Nuclear rogue states Israel-France obstruct Iran deal

Dr Kevin Barrett — Press TV Nov 13, 2013

French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius. Click to enlarge

Pushing hypocrisy to new heights, the world’s two biggest nuclear rogue states, Israel and France, have obstructed a P5 + 1 deal that would have eased sanctions penalizing Iran for its peaceful nuclear energy program.

Israel, the world’s worst nuclear outlaw, played the key role. All sources agree that the Israelis pressured the French to torpedo an agreement that was approved by all other parties.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the P5+1 Iran deal “a mistake of historic proportions” and insisted that it be “rejected outright.” Yet none of the parties paid any attention to Netanyahu – except the French.

Why did the French delegation, led by Laurent Fabius, kill the deal?

The Times of Israel headline screamed, “Israel will attack Iran if you sign the deal, French MP told Fabius.” The story explained, “’I know [Netanyahu],’ the French MP, Meyer Habib, reportedly told Fabius, and predicted that the Israeli prime minister would resort to the use of force if the deal was approved in its form at the time. ‘If you don’t toughen your positions, Netanyahu will attack Iran,’ the report quoted Habib as saying. ‘I know this. I know him. You have to toughen your positions in order to prevent war.’”

Could Fabius really believe such nonsense? If the world’s leading powers reach accommodation with Iran, how could anyone imagine that puny Israel – widely-loathed pariah state of fewer than eight million people – would defy the world and attack Iran? Such a move would put Israel at war not only with Iran and most of the Middle East, but with the world’s leading powers as well. Israel would be finished in five minutes – and the world would say “good riddance.”

Obviously the French did not really believe that if the deal were signed, Israel would commit suicide by attacking Iran over the objections of the entire world community. This bizarre public relations myth must be a smokescreen concealing the real reasons for France’s capitulation to Zionist extremism.

In reality, France is aligning itself with the money and power of Israel and Saudi Arabia. It hopes to curry favor with the Zionist element of international banking, and to make huge profits selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which, like Israel, opposes a nuclear accord with Iran.

This isn’t the first time that France and Israel have teamed up as nuclear outlaws.

In 1956, Israel conspired with France and Britain to steal Egypt’s Suez Canal. When US President Eisenhower forced the three criminal nations to return the stolen property, France and Israel put their joint nuclear weapons programs into high gear. As early as 1949, France had invited Israeli scientists to the French Saclay Nuclear Facility; by 1956, in the wake of the Suez debacle, France secretly agreed to construct Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Reactor.

Along with developing its notorious nuclear “Force de Frappe” outside of NATO, France pioneered the development of neutron bombs – which kill people but leave buildings intact, and are therefore ideal weapons for a predatory aggressor. For decades, France refused to sign the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty pushed through by President Kennedy, continuing to poison Pacific Islanders and residents of the Sahara with the radiation from its ongoing criminal nuclear tests. Today, France is the world’s ninth biggest economy and 21st biggest country by population, but it insists on ranking third in nuclear weapons, making it the most disproportionate nuclear power outside of Israel. All of this puts France high on anyone’s list of the planet’s worst nuclear criminal regimes.

But despite the many blemishes on its nuclear record, France’s worst nuclear crime against humanity was helping Israel develop its massive nuclear arsenal. And one of the ways France accomplished that feat was by helping murder President John F. Kennedy, who had gone to war with Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion in an all-out effort to prevent Israel from succeeding in its French-aided effort to develop the bomb. The Israeli connection to the murder of JFK is explored in-depth in Michael Collins Piper’s book “Final Judgment.”

Criminal elements of the French intelligence services apparently joined the Israeli Mossad and its international bankster sponsors, and their American assets, in murdering JFK fifty years ago this November 22nd. And one of their objectives was to ensure that large numbers of nuclear weapons would fall into the hands of the world’s worst madmen – the rulers of the Zionist entity in Occupied Palestine.

Today, Israel maintains a massive nuclear weapons program and refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It continually threatens not only its neighbors with nuclear obliteration, but openly targets the capitals of Europe in what it calls “the Samson Option< >.”

Since the Zionist entity has behaved with extreme recklessness and aggression throughout its history, and is correctly viewed as illegitimate and temporary by the people of the Middle East, it is obviously the world’s most dangerous nuclear menace. The P5+1 talks should be targeting Israel’s nuclear weapons program, not Iran’s peaceful nuclear power program.

Does France not understand that the tide of history is turning against the Zionist and Saudi regimes it is coddling with its vandalism in Geneva?



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