The Unintelligent Man I Loved

Answer toDo women like unintelligent men?

by Anonymous — (Edited by Nov 20, 2013

With his goddaughter at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, in the 1990s. Click to enlarge

One day, about 15 years ago, I was planning a trip to Six Flags with my cousin and her boyfriend. Since they were worried about me not having someone to sit next to on the rides, they decided to set me up with a friend of theirs.

I met him the night before – and even at first glance, I knew he wasn’t quite right in the head. He had a bit of the crazy eyes. But then, he was also pretty wasted.
I pulled my cousin into the next room and told her, ‘No. F-ing. Way. I am NOT going on a ‘date’ with that guy. He looks like a big stupid loser.’ (This was because he was holding an empty vodka bottle and couldn’t stop smiling and staring at me.)
My cousin told me to just relax, since it was just going to be for one day, and just to have someone to sit next to on the roller coasters. How bad could it be?
Well, the next morning, the three of us went to pick him up. When he walked out the door, I thought it was a different person. My mouth fell open. Now that he was sober, and all fresh-faced for the morning, he was so cute, and so sexy, I was sure I was going to enjoy the day, after all.
On the way there, while talking in the car, he confirmed over and over again that he was of very little intelligence. But he also made me laugh like nobody’s business, and he had a sweetness about him that was so simple and boyish in a big strong man’s body. The sexual attraction was through the roof.
By the end of the ‘date,’ I couldn’t believe how much the sexual tension had built up – despite his low IQ. The heat between us was so animalistic, so primal, it couldn’t be ignored, and it got the better of me.
Nothing happened that night, but two days later, I saw him again, and just as the first time, there was a chemistry that was pulling me, and making me weak in the knees.
This one ‘date’ turned into a nearly four-year long relationship.
I had never in my life, and think I never will again, feel that type of a physical connection with someone. We fit like hand in glove. He was the most amazing lover I had ever known. He treated me so well, with so much love, and respect, and kindness and sweetness…it would bring me to tears on several occasions.


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