Welcome to the Age of I Don’t Give a Shit

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 26, 2013

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One further comment on my journey. As I was leaving at the airport, I stopped in a couple of places to purchase a book and also to turn in my currency. At both places they asked for my boarding pass and I wasn’t even through security yet. They ran it under a scanner. I pointed out how ridiculous this was. They just shrugged. Might as well have been the same person at both places, just glad to have a job I reckon.
Well now, it’s your own damn fault people. It’s bad enough that Israel was allowed to engineer a terror attack against their best and most powerful ally, due to owning the currency printing presses. It’s even worse that various leaders of the ‘not so free’ world assisted in this dark doing; either out of fear or self interest, in the collective pursuit of a permanent, privileged and elite class. There’s no such thing as a permanent anything, in a world where change is the cornerstone of existence.
Why is it your fault, you who do not hear or read this? Because you go along with the program. If any large part of the population simply said, “I’m not going to fly on any fucking airplanes until this police state, security nonsense is at an end.” things would change quickly. Given especially that the 9/11 attack and pretty much all followup attacks were the work of Israel and rogue elements in affiliated governments. What is here mentioned is what is now needed. Yes, that’s a right wing rag and yes, some of the individuals mentioned bear no great love for humanity, or are political opportunists but what is being said is not wrong. If the population is willing to go along with these absurd oppressions, brought about by an enemy power, who is also training their domestic police forces then… there it is. What could possibly be the point of scanning boarding passes, when the ones being defended against by this ridiculous action, are the very forces working with that foreign power to create the circumstances everyone is being oppressed by and who are the authors of all the terror attacks?. This is insanity. This is something Voltaire could have parodied in an epic fashion. Sadly, we are all too short on Voltaire’s. The shit stained noses of those writing for wider public consumption know where the ready money is. These rat-tailed misanthropes, gather at their chosen watering holes and congratulate each other on their successes. The obvious whores like Amanpour turn up the wattage of their insincere smiles, air-kissing one another over the invisible, wafting scent of their expensive scotches. Amanpour rubs her stockinged legs together, thinking about the devil’s coin ringing hard in her bank account, playing up the courageous war correspondent thing, never ever close to any action except for up and down action and she likes to ride on top. Oh right, she’s an alternative ender. Well, we’ve no illusions about the state of the press, the state of the art world, the state of the entertainment world and the music business, which is part of the entertainment world but what the Hell, one more link won’t hurt.
If the world is to be saved, the world needs to wake up because if the world does not wake up they will be killed in their sleep. The few among us who can see what’s what are not enough to carry the day. It’s too much like Thermopylae. Change is afoot in a grassroots kind of way. We can see that in respect of the evil that is Walmart. Pay attention to what Wal-Mart corporate has to say about it. This pretty much defines Wal-Mart in the most damning and convincing way. Things are on the move in sociopath corporation land. Why is that? Is it because of a pervasive awareness of the agents of evil in this world? No, it isn’t. They would for the most part go right on shoveling shit for the master if only they could have something a little bit better than barely surviving at it. Corporate has pushed them to the wall and is now engaged in moving the wall as well.
Hundreds of thousands of Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums are going to trot out for the lines in waiting at the Wal-Mart Black Friday extravaganza. People will get trampled, guns will be pulled. No doubt people will be tasered and shot, in order to get their hands on plastic goodies for people they should have just treated better all through the year. That’s insanity and we are dealing with global applied insanity all round the place. Wal-Mart heirs are unique beasts upon whom there ought to be a bounty.
