Voice of the White House April 12, 2008

“Much ado in the papers about the major drug companies. We note that certain very popular drugs made and sold by major drug companies kill or disable too many people. Much shock and horror. Why, I do not know. These people are friends of George W. Bush and he has made it very plain to the Federal regulatory agencies that interfering with his friends is not to be done.

The drug companies can absolutely count on being supported by the Bush-appointed judges and left alone by the regulatory people. Any Federal employee who dares to contradict Bush is immediately fired, as have been a number of high-ranking military leaders who won’t put up with his puerile lies.

The Chinese, who have no problem bribing people, have whined that their lead-tainted toys are quite safe and that their medicines, heavily contaminated with dangerous chemical residues, are even more safe. And because Bush is known to take bribes, they get away with it.

Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat, a prig and an asshole but he never took bribes. U.S. Grant had a very corrupt administration but Grant never took a dime. Bush has been on the take since he used his family influence to get various oil industry jobs.

The whole family is as crooked as a Swiss mountain road and George is no exception. Also, Georgie is a vicious little rat who loves to torment people and if he can do this and get bribe money for it, so much the better.

George W. Bush is a drunk, a liar and a thief and the sooner he leaves office, the better off for every man, woman and child in the United States.

Boycott the Olympics? When he can stuff mattress covers full of hundred dollar bills safely on Air Force One? Not bloody likely. Well, for the trailer park trash and the Jesus freak idiots who voted for him, I hope you swallow the wrong pill and turn a delicate shade of blue.”

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