Wall of Silence: Zionists Foment Race War in Germany, Part 2

Readers of this site learned of an arson attack on a Turkish dwelling in Backnang, Germany, last 29 March, which ostensibly evidenced a “Neo-Nazi” operation. It was reported by an hysterical Zionist media as yet further testimony to the ineradicable evil of the German people, yet proven revelations that the perpetrators were of Jewish origin have been squashed by a paranoid and treasonous German government.

The reverse swastikas scrawled by the attackers.On 31 March, I wrote to over 300 editors of Germany’s best-selling national and regional newspapers, urging them to investigate the Yiddish rendition of the reverse swastika (a Jewish symbol) nervously scrawled by the attackers, and to focus on the very obvious Yiddish rendition of the word “jetst” mistakenly used in place of the German adverb “jetzt”, meaning “now”. The Zionist false flaggers had scrawled their blood libel threat, “Jetst alle sterben,” (“Now everyone dies”) in the hope of stoking a race war between good-hearted Germans and deceived Turks.

Following a series of post-enquiry telephone calls, only two editors were prepared to discuss the matter with me. The first admitted that he was in no position to speculate about my poignant observations. The second blew a cranial nerve and angrily told me to leave Germany on the next available flight.

The only sympathetic response I managed to solicit was provided by Klaus Hinderer, the Press Officer for the police in the Waiblingen district of Backnangen. In a friendly telephone conversation, he told me that forensic scientists had ruled out any German involvement in the attempted murder of 25 Turks, and confessed that the suspects were invariably of “foreign extraction”, although he did not go so far as to admit yet another Zionist false flag attack.

Consequently, the German media has quietly reported the official government line, yet relegating the story to well concealed paragraphs hidden on the third or fourth page of their respective Zionist whore publications. After all, the damage has been done and nothing should be allowed to detract from the perception that all Germans are murderous Nazis who must be cured of their congenital racism through subjection to 24/7 holocaust propaganda and other Jewish fables.

The German government routinely pressures investigating police authorities to avoid any detective work that may throw light on crimes committed by Jews or their Sayanim operatives. The effect on police morale has been dramatic. In the summer of 2007, Charlotte Knobloch, President of the parasitic German Council of Jews in Germany, attacked the German Police Federation for not taking seriously graffiti attacks on Jewish Synagogues and cemeteries. The police, quite rightly, countered that their incentive to undertake such time-wasting investigations was somewhat mitigated by increasing evidence that Jews themselves were responsible for such attacks in a mendaciously childish attempt to garner public sympathy.

In the latest twist of ingenuous disinformation, Jewish handwriting experts have now suggested that the Yiddish word “jetst” now resembles the word “Deutsch”. Yet no one familiar with the German language can quite explain why anyone would write, “Deutsche alle sterben,” (“Germans all die”) and then attempt to murder 25 Turks, among other foreign nationals. Jewish logic clearly surpasses the realm of the Twilight Zone. Yet once again, the prostitutes who call themselves “journalists” bow dutifully to the Shining Ones, basking in the glow of heavenly light emitting from their hairy nether regions.

The Backnang incident, thanks to the nauseating cowardice of one of the most heavily self-censoring journalistic fraternities in the world, has now disappeared from the mainstream media as a story worth pursuing. Much to the chagrin of the Jewish lobby, the police were unwilling to play the game expected of them in framing witless skinheads for a crime they did not commit, as was previously the case in similar incidents in Mölln and Solingen.

In my 16 years as a journalist (now semi-retired) working in Germany, I have finally come to the conclusion that the German government and their Jewish puppet masters are waging a venomous psychological war of attrition against one of the finest and most virtuous races that has ever walked the face of this earth. The reason is simple. The Jews and their Zionist financiers are planning nothing less than the complete destruction of the German nation. With starvation welfare benefits amounting to just 2.40 euros a day for unemployed young Germans who are unable to find work offered by exploitative Zionist corporations, and with self-employed patriots blacklisted as anti-Semites and denied contracts by means of scurrilous telephone whispering campaigns, every five minutes sees one German leave his homeland in search of a better life abroad.

In real terms, such a deliberate pogrom directed by Jews and treasonous Judeo-Masonic politicians in Berlin against native Germans represents a war crime. It is a war crime arguably justifiable from the point of view of the Jewish mindset in the light of the fact that Germany was denied a peace treaty at the end of the last war: a war instigated by World Jewry in its bid to smash one of the most vibrant and creative cultures the world has ever known.

The Geneva Convention provides the victims of war crimes with the means to defend themselves and bring their tormentors to justice. When the Federal Republic of Western Germany (the BRD) officially reunited with the East Germany (the DDR) in October 1990, the BRD, which was conceived merely as a temporary settlement agency as a conduit for illegal “reparations” and which never superseded the German Reich in terms of rightful, constitutional statehood, ceased to exist as a lawful entity. It was, and still is an illegal Jewish creation. I now intend to leverage the Geneva Convention against the Enemy of Mankind.

The German people have been conned and scammed big time, and the day has come for the truth to be known. Although I am an Englishman who has periodically agonized over notions of leaving this country to live in a nation where a man is truly free to speak his mind and tell the truth, I have finally committed myself to remaining on German soil to fight the traitors in Berlin and their evil Zionist puppet masters. For the German people themselves have simply surrendered their will to fight.

So be it. As a thinking human being who loves the German people, I simply have no other option but to defend those who are incapable of fighting for themselves.
That 298 newspaper editors saw fit, for fear of the Jews, to ignore my indisputable proof that Zionists are actively fomenting a race war that will all but destroy the German nation is something I have no choice but to interpret as an arrogant declaration of war against my person and the good and honest people of Germany. I am incensed and I shall settle for nothing less than justice and revenge, and I intend to call for application of the death penalty, which shall apply in equal measure to journalists who work as STASI agents for their Zionist paymasters in Berlin and Tel Aviv.

As anyone working for MI6, the BND or the German Federal Press Office knows from past experience, when Michael James goes to war, he wins every time. Simply check the record, my friends. For as a sole, freelance fighter, if there is one thing I do not fear, it is death.

I now give notice to the European Union, the illegal BRD-German government and their parasitic friends who work for the Israel lobby in promoting their blood libel “holocaust” religion of lies that they now find themselves in a state of war with an individual of few resources and absolutely no allies: a frail, middle-aged man armed only with the will and determination to destroy their evil stranglehold on the German people.

Fighting words indeed, and such that will leave no countenance untouched by a wry smile and a quizzical wink. But enjoy your mirth while you draw your breath by the grace of God, and mark the days on your calendar. Mark them well, my treacherous friends. And mark them in red.

They are severely numbered.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.

Zionists Foment Race War in Germany, Leave Clues

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland