Disgrace: Canada Protects Porn Queen Judge

Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Nov 24, 2013

Lori Doudlas while Associate Chief Justice of Manitoba in charge of family law.

When a society fails to recognize and exorcise evil, and instead rewards it, it is in deep trouble.

In an unprecedented act Thursday, a panel of judges threw up their hands in disgust and quit because of lack of support from the federal government. The mass media does not mention any of this. Instead it gave the long delay as the reason, as if starting over won’t further retard the process.  The inquiry has already cost $3 million.
When she was appointed judge in 2005, Lori Douglas was required to disclose any information that would detract from her fitness to be a judge. She failed to disclose that she had posed for scores of porn and bondage pictures on the Internet. She failed to mention that her husband Jack King had solicited a Black client Alex Chapman to participate in making more such obscene pictures.
When Chapman revealed this in 2010, Douglas was already Associate Chief Justice of Manitoba in charge of family law. She should have been forced to resign, plain and simple.
Instead, Winnipeg elites rallied around her, arguing that her private life had no bearing on her job capacity. Perhaps if she were still in private practice. But chief family court judge is a public position. Do they expect decent citizens to allow a degenerate to determine the fate of their families?
They claim she didn’t know what her husband did with the photos. Alex Chapman says she had two lunch dates with him and knew why.
Instead of resigning, for three years Lori Douglas has been receiving full salary of $315,000 for “administrative duties.” How long are taxpayers going to allow this?


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