriously though, it isn’t. The problem with life is that life is the problem. Rather, one should say that life continues because of the problems inherent in it. Once there is no longer any problems, life is no longer what it was. Everyone else can’t even see you unless you want them to. The mass of humanity is a big washing machine full of problems and it’s an old style washing machine that has a ringer attached to it. The majority of the problems are common problems. Some do better with them than others, as a result of maturity, grit, any number of things and both visible and invisible assistance. Some of us don’t have the usual problems. Some of us have the unusual problems and both classes of problems have two main possibilities. On the one hand, our problems cause problems for others and for ourselves, so one might day that problems have a healthy reproductive system. On the other hand, the problem can be grit, like that particle of sand in the oyster’s shell which creates the pearl. Life is a long running allegory. It’s a multiplicity of fables and parables acted out in human form for the entertainment of someone and the edification of few.
One of our great collective problems is that we get engrossed in the drama to the extent that it not only becomes real but we become capable of terrible crimes for the most ridiculous of reasons. If you were to go to a hundred people and tell each one of them that none of this is real, you might not get a single one of them to agree with you. That is why a certain narrow highway of life has such little traffic. You might think with all the people kneeling in one place, salaaming in another and putting their hands together to say, “Namaste” that it might look more like the line outside Wal-Mart this Friday. Ah… the irony of calling it Black Friday. Ah, the proliferation and profusion of irony on all sides. The operative definition of stupid is, “those who cannot see the irony.”
Existence is a palindrome. That’s what that Alpha and Omega thing is all about, or, if you prefer, “before Abraham was I”. Of course, we’re talking about a Syrian, not a Hebrew. Designations don’t matter actually because the one who does come has not been processed through marketing, is not the brainchild of corporations and has allegiance to nothing here. “but this one does not sleep.
Is born anew in every breath, shines from each shining eye, cannot and will not forget, carries us past the trouble and regret. In tongues forgotten, he has come, to every race in every time, dressed as everyone, always unknown, alone and waiting…”
The truth is both simple and eternal. If we don’t see it, we don’t want to. That is the problem with every soul on the planet now. Any fool with even borderline intellect could, with a minimum of industry see that Israel was behind 9/11 but… at what price? Once you see what is actual… it becomes contractual- you are responsible for what you know. The whole of the human race lives in degrees of personal and collective denial because… if you know something is so, you must speak, you must act and if you are such a shrinking violet that you can do neither… you still know. You still know.
Crazy shit is going on. It is the order of the day. The lies are being nailed for public view. The video tells a comically outrageous truth. It is what it is. Look at the ill made arguments in the comments and how they get skewered by those with a mind and… that makes you think. How come, in this world when so many people can have a Holmesian insight, can there be so little concerted vocal courage? It comes down to simple chicken shit. People see but… they won’t say. It costs too much but… now… now… that’s changed. The world has changed in that incremental, Chinese footbinding, toe to heel step by step progression. Things are not what they were. Our time is coming. Their time is going. Say what you will. That is how it is.
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