Israel Killed John F. Kennedy and it Wants to Enslave or Exterminate You

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 13, 2013

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As a precursor for the day of remembrance when Israel, with help from  the CIA and FBI, shot John F. Kennedy we seek to dedicate this posting to a leader who might have achieved greatness but got killed instead which, is often the case.
Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy.
They killed the other Kennedy’s too.
Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy, the truth of that event needs stating. The most popular president of the country, now gutted and in ruins at the hands of monsters, was killed by those same monsters. Whether he was killed because he opposed their nuclear program, or whether he was killed because of his preliminary effort at getting rid of the (Tribe owned and operated) Federal Reserve, or whether they killed him because they didn’t like his hairstyle is immaterial. The fact is, they killed him. He’s just one of many, many people killed by this Crime Syndicate of a nation and it’s agents abroad; this haven of demons, this footstool of Satan, this central clearing house for the stolen organs industry, this central clearing house for international sex trafficking, this central hub for slave labor. This central center for a litany of crimes beyond the capacity of any recording secretary, to register on any medium, known to man.
Following their assault on their greatest allies home turf, they engineered the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. They generated the near total destruction of the country of Libya. They created the turmoil in Syria and all the murders that were committed there. They are in control of the political policies of the United States and all former and present Crown Colonies. This includes that central nexus which is the home of The Black Nobility of Satanic aristocrats, as well as being the financial center of the world in The City within the city of London.
Humanities last stand is teetering on it’s feet. Humanities last stand is lurching like a drunken sailor on a rotten pier. Humanities last stand is on it’s knees before the monsters who have brought it to it’s knees.
Most of us are susceptible to programming. They get us early. Right after our parent’s fuck us up, they send us off to the programming factories, where they control the curriculum because they control academia and they control the publishing industry (school books too) and so many industries because they control the printing presses from which the currency comes because the control The Federal Reserve (of privately owned banks) is in their hands and they killed John F. Kennedy in order to keep ‘the system’ in operation. They killed other presidents for this too and tried to kill presidents they weren’t successful at killing. Because they have been in control of the currency presses for so long, it was a simple thing to take control of the publishing industries to control what people read and what history they are told occurred, which in fact did not occur. It was a simple thing for them to take control of the entertainment industry and the music industry, so that they could shape and manipulate the people’s tastes and this proved also to be true, as they took control of nearly all of the art galleries, so that they could control what art was seen by the people and what art was valued by people who had their tastes grafted into them. They could take control of all of these industries because they could print however much money they needed, whenever they needed it.
The intent of those whose physical being is a habitation of demons is… to bring all of humanity down to their level and that is why the art and the music and the movies and the books show a slow …and now, not so slow, degradation of the quality of the contents… down into the sewer, swirling about the guttering drain, into the scatological inferno of flaming shit, into the vomitorium of their contrived nature, into all of the excrescences and pustulences that are the obvious fruits of their being. They are the children of the pit and they are calling you into it.
They owned the slave ships that brought the hijacked unfortunates to The New World. They are the moneychangers. They are evil incarnate. They have seduced the weak, the ignorant and the fearful into doing their bidding. They have joined forces with every other dark agency for the battle at world’s end, not knowing that the battle is over and that the world is not ending, it’s merely shifting and rearranging for the next series of acts to follow. One of evil’s biggest liabilities is it’s myopia. You might say, “Oh no, they are capable of complex and far reaching plans which span generations.” I would counter with, “compared to who and what?” Trees can live a long time but they hardly compare to the lifespan of a mountain and a mountain hardly compares to the lifespan of the sea it eventually washes away into, as a result of all the rain falling upon it that was drawn up from the ocean and the wearing away by the winds that came up out of the interplay between the mountain and the ocean. How does any of that compare to the life cycle of a star and how does a star compare to the life cycle of the space it exists in; the universe it exists in? Right.
That is what they are up against.
Nothing I say here is important beyond a certain measurable distance ahead. The time will come that no memory of any of us will remain. No sign of our being or having been will remain here but… is that true entirely in every sense and every place? You find out all about that at some point or find out nothing at all.
A kalpa is supposed to be a very long time. It depends on who you ask as to what kind of answer you get about how long that is. Yeah, you could go on reading about kalpas for a long time but it is doubtful that any amount of time you spent on it would be noticeable in the kalpa. It’s said that Amitabha Buddha spent 5 kalpas, where he “diligently sought and explored, respectfully and carefully persevered, and cultivated merits and virtues” while forming his great vows. It’s said that ten kalpas have passed since Amitabha realized Buddhahood. We’re talking about immense stretches of time. Even if you try to imagine such a reach of time, you can’t, you just can’t. It’s also said that holding the Amitabha uppermost in your thoughts and having his name on your lips (at your passing) insures that you will be reborn in the Western Pure Land AND can take all of your required future incarnations there. IF this is true (and I have good reason to believe it is) what difference does any of this shit here mean? I wouldn’t spend a minute on any of these topics or efforts if it weren’t a temporary effort I’ve agreed to, for the span of time in which it takes place. I’ve got business elsewhere, much more important business than any of this but… just to refresh the record;
Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy.
Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11 AND 7/7 AND The Madrid Train Station bombing and the Mumbai attacks and all kinds of other terrible things and their time is nearly up.

