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Smoking Mirrors — Nov 21, 2013

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In keeping with our gradual trending toward a more rarefied atmosphere, we are going to somewhat change our approach and our tactics. However… we are not going to forget that certain things which seem to slip away into the underbrush and get forgotten are not kept perpetually swept under the rug. So here is one of those new features from the Bold Statements larder.
Noam Chomsky keeps showing up in the alternative press as if anything he could ever say again would have any degree of integrity or truth to it. Noam Chomsky said that it doesn’t matter who did 9/11 that there were more important things to consider, which is absurd, because all the shit salad, shit starters, shit entrees and shit pastries arranged on the shit dessert tray on life’s big buffet table is there because of 9/11. Noam Chomsky is a disinfo agent and a gatekeeper (quite an article you might not have seen). He works for Israeli interests. He is a discredited shill and I am going to launch a Wall of Shame and Infamy at Profiles in Evil with chapter and verse on all the notables there listed. They are not going to be granted reputation rehabilitation until they publicly admit their wrong doing and why they did it. Whiter whites and brighter colors are not going down on my watch. Chomsky, you are indistinguishable from excrement. It does matter who did 9/11! It does matter and Chomsky is in bed with the people who did it. End of story.
Greg Palast says the official story about 9/11 is what really happened. Greg like Noam, is a Tribe member. He is part of the conspiracy net that helped 9/11 happen. Greg thinks he is the Sam Spade of journalism. Greg is morally bankrupt and corrupt to the soles of his feet. People die every day because of people like Noam and Greg. Greg enjoys slandering courage souls who tell the truth even at great personal cost.
Every theater of human endeavor of any critical importance is infiltrated by dedicated sociopaths like those already mentioned. Those who are indifferent to the deaths of others are without conscience and those without conscience are sociopaths. Every movement and especially those that generate high capital have Tribe flunkies operating there. Marianne Williamson is an example in the New Age Hocus Pocus Marketplace (Kevin Barrett is one cool dude). Of course she’s a dual national Tribe member. She’s a shill for that mind control bible, “A Course of Miracles (read and study at your leisure)” Sociopaths are also people who mimic human emotions and go through the motions of appearing to care for others, like showing up for charity and public service ops and associating yourself with hot button issues of the same, like HIV and AIDS. Those always bring in the big publicity and big money and serious attention whores know where the butter churn is located and they all get on Oprah.
On Friday, some will celebrate the murder of Kennedy by the CIA/Mossad collective and some will mourn his passing. In consideration of that, the hidden powers of darkness have brought forth the fatuous Forrest Gump (couldn’t find the video- someone post it in comments). Listen closely to what he has to say and the certitude with which he tells us he is a student of history and how Oswald acted alone (like he would fucking know). He made his deal with the devil and now he’s doing what he’s told to do. The irony is that when you are told or encouraged to say something by certain people, it should go without saying that the truth is the diametrical opposite of what you are told to say. This should dawn on them. Perhaps it does but whether it does or does not, it does not matter to them. They made their choice. They’re not like you and I. We made our choices too and we will see that new age as it is reflected in our hearts and minds. All of us will see it differently, though it will be similar in general for every collective ray; the positive and the negative aspects of each and all the shades of gray in between. Strive, strive, strive for the light. Don’t go doing the genuflection walk into the warm and dark
You may think nothing is happening in these limbo years, as step by step, inch by inch, it gets worse and worse, without ever actually getting where it’s headed. Some of the most important moments of the battle have been taking place all along the route. We have been defining ourselves in our speech and actions. We have inscribed our intentions on the fabric of existence. We have come into resonance with the conning towers appropriate to our frequency. All this time a great deal has been happening, under the radar, out of sight, over there in the burbling peripheral, precipitating from the unseen into manifestation. What have you been eating? What have you been thinking? What have you been doing? All this time, what have you been up to through the course of the last decade? Where has your attention been? What considerations have occupied your heart?
We’re being watched all the time. We’re being sorted all the time. We’re being pressed relentlessly or we’ve been cut adrift in Fat City, out there where Noam and Greg make sense and Marianne is a high priestess and not a money grubbing, sociopathic deception-bot. We are citizen’s of the country of our belief. It is the world we live in. It is the world we have created. It is a world of interconnected crystallized thoughts, like Lego pieces that have manifested into the surrounding environment we find ourselves in. Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, yes, hour by hour we have brought ourselves to the point where we call what we believe to be real, real. Is it real? Is part of it real? Is none of it real? How have those who are evil been able to convince themselves that what they do is okay?. How can those who know they are deceiving large groups of people for large sums of money, rationalize it all away?
