Ambulatory House Plants and Burning Bacon Heads

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 22, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Do you hear that sizzling crackling sound? The air is filled with a smell like burning bacon. That’s the result of those coals of fire on the head of Binnie ‘the snake’ Netanyahoo. He is in an agony of rage, due to Iran out suaving him, which is not difficult, given his complete lack of class. He is incandescent with fury as the Five + 1 (is that a Jim Morrison song? Way back in the atavistic memory I’m getting a hit of something like that). Nothing pisses off a megalomaniac so much as when the classes of people perceived to be below them do not do what they say. How about a nation of megalomaniacs led by a scat circle of super nova, megalomaniacs? That link should give you a good idea of the kind of unintentional humor you run into in academia these days.
This is possibly the most important article you will have read in a long time; massive wakeup is going on behind the scenes and remains unreported on by the Tribe owned, Israeli firster, Zio-Ogre Media. I don’t think the devil is going to be impressed when Dunce Cap Bush tries to use the argument about what he did with the rest of his life. No doubt the devil will say, “You know, John Wayne Gacy already tried that one on me and he was a piker compared to you.” Check out what Tribe art dealer Stephen Koschal did with the painting of the Disney Dwaves and the Chicago Cubs. This guy is a true representative of his genetic heritage. Even his own mother sued him! Pay careful attention to just what a sleazy customer this creature is. He has lowered the limbo bar to the subterranean. No doubt they’ll send Gacy to the gates of Hell to welcome him when the time comes. One of my invisible friends just said to me, “Not a bad idea visible!” That brought a smile to my face. I think it might just happen now. I wouldn’t put it past the ineffable. He’s got a big sense of humor.
Let’s be honest about the state of the world of the moment. The Lord of the Darkside has been hard at work over recent decades, making sure through his earthy representatives that the nastiest and most depraved among us get put into positions of power and… when they are at the level of common footsoldier or more correctly, ‘footpad’, such as the military grunt, the beat cop, the security guard, the TSA worker, they strive to get the most aggressive and dysfunctional troglodytes they can find. They have their ways. They test the military recruits with those psychological multiple choice tests and every time they come up with the kind of person who tortures and kills household pets and sets buildings on fire, they flag them as intelligence assets and send their profile over to the CIA. If the subject was a Cheetos eating video game freak, they send him to drone school. He’s already so desensitized to the real world that there is no Real World, except on MTV.
I remember one time, before these blogs were happening and I used to be a ‘star poster’ (♫Ho-sanna Heysanna, sanna sanna Ho!♫) at The Best of the Fray, which was a forum at Slate. There was a particularly malicious, Canadian Zio-bot named Schadenfreude there. He really hated me. I was engaged in a discussion with someone on the cultural merits of Paris Hilton. This was in the middle of her 15 minutes of fame. Schadenfreude interjected himself into the conversation and said, “I’d do her.” It was then that I realized there are many mysteries concealed beneath the human skin that are best left as mysteries. I used to get hammered and tonged there every day because I was surrounded by New York City style Tribe members and their fawning sycophantic gentile house plants. You can imagine the shitstorms I created each day as I was saying pretty much there what I say here and even more so when it came to certain historical fantasies. Of course, the forums were monitored by a Tribe member who, in a momentary lapse of awareness, conferred a star on me, to the delight of some and the screaming and kicking, hair pulling frenzy of others. Of course then it looked like I was being given credibility by the liberal asswipes that ran the place. In the end, they took down the entire star system just to take away my star. (whaaaaa!!!) Man! What a pretentious gaggle of self important pseudo-intellectuals. I have never seen their like again.
Toward the end of my tenure there I created an anonymous blog called “The Worst of the Best of the Fray” where I went to town on all those effete martinets but… I never mentioned it. Sure enough, after a few weeks, one of the regulars, a Michael Ryerson, (lawyer) stumbled on to it. These people were always trying to jump up the forum’s web presence. Some of them were pathological about the site getting mentioned in the search engines. Knowing this, I knew someone would eventually find my little satirical effort. It became the cause celebre of the next month or so with many of the Fray regulars coming over to tilt lances with whoever it was that was writing these scathing critiques on the posters from Best of Fray. I never acknowledged it being me though some suspected that was the case. Many of you, being as literate and comedically gifted as you are, would have had all kinds of fun over there. I was known as ‘Appolonius’. Any number of people had Greek and Roman names as befitted such a pompous crowd.
