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henrymakow.com — Nov 22, 2013

Clay Shaw was the only man prosecuted for the assassination of JFK. His associate on the Board of MOSSAD front “Permindex” was Louis Bloomfield, a longtime Rothschild errand boy.
The government’s handling of the investigation of John Kennedy’s murder was a fraud. It was the greatest fraud in the history of our country. It probably was the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of humankind. That doesn’t mean that we have to accept the continued existence of the kind of government which allows this to happen. We can do something about it. We’re forced either to leave this country or to accept the authoritarianism that has developed – the authoritarianism which tells us that in the year 2029 we can see the evidence about what happened to John Kennedy.” – Jim Garrison (Closing speech at trial of Clay Shaw Feb 28, 1969)

Michael Collins Piper — (Author of “Final Judgment”) American Free Press (Edited and abridged by henrymakow.com)

Dozens of new books and reports from diverse sources purporting to bring out “the truth at last” about the John F. Kennedy assassination on its 50th anniversary are suspiciously ignoring the very real Rothschild connection to the JFK conspiracy.
Right now the big push is to pin the blame on former Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The “LBJ Killed JFK” theme is rampant, even in the self-styled “alternative” media.
However, AMERICAN FREE PRESS is pleased to be the first publication ever to report on the findings of Maurice Phillipps–an otherwise unheralded researcher –who uncovered the Rothschild banking dynasty connection to a key player linked to the JFK conspiracy.
Here’s the story, one which should force JFK researchers–at least the honest ones–to take a whole new look at the death of the president.

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