One again I am writing about this issue. Once again I am seeking to nail the catfish to a wooden board so that I can skin it for the pan. Don’t worry, the fish is dead. We know who killed it and this coming hotlink reveals two things (3 things actually). One is the strange case of diminishing returns when a fighting corporation monster who was created by… uh huh. The other is the amount of names of the journalists from every which where, who are members of this gene pool. It’s past fifty percent for sure and this out of a tiny demographic. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions there; possible good guys who are shoulder to the wheel. I’m saying, “Look out!” because… over the last whatever recent period of time, a large number of them have been gravitating and popping up like Jack in the Boxes into spokesperson positions on the right side of the issues. Yesterday while surfing around, I was stunned by the amount of names that answered that description. What I see is that when the tables are turned the same people will still be sitting there, or that is their intention. They’re still not hiring me or you to tell the truth on everyone’s behalf. They’re still blackballing us from every endeavor upon which we might have based our livelihood before we were forced to throw our hands in the air and cry, “No mas! No mas!” …and then throw ourselves upon the mercy of the universe; that and every other damn thing is ( for that great unwashed mass of the socially conscious) militating to make us look as inauthentic as possible as far as ‘the world’ is concerned. I’m not crying in my energy drink, I’m stating the plain and simple of it and I’m good to go as far as I get. Count on it. I’m saying “Look out!” I’ll feel a lot more sanguine toward these elements, when I see them making a personal effort to assist those of us who are and have been victims of their kindred. When I see them promoting gentile voices to join their member’s only choir, then I’ll entertain a potential change of heart. (Every now and then, once a week on NFL Network, they’ll have a celebrity chef in and they will always list the gruesome ingredients for the crap they cook and every time, Kosher salt is on the recipe.). I also ask myself, why is it that the journalist Snowden went to is both Tribe affiliated and gay? Sure it could be coincidental but… it definitely works as good PR on both accounts as far as vested interests go. Why is Assange’s lamprey girl at Snowden’s side all the time? Why hasn’t Snowden come out about Israel’s treachery toward the U.S., along with it’s favored status in terms of latitude in running around all over the country?
I’m not saying this will lead to a change of heart, what I’m saying is I ‘might have one’. I want to become capable of loving everyone but… I do not love everyone. I have managed to become capable of being gracious to everyone I meet and simply walk away if that is not enough. I would like to be like those legendary few that I admire and seek to emulate but, as yet, I am not. However, I notice they have all done battle against the forces of darkness. Jesus Christ himself (in whatever real form he was actually here in) said all kinds of accusatory and provocative things. Krishna appeared on the battlefield behind Arjuna. Only the Buddhas does not so engage, but the Buddhas play both ends against the middle (grin), so to speak. Like Christ Consciousness, Buddha Mind and Buddha Nature are states of awareness, available to ANYONE who wants them more than anything else. That really is the ultimate requirement because only total focus will take you there and ANY competing interest will take you away. You want to be one of the financial 1% put all your attention on it. You want anything… put all your attention on it.
Keep your eyes open and look out. The shape shifters and the professional musical chairs aficionados, are putting a a good deal of their attention on it. They don’t have to put anywhere near all of their attention on it because most of the public is putting so little of their attention on it. “By deception we make war” and that means any form of war; information war, economic war, culture war, brother turning on brother war- they are hard at work with all of them and if you don’t know chapter and verse about that …then you haven’t been coming around here and… your denial will wind up costing you a lot more than just your life.

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