A World beyond Lawyers and Vampire Banks

Visible Origami — Nov 16, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
It’s the fifteenth today. I don’t know why I’m counting the dates all of a sudden; something to do? Nah… I’m expecting something and hoping against it, hoping that talking about and dramatizing it will militate against it. Their hatred of Iran, well… of all things human really. That new Iranian president has put coals of fire on their heads, due to his suave ways. They’re having fits as their hope for bloody and gruesome war seems to be slipping though their fingers. It’s an odd affair. The people who shouldn’t be in charge are continuously harried and hassled by the ones who absolutely should not be in charge but… as usual, all you have to do is follow the money. In this case it’s all about juicy munitions contracts for the French.
The leaders of the western powers know they’re in trouble. Sure, they got all those cops and soldiers and that fancy crowd control apparati; Robo-Cop outfits, modern day Kendo warriors with metal body armour and stun batons; big hulking thugs, with BB shot testicles and incontinent rage, steroidosaurs lumbering through the concrete jungles, pumped up and… pissed off; at what? Well, anything really, anything at all. They want to cause pain, at least kill a dog. They want to cause lasting pain that will drum out the pain inside them, which pierces their guts with red hot skewers. Someone is twisting and turning those skewers.
The five + one were right there at the victory line when Nemesis cornholed the frog with threats and promises. What a spectacle of greed and fear, hot oil and semi-liquefied shit-mud wrestling for supremacy. Will fear win out? Will greed win out? Does it matter?
Look how completely they have shut down any opening for the sane and informed among us to speak out in any public manner. Those chosen by the higher muses to sing and speak and act in humanities interest have been silenced and stopped. In their place, strange oracles for trivia, violence and sex freak action have appeared in the way orcs were fashioned as a perversion of elves. All mainstream avenues for social and artistic communication have been closed off. Were it not for the internet it would be near total. The only moral (hypocrite) guidance counsellors visible, are Big Hair, Christian Zionist preachers buggering the minds of their flocks and kiddiebanger priests, buggering both their minds and their asses. They are supplemented by the Satanic New Agers with bags of cash in their hands.
From co-opted 12 step programs to Scientology, people are being restrained or rerouted into self interest scenarios; talking all about taking care of number one before you worry about taking care of anyone else. Meanwhile, slowly, near unnoticeably; the jobs went away, the manufacturing left town, the housing market tanked, the utilities costs went up, the health care costs became engines of bankruptcy, social services got squeezed or went MIA. Law enforcement mutated into an old school Soviet style of some kind of occupying army. Poisonous pharmaceuticals are coursing through the nation’s bloodstream and water supply, the skies are poisoned, the oceans are poisoned. As the anti-depressants fail to counter life’s appearances and desperation sets in, followed by a collective descent into the dark lands of alcohol and dream powders, the crackling of atmospheric electricity and the smell of ozone blankets the landscape. People walk quickly, looking straight ahead. Ubiquitous and epidemic crime is a given as the basic needs can no longer be met and… you think this is going to turn out well? It might, depending on the cosmos and a few imponderables but… otherwise… look out.
The bad guys have been aware of this coming for a long time. Heck, they’ve been causing it. You combine their intents and interests with a collective murk of ignorance, material obsessions and apathy and you got a perfect storm of looming possibilities. Well, they been looming for a long while of late (if that makes sense).
I had a very strange dream this early morning. There were all kinds of symbolic happenings but I’ll leave the bulk of them out, given the possibility of trolls lurking in the underbrush. I was with my oldest best friend, Billy. We were sitting at a rustic, dark natural wood table, in a cafe, bordered by shrubbery on one side. Billy had been trying to get me to share a joint with him. I’d told him I didn’t much like pot and would prefer something different. So, we were having something to drink and I suspect we were in Hawaii. I heard something moving behind me. I turned and saw a parakeet, larger by half than any parakeet I’d ever seen before. It had a metal collar and maybe one around a leg as well. Obviously it had belonged to someone. It drew close to me and I extended my hand in a wary fashion, knowing such creatures can bite but he had no intention of that. I stroked his hard bill that seemed wider than a parakeets while I was doing. I extended my arm, so as to indicate he should climb on. For a moment it looked like he might and then… he shook his head and said, “No, I don’t do that anymore.
I don’t know if Billy heard what the parakeet said, I don’t think so. He said, “grab it, it’s someone’s bird and they probably paid a lot of money for it.” I replied, “No, let him go. He’s a free creature now.” the bird acknowledged that in some fashion, I don’t remember how now and then it flew away. The whole series of dream sequences was suffused with meaning. I’d been asking for that very thing to happen for some months now. Slowly that has been coming around. It’s pretty much on pace with all of the things in the world that keep dancing back and forth on the edge but don’t manage to fall down into manifestation, at least so far.
Thanksgiving is coming up and so is Christmas. Certain Satanic holidays, disguised as religious holidays from a very old tradition, given to the worship of demons, under the guise of a deity are also coming up. Blood sacrifices are called for. One of these days, if they keep getting their way, they’ll be having child sacrifices on the White House lawn to the tune of something tuneless and profane from 2LiveCrew or Gorgoroth (check them out on youtube). Hmm…. ♫cover that girl in chocolate syrup and make her do a nasty on the white house lawn♫ The pornography of violence, or the pornography of timeless process? They’d prefer the first but they’ll take the second while they wait.
The porno is everywhere; bulletproof vests for attack dogs, while the thug cops kill the family dog and family members too, given the opportunity.
