JFK, Israel at Odds Over Nukes

Richard Evans — henrymakow.com Nov 17, 2013

I was nine years old when Kennedy was assassinated.  School was suspended for a week so we could stay home and watch the drama unfurl on CBS television.
My grandfather told me it was a conspiracy; and if I lived 50 years, I’d be told the true facts.
What my grandfather didn’t know (because it wasn’t in the newspapers) was a secret back-channel confrontation between Kennedy and Israeli PM Ben Gurion that came to a head in 1963.  It started in December 1960 when US intelligence informed the White House that the Israelis were building a nuclear facility at Dimona, Israel.
Construction at Dimona began in 1958, and the delay in informing the White House is considered one of those ‘intelligence community blunders’.  I’ll leave it to readers to process why it was presented to the Eisenhower White House one week after the 1960 election.   Eisenhower merely passed it on for the new Administration to deal with.  Kennedy was informed ten days after he took office in January 1961.  [1]

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