We truly do live in the Age of (Out of my way!) I Don’t Give a Shit!” We live in an age where treachery against the human race is lauded and supported by those who own the presses that spin the lies in webs of deceit the world over. We live in an age where the heavy hitters are snuggling up under the same comforter and one has to wonder what the movement under the blankets signifies. I don’t know, do I? I can only conjecture and speculate according to circumstantial evidence, counterpointed by some degree of hard facts. I don’t want to label someone as something I’m not dead certain they happen to be. In the case of Alex Jones I’ve no hesitation. He’s a Nimrod Blowhard, an atypical hysterical, a kind of talking head Ross Perot of the alternative press. “The Black Panthers are coming through Canada!!! The Black Panthers are coming through Canada!!!” Don’t concern yourself with the source of this commentary, truth is truth, no matter how inadvertent it’s appearance in some. The most telling thing about Jones is how he sashays, sidesteps and dances around the crimes and culpability of those responsible for all of the things he attributes to others. The reasons for the totality of the Alex Jones persona is indisputable. ♫It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Would you be my neighbor?♫ Ah well, grab a shovel, something of ungodly size took a monstrous shit on the highway to human freedom and undertanding.
These are strange times and a lot of the strangeness speaks to the need for human definition, outside the enforced constraints of conformity. You have to understand that the greater the pressure to march in a castrated lockstep, the greater the certainty that the libido revolution will find that weakest link in the chain; surrounded by objects of desire on all sides, those of splintered will, …will act out.
There’s a lot more to ‘as above so below’ than one might anticipate from a cursory consideration. We usually think that the meaning is exclusive to what goes on invisibly in relation to what goes on visibly. One might think it’s a reflection of the invisible hierarchy in relation to the visible hierarchy. It can also mean that the moral climate at the lower end of the pecking order is reflective of the moral example and behavior at the top of the pecking order. Given that the vast majority of world leaders are economic slaves of the Central Banker Crime Syndicate; we know who the Central Bankers are and given that a large percentage of all of the players are sexual perverts of some description, as well as being permissive of violence against the very young, it stands to reason that this behavior would be mirrored in the behavior of those who have lost their bearings at the lower end, in the heaving morass of this infected and terminally ill culture. Truly, if ever a culture deserved to be on a glass slide, this one qualifies.
One can clearly see, these days, one flow of humanity struggling against the tide, one flow poisoning and corrupting the tide and one mass of stationary zombies, milling about with no defined purpose other than the periodic outbreak of appetite concerns; Pavlov going off in their heads at predictable intervals. It’s a fucked up world and we’re trying to unfuck it. That’s difficult to do. The taste for corruption and toxic comestibles, once set into the reflex cycle and unconscious stimulus of genus humanus ordinarius, is not unlike that of certain animals who have acquired a taste for human blood. Why would any human being allow themselves to be so easily seduced into so many things that are of great danger to them? All I can think is that there is some kind of ingrained planetary ignorance, where the various personnel, so representative of it are only here for some kind of unfortunate purpose of demonstration. It’s possibly something like how all those people who showed up for Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu; are they one and the same two?). It’s possibly like whatever happened during that deluge that allegedly involved someone called Noah and allegedly happened somewhere at some point in that big blur known as unverifiable history. All those people, however many of them there were, they all showed up for the purpose of demonstration, just like they do for those airline crashes (which, inexplicably seem to come in 3’s), earthquakes and tsunamis. The relative cluelessness, in certain cases is aptly demonstrated, by people seeing that the shoreline water has disappeared, leaving a vast expanse of sand, which they merrily set forth upon to explore, until the towering wave came rushing to the shore and then, “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” until the next time.
We are only seeing the surface of things, for the most part. Behind the scenes, vast forces are jockeying for position and behind those forces is something even more vast and incomprehensible. Given the enormous reach of time that stretches from end to bending end, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the conditioned minds, of those engaged in the processes, to grasp what the meaning of it is.
At the moment, Israel is pulling out all stops, looking for a way to attack Iran and get away with it. No matter what, they won’t get away with it and their credibility is in tatters around the world. They are in a death spiral of agonizing slow descent. The sucking wind of their passage is guaranteed to drag all associated and affiliated consciousnesses down with them. This is applied insanity 101. Birds of a feather go to the slaughterhouse together. Something tells me this is going to be an unforgettable holiday season.
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