Israeli government spokesman: Iran is building ICBMs targeting the U.S.

CNN — Nov 19, 2013

What the U.S. views as a potentially historic deal with Iran – one that would ease sanctions against the country while putting the brakes on its nuclear ambitions – is viewed by the Israeli government as an “exceedingly bad deal.”

“We believe there is the potential, anyway, to initiate the first phase of an agreement that would see Iran halting progress on its program and rolling back certain aspects of it,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “Iran is practically giving away nothing” in this deal, adding that it “endanger(s) the whole sanctions regime that took years to make. So I don’t think it’s a good deal, I think it’s a bad deal, an exceedingly bad deal.”

Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev took it a step further, saying the U.S. should be particularly concerned with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“The Iranians are building intercontinental ballistic missiles. They’re not building them for us. They already have missiles that can hit Israel. They are building them for you,” said Regev.

While Israel wants “to see the Iranian nuclear crisis resolved peacefully,” it also wants “a good agreement that actually effectively dismantles Iran’s military nuclear program,” said Regev.

Regev criticized the equation that the Iran deal is based on – basically that the Iranians take small steps, and then the international community takes small steps to encourage Iran to move in the right direction.

“The trouble with that equation, it’s based on a falsehood,” said Regev. “All that we’ve seen, all the information that we have is that the Iranians are taking only cosmetic measures that in no way undermine their goal of having a nuclear weapon.”


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