There can be no question about whether the mass of humanity is walking around in a trance or not. Their inability to see what is happening in front of them and to them is mindblowing; for the most part. Humanity is given to interests I have no interest in, like #11 on the list in this article. Number 12 and 13 seem to be engaged in some kind of numerical disconnect that I hope someone can explain to me and Number 19 seems flat out impossible unless they are referring to some kind of incipient herpes that isn’t technically a venereal disease. That calls for a stanza from one of Mr. Visible’s songs, “I Don’t Love you Anymore;
“I admit to some small satisfaction
When you gave my friends venereal disease
And I suppose that I should be grateful
That you weren’t sleeping with me.
They say that there’s one born every minute
In that case I’ve done more than my fair share of time
and I just hope you don’t have a sister
waiting for me further on down the line”
“Call all the radio stations
You can talk to the talking heads on TV
Yeah, ring out the bells from the ship to the shore
To say that I don’t love you anymore.”
The human mind is a funny thing. It’s why and how the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal but only a Mafia cabal of private AshkeNAZI banks, can get away with what they do. Because American’s have, for the most part, lost their objectivity, their courage and their integrity, firms like this are allowed to operate. Then those same Americans continue right along with their feudal, serfish propensities, seeking to borrow money from those who pull the money out of thin air. In most cases there is no money, only the numbers on a contract at the auto sales room and another number on some contract at the bank, or a number at a real estate office and another at a bank. Until the banking system is ‘overthrown‘ there can be no justice and no peace and I don’t care how many sidewalks you stand on and scream, “no justice, no peace”. You might as well be standing there screaming, “We are all uninformed fucking morons.” It would have pretty much the same benefit. Perhaps you should all dress up as giant turnips and scream, “We are not turnips.”
Until you address the ongoing conflict in your own mind (with yourself) and withdraw all your assets from the Central Banking system and refuse to purchase anything from Wall Street corporations, nothing is going to change. No doubt you will find it impossible not to purchase things manufactured by massive corporations that hate you and hold you in contempt. So… Wall Street has to be brought to the ground and the crooks and scoundrels who have fed upon your flesh have to be sent to prison for however many lifetimes proves to be necessary. These two things, juxtaposed by human ignorance and appetite are the root causes of your distress. The one is external and the other internal. You can argue about the first two all you want, everything tracks back to them and they are that important that they will kill presidents to maintain their grip on these entities because they are the twin levers of external control and they are in the hands of Satan worshiping, psychopathic monsters. The second factor, only the ignorant would argue about but… one of the main expressions of ignorance is argument. If you know what’s what, you don’t argue, you state your case and go your way; take it or leave it.
If you know what’s what you don’t stand around confused about it all. You know the majority of people are enslaved by their appetites and that is what makes it possible for others to enslave them in the first place. That is how you get people complaining about jerks in business who don’t follow through and give them a bad credit rating for saying so and then they’re all up tight because their credit rating with the Central Banks isn’t where they want it to be so that they can borrow ghost money from the Globoctopus Vampire banks. Meanwhile, another large corporation won’t straighten out their credit because they are just like the banks and all of them rely on the most conscienceless of bottom feeders known to man, the lawyer. It’s the lawyers who grease the axles of the wheels of oppression that crush the populace at the behest of monsters.
Shakespeare (who wasn’t Shakespeare) had it nailed (“first we kill all the lawyers”), as he did so many things, being an initiate of the higher mysteries and basically illustrated all the possibilities of human existence for the edification of those who are inclined to profit from it, as opposed to those who see it as entertainment or something to pump up their pseudo-intellectualism. Before you get into that, provided you have not been seduced by pseudo-intellectualism, I suggest looking into Orson Welles at the age of ten years old (or so), maybe Mozart at the age of six while you’re at it. You can look at how they wound up if you want to, too. True genius is expressed in how you live your life. The gifts that fall from your efforts into the lives of others will happen as you go. You’ll be both loved and despised. It comes with the territory but… you’re only concerned with your objective, not the chatter of wildlife from their perches on those metaphorical branches and rocks. You don’t spend your time arguing. You got better things to do. You don’t spend all your time trying to please everyone or make everyone like you. They never will. There are things you have to accept in life, better do that ASAP. Comfort yourself with the difference in quality between those who like you and those who do not and be glad it’s not the other way around, as is the case with celebrities, movers and shakers, politicians and so forth. Think about it!!!
You know these things, you’re just not employing them. You have to look inward and find those places where you have capitulated with the status quo and recognize that you don’t have to be a thrall. The hidden masters of all planes are well disposed to those who have the courage and conviction to pursue what they cannot see (as yet). I’m watching, “Jobs” as I write this. Boy, what an asshole. That’s what it takes though… to climb that particular mountain and sometimes the genius in that area brings new and useful things into the world but it often comes at great human cost. Many people tell themselves, “I’ll be a nice person. I’ll be generous when I get where I intend to be.” However, when you sacrifice your humanity on the way to a pedestrian goal… there is no later for that. Some do come into those zones but… they held on to the precious parts of themselves.
Now, we’ve all been assholes. I certainly qualify in that regard. However, if our asshole quotient diminishes as we go, we can consider ourselves a success. In the end, it is our success as a human being that counts. Nothing else is even in the same room, or shouldn’t be unless your values are upside down. We should never lose sight of that. We will make mistakes. We will over react. We will be excessive, simply because our energy is so difficult to contain. Learn from it all. Forgive yourself and forgive others. If you can do this you will please those you cannot see and they will help you on the way. I know this to be true. You can only go so far without their help and no further… no further in the right direction that is. If you absorb what’s been said here today and make it a working part of your life from here on out, it will be the most powerful and effective thing you have ever done or will ever do because it will lead to the fulfilment of your every righteous dream and unchain your imagination to where you will no longer recognize yourself but will truly see yourself in all the wonder and glory of your essential being. It won’t happen over night but it will happen. What kind of motivating assurance is that? You figure it out according to how you value it, or anything for that matter and Godspeed.
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