I’ve never seen an accurate or adequate explanation of the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath but I have my own definition and I’m pretty sure it applies. Sociopaths don’t care who they hurt but often are not directly involved in death, dismemberment and multiple, ‘on site’ murder and mayhem. Psychopaths directly engage. They like the physical carnage factor. Sociopaths gravitate more to the psychological factor and general indifference to the suffering of others. You’ll find them in politics, in entertainment, like Oprah; highly skilled manipulators. You’ll find them in the new age movement like Marianne Williamson. You’ll certainly find them on Wall Street and in banking where a mere Mont Blanc fountain pen accounts for more murders than entire armies. Some are born this way and many, these days, are grooved into the mindset though vehicles like Satanism, with it’s attendant illegal and immoral violation and murder of children, for the purpose of blackmail and control. They also get there through associations in various exclusive clubs like The Council on Foreign Relations, created, I think, by a banker, also Bilderberger and many others, even, possibly, groupings whose names are not known to the public. Just as Mr. Apocalypse is ‘on site’ now, as a representative of the cosmic will, Mr Darkside is also on a walkabout, doing what he does, all of it for the purpose of demonstration. Oh yeah! ♫You may be high. You may be low. You may be rich child. You may be poor but when the lord gets ready, you got to move♫ Like it or not. Most don’t like it because most don’t understand it. They can’t see the immediate benefits because they can’t see around corners. They don’t have that dispassionate, objective Algae-bra (D-cup) Mind. No wonder the coral reefs are in such bad shape.
Look at what Miley Cyrus got from her grotesquery; poor Lady Gag-Me. Maybe an online disfigurement might boost those sales? It’s not the toilet bowl mentality of crass exposition on the part of Miley that is concerning or alarming. What’s alarming is how ubiquitous the ‘I’m a piece of shit’ slut mind is in the general pop. If they see it on TV and it involves a celebrity, it doesn’t matter how demeaning and debasing it might be. They’re famous! So it turns out to be courageous, cutting edge, pushing the envelope, an expression of freedom and liberty. That’s completely delusional, as it is in reality, an expression of bondage and ignorance and a complete lack of self respect, counterpointed by a near total lack of talent. The only difference between Cyrus and your run of the mill pole dancer is the corruption level of the poles they are dancing on. There’s general commonplace corruption and then there’s the high end (very low end? Down to the bottom!) corruption whose main focus is the corruption of others. This is the work accomplished by compromised journalists, sold out entertainers who exemplify lifestyles, such as rap artists do with their bling and booty exhibition of what life is all about. Yeah, what it’s all about. What’s alarming is how easily and in what numbers the comatose public buys into this kind of thing and wants so badly to be a part of. They would sell their ass in a minute to be there or even near there. Their soul? The fuck is that? Cop out to materialism and the soul burns in the toaster. Word! Most of them don’t even know what’s happening. Most of them don’t care. That’s what’s alarming. That’s what’s disappointing. Go out and sell Oprah approved, recycled, reworded, spiritual mumbo jumbo like Tolle and Williamson and hordes of clueless and benumbed genuflectors and basket cases throw money and adulation at you. Actually tell the truth and you might get run out of town on a rail. Unless, of course, you got someone to back your play. Then it’s watch and wait and can be selective as all get out, if you really have the goods. No one knows, not even those who have it, until it gets lit up on that other Broadway, courtesy of the real shining city on the hill.
I’ve said it a lot of times; ten different people can say the same thing and each of them have a different level and kind of impact. Not even one in ten, or one in a hundred, or thousand, or more, has the real connection to source, or so I’ve been told. If you want to tell the difference between bullshit and solid gold, look at the people raking in large sums of money, under the pretense of sharing spiritual wisdom and telling the truth. You are looking directly at how they value what they do. You’re looking right at it. It may be very convincing. There could be all kinds of shakti moving around it. It’s as real as you are at the level you buy into it at. There are no exceptions! If someone is charging hundreds of dollars to hear them speak, if they are raking in large sums from a mass of the hypnotically seduced, do the math. If you think otherwise, there’s your compromise. Truth is not something that powders the butts of people into diaper sex. Truth doesn’t register in the consciousness of large demographics. Truth is singular and truly elite. Truth don’t fuck around. Truth comes right out with it, so truth is not popular. Truth doesn’t cut corners on anyone’s behalf. Truth says things few people want to hear and that’s where denial and “nyah, nyah, fingers in their ears, “I can’t hear you.” comes from. Then there’s your basic stupid. There is nothing you can tell stupid. Don’t waste your time and potentially endanger yourself as well.
As I said, I am slowly and incrementally gravitating toward new horizons, don’t expect sweeping changes, electricity in the air and cumulo-nimbus clouds on the horizon. I still got to do that Wall of Shame and Infamy. We’ll get there. We can’t help but get there if we don’t turn aside and keep on going. That’s all it takes, one foot after the other, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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