Chipping Children

John Kaminski — Rebel News Nov 22, 2013


So you answer the call of the wild, in your fashionable Banana Republic clothing, in your tricked-out SUV. You are so cool. So in control. So ready to deal with anything society has to offer. Everything you need you can get on your Smart Phone.
It’s now fashionable to lash out and hurt someone. It’s even more satisfying than drugs. It’s the new drug, actually. Verifying your own power by hurting someone else. Getting revenge on the pain you so desperately try to escape. Victory over meaninglessness.
Something really has been stolen from you. It is the sense of who you actually are. The Knockout Game, brought on by the culture of sports, takes the place of something that has been stolen from you. Your self-respect, perhaps. You think you thought of all this yourself, but you don’t realize that you are only who you are told to be. With each passing day, your options shrink. <>
School IDs follow children home. Policemen known as teachers watch you on your home computer. The only people who have your best interests at heart — your parents — have been eliminated from the equation. They are so retrograde. So uninformed. The government knows better. Your TV guru knows better. Your Smart Phone knows better. Or so you have been told.

The common core curriculum

It’s really important to get your kids out of public school, almost as important as getting away from your own doctor, who will create more problems that he will solve due to his profitable predilection for prescribing dangerous, ineffectual drugs and conducting unnecessary and potentially fatal surgeries (if diseases that lurk in hospitals don’t get you first).
As the link says
THIS IS AN OFFICIAL RED ALERT. THIS IS NOT LIKE “BACK IN THE DAYS” WHEN “YOU” were in school getting indoctrinated with propaganda. THIS TIME THESE PEOPLE ARE DAYS AWAY FROM TURNING EVERY SCHOOL IN THE WORLD INTO A SICK AND TWISTED HUMAN MICROCHIPPING FARM, where every student is a braindead MICROCHIPPED corpse taking orders from and only obeying the government due to the microchip in their little bodies.
As if this weren’t bad enough, the same psychiatric establishment that created Attention Deficit Disorder as well as drugs that permanently injure your brain in an effort to combat what they call Bipolar Disorder is now advocating a more compassionate understanding of “minor attracted people”; that is to say, they are advocating the legalization of child molestation.
Yes, you heard that right. Pedophilia is now classified as a sexual orientation, just like it says in the Talmud. <>
Today, psychologists seem to be more interested in the welfare of MAPs (minor attracted persons) than they are in ruining the personalities of children for life <>, just like our government is more interested in the care of indigent immigrants than it is in the people who built the country.
The childhood vaccinations that cause permanent brain damage were only the start of completely disfiguring the next generations.
You have lost your children, but that was only long after you lost yourself.
Phony American culture makes less sense than the most savage of African tribes, who at least have their own survival reflected in their rituals, some practical purpose attached to their gyrations. Whereas America has only its own senseless destruction as the object of its electronic, pharmaceutical and behavioral lobotomization.
Plus, American culture is primarily responsible for the destruction of the planet. Technology has ruined us, cut us off from nature and made us unable to survive in the wild, which likely will be returning soon.
People have locked themselves into electronic prisons. The process of alienation and separation — and the atomization of society into discrete psychopaths who most definitely cannot think for themselves — has become complete with the ascendance of smart phones, the electronic hula hoop of the new century.
While their friends go begging, everybody’s texting, not noticing that while they do, nature is turning black, and the very air they breathe gets thinner every day.
I’ve noticed this is some very important passages in my own life. Nobody makes their own decisions. They ask their friends for advice. What would they do? Often these friends are paid to give advice. Bad advice. Profitable advice.
Nobody makes their own decisions. Consensus is the new poison. Being reasonable, being realistic is our new rationale. Universal betrayal is the result. If it doesn’t fit into the bottom line, it has to go.
Once it was said that corporations had been turned into people. But really, people have been turned into corporations, just like our country. And budgets are not about justice, which is why it has disappeared.
Where do we get the knowledge to do what we do?  Very often it is from someone who is selling it. For a purpose. For a profit.
These people aren’t our leaders. They’re criminals, working for a foreign power. A power that has no allegiance to any country or group of people, only to robbery, mass murder and colossal profit. Our leaders are our executioners. And they teach us to be just like them.
They’re chipping children now, a ruthless regimentation that will eventually lead to the elimination of all individual thought. You might think this has already happened.
If you think that’s an exaggeration, I suggest you check the mineral levels in your own body, and the irrelevance of your own mind.
You have made career the most important thing, without realizing that in the end, your efforts will be coopted and your career ruined by the corporation that controls your show. The emptiness that follows, the disappointment that eventually overtakes all those who work for corporations, will leave you no alternative but to seek out the benevolence of the state, which will relieve your distress according to the requirements of its master plan. It has no place for you.
I didn’t sleep at all the other night after reading this story, by one of the greatest bloggers on the web, Video Rebel, who asked, “Now that you understand real history you know what the men who think they own both you and your government will do to you after they have squeezed the last penny out of you and have no further use for you, your friends and your family.” <>
What do you think all those hollow point bullets are for?
Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. There are no friends among them, only fellow co-conspirators, who like you, are trying to escape from themselves.
You have let your family be destroyed by clever strategists who promise riches but deliver only disappointment and fatigue, not to mention debility and disease.
The erasure of scruples. There is no society left to adhere to, only mindless consumption and titillation, following trends that are ultimately destructive and leave you wondering why there is no one left to hold you, only blow-up dolls you can buy at your local bar, your local mall, some of them actually living and breathing.
All you can really do is make yourself into person you have been told to be. Which is someone that, left to your own devices, you would have never wanted to be.
Now you only want to be like everyone else, accepted, not left out. Which is why you have been turned into a robot.
Think you have been making your own decisions all this time? Think again. If you can still think at all.
Realize that in order to save yourself, you’re the one who has to save everyone else. If you don’t, everyone dies.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.