From Crotch awareness to Christ Consciousness

By Narayan Das — Nov 26, 2013

Like Neo in the 'Matrix'; the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken

Sex. The subject is a vital one; it makes or breaks people. Depending on how we deal with it, we find ourselves aligning with saints or cavorting with demons – literally.

Absorption in sexual matters diverts the soul from it’s goal in this world,  i.e. to understand its true identity and to extricate itself from the fatal attractions of the material world of Maya.
Becoming aloof from the cloying, phobic morass of sexual concerns enables the entrapped soul to realize the folly of mindlessly pursuing mundane sense gratification.
The various sensory organs can be employed to operate the body (or biological interface if you like) in a sane manner, or they can be let to run amok and degrade one’s intelligence to the sub-animal status.
A ‘sane manner’, of course, refers to the potential offered to the soul who has this human form, to increasingly become more cognizant of the bigger picture in which all exists. Sanity. This consciousness expansion is offered to the human, not to the sub-human.
According to the grand Vedic version of things, the soul in the human form is imbued with the quest for Divine awareness. This sets us aside from the lower species,where the inherent consciousness blocks awareness beyond eating, sleeping, mating and defending. For them (the less than human life forms), their soul journey is still in place, but is managed for them – on auto pilot if you like.
Achieving a human form is a grand milestone for the soul on its sojourn in this world, and we become more aware of the value at stake in proportion to the effort we invest in awakening to that value. An exponential dynamic kicks in.
Like Neo in the ‘Matrix'; the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken.
This awakening to the divine order to the bigger picture if you like, is voluntary, but ultimately inevitable. The extent of one’s freewill is simply a question of postponement; I can put effort into the process now, or tomorrow, or whenever; but I dally in the school of hard knocks until I commit to God/self realization.


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