Well, I’m getting away from the subject of the post and… what do you know? There was no subject of the post. I’m out of here tomorrow, headed off to this speaking engagement in the belly of the beast tomorrow and I shan’t be back here until Sunday. I don’t have anyone to post the comments while I’m gone, though I’ll have that covered most of tomorrow so… if there’s a lapse in seeing your comments, hang in there and I’ll be back at it shortly.
As I have long maintained, Lady Nature is every bit a matter for concern as anything pending in the poisoned minds of the Israeli/Satanist collective who… are the preeminent bipedal enemy of humanity at this time. A few shrugs by the planet and a whole lot of people could be Sayonara-Land bound. It’s said that a new land mass is going to appear in the Pacific and those of us meant to survive are somehow going to wind up there to ♫Carry on♫ Myself, I don’t know. I’m a little more than cautiously optimistic. I have no idea why. It’s just that inside, everything feels fine.
The awakening is causing all kinds of positive efforts on the part of those who are usually in the pockets of big business. There has been few industries as aggressive in their pursuits of profits at all costs as the bio-tech industries. What is truly sad about all of this is the looming specter of Fukushima, just over the horizon line. No one knows at the moment what is what and what is not. It runs the gamut from extreme sensationalists, using the tragedy to pump up the reach of their own personality profile, to those who say it’s all a hoax and there’s no such thing as nuclear energy or nuclear power, which probably means they’re right about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy as well (sigh). The system has to come down. As an act of mercy and compassion it has to come down because of things like this. Glenn E. Singleton and Verenice Guitierrez are definitely getting honorable mention on the Wall of Shame and Infamy.
The System has to come down because of the proliferation of Grinch’s, like this splendid example of a boil on the ass of a demon. He’s also going on the wall. The reader is encouraged to send in their own entrants. Of course, there will be the singular, world class motherfuckers, whose acts of depravity are truly special and who will be noted for their exceptionalism. Then there’ll be the second tier, those exceptional enough at what they’ve done to be widely known for it. Finally there will be those like Singleton and all the sewer rat bureaucrats who make the actions of the greater monsters above them so much more acceptable and easily accomplished. When you see monsters getting away with all kinds of things, inexplicably, I mean, just read about this Creature from the Black Sassoon. I’ve never even heard of him before. Anyway, when you see this sort of thing and can’t figure out how it’s going on and on for such a significant period of time, involving so many name people and such crude behavior, you can one hundred percent presume it is Satanism. There are Satanic dynasties like The Rothschilds and there are any number of families where fealty to the Lord of the Darkside is operational and carried on by their offspring and their offspring, possibly sacrificing one here or there for the material benefit of the rest of them. All kinds of wild shit is going on. Upstate on Westchester estates there are black masses and the same applies to New York City penthouses. Usually when ritual murder is taking place they like more private settings, like that French serial killer couple in the south of France and, of course, wait for it (drum roll) he’s a Tribe member!
The thing with Satanism is, it works. It’s a process by which you provide something to get something, with the understanding that, upon your death, you’re bound over for whatever arrangements you’ve made for the acquisition of whatever you got. Some might think this all preposterous but there is a thousands of years tradition and lineage that illustrates the reality of belief held in it. Honorius the Pope was a real sweetheart. This kind of thing is going on all over the place. Evil is attractive and intoxicating, like power, sex and wealth. For some people it is very much an aphrodisiac. Keep in mind, some of these people can already have anything they want and have had. They get bored.
Well, you can read all about this stuff all day long, all through the week and on into next year. You can go to LA. Or NYC and if you know how to go about it, you can find yourself in the middle of it fairly quickly, especially if you are young and attractive. The Satanists, The Golden Calfsters, The Scientologists and any number of personality cults that you may or may not have heard of are all pretty much the same thing. I’ve no use for any of them but people do, people do.
For a lot of people with stars in their eyes if someone famous tells them to take off their clothes, they’re glad to oblige. Take a look at what goes on at Mardi Gras and Spring Break. People will do all kinds of things because they’ve confused license with liberty. They’ve confused notoriety with fame. They wanted to push the envelope and they got ‘folded spindled and mutilated’.
So it goes. So it goes.
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