Bush to Iran: I give you a ‘choice’!

President George W. Bush once again points the finger at Iran, saying Tehran has a ‘choice’ to ‘live in peace’ or face consequences.

“Serious and complex challenges remain in Iraq, from the presence of al-Qaeda to the destructive influence of Iran to hard compromises needed for further political progress,” Bush said, whitewashing his handling of the Iraq war.

The White House leader, who was defending his strategy of an open-ended halt to US troop withdrawals from Iraq starting from July, promised America that the war would eventually end.

“While this war is difficult, it is not endless,” Bush continued. “I believe the surest way to depress morale and weaken the force would be to lose in Iraq.”

Bush’s announcement come after army General David Petraeus and the US ambassador in Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, provided their long-awaited Iraq report.
This is while Iran has dismissed US allegations against Iran as baseless, calling it a desperate attempt to justify US political failure in Iraq.

Political pundits say the US may now be shifting its strategy toward provoking a new war by engineering addition crises in Iraq and employing fear-mongering tactics.

They claim by doing so, the Bush administration seeks to pass the Bush administration’s legacy on to Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, who is seen as the most aggressive candidate in the presidential elections.