The Dragon of the Apocalypse at the Crossroads of Impasse

Visible Origami — Nov 12, 2013

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The march of fascism continues. Why? It is because those who have stolen so much from the public that they are rich beyond need and everyone else is in need. When you steal a lot of money, you need a lot of money. You have to hire your own private army to protect you but… that never works for very long and it definitely won’t work in an apocalypse. You can’t tell these people anything though. It’s similar to what happens when the dictator’s palace is being mobbed by his subjects. Long before it came to that he could have done things, set things in motion that would have appeased the populace but instead (he did not) and even at that late hour, he orders the army to shoot down the populace. The army is a part of the populace though, comes out of the populace. These days that aspect presents itself to their minds, as it did in Yugoslavia and Romania. Those who will not listen will feel. Those who will not awaken by being called out to, will be shaken from their sleep by whatever force is necessary.
I think of all the things I could say to the reader. I think of all the things I have said to the reader and all the ways I’ve said the same things for the sake of variable perspectives. I work for an energy that provides me with these perspectives. I see what I believe to be the rightness of these perspectives and… we need various perspectives because we are different people, or we think we are and… “as a man thinketh, so is he”. In reality there is only one persona behind us all and it can take two dramatic aspects, depending on personal intention. One of those leads to painful lessons and the other leads to a freedom from them. It’s like that white light through a spectrum. It’s like the snow on the mountaintops. When it melts, the water runs down and creates all of the riot of colors below. Wake up and smell your body burning. There’s more than one kind of fire too.
So… I think of all the things I could say and ever and again my mind returns to Love being the skeleton key for all of life’s confinement boxes. It might be that sometimes the lock is on the outside of the box and you’re going to need help. Sometimes you have to cry out. Maybe you will be heard. Sometimes you have to keep crying out because the distance within you and what you believe to be outside of you is considerable. Sometimes you have to band together and sometimes the dire circumstances of life are arranged as they are for just that reason.
Some believe that life is just a series of random events, giving the impression that you are nothing more than a pinball. Then there are the fatalists that believe you are doomed to the road you’re on, ♫Don’t take your guns to town son. Leave your guns at home Bill. Don’t take your guns to town♫ Some don’t believe anything. They’re the meat-heads who serve their appetites. Some believe “there’s a destiny that shapes our ends.” …”rough hew them how we will.” That last implies that we are in in some kind of a mysterious situation that we have something to do with or, what does ‘we’ mean?. What I take away from it is that we can cooperate in the direction of our best interests, or we can opposes them. Lao Tzu nails it again as he always does, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” If you’ve got no use for religion, like me, it’s splendid to find something that rings so true that doubt is never a factor. What a man or woman believes, can be likened to a miner’s helmet with the light on the brow. The light shines upon what your attention is on. I could spend the rest of this post weaving allegorical associations out of this image. For instance, consider what coal was originally. Consider the lyrics, ♫it’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mind♫ we’d be speaking of our personal darkness here and all those past lives , so distant from this day that now we heat the moments of our present with lifetimes long obscured by the mists of time.
Enough with the allegories, analogies and metaphors, at least for a couple of sentences (grin). We are in a time phase that my vibrationary tripwires tell me is Defcon 2. The usual troublemakers are running around with their hair on fire. Ye Gods! They have encountered opposition! They don’t like that, not at all. They did manage to buy off the thoroughly corrupt prime minister of France. He’s toast. He is singlehandedly responsible for the huge rise in support for the right wing. The wheels are coming off the wagon. They’ve awakened the dragon. They have awakened The Dragon of the Apocalypse. He’s red and green, depending on the mood; ♫working in a coal mine going down down down, working in a coal mine, whoops about to slip down♫ Then there are those who come “Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole.” believing, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” Sure you are. Then again, in a manner of speaking it is true. It’s a general consensus that this is an atheist’s poem. In fact it’s the poster boy poem for atheists. Strangely enough, it was a testament of faith for some number of notable individuals. Nelson Mandela says he would never have made it through prison without that poem. Then again, Timothy McVeigh considered it inspirational as well.
Mind the passage of these coming days. I hope I’m wrong but the coconut telegraph of the astral plane has got a new bass and drums track that sounds like a carload of gangbangers going down the street. Today, tomorrow, this weekend, sooner rather than later now, we come to The Crossroads of Impasse and ♫something’s got to give♫ On the one hand, the enemies of humanity are in no mood for compromise or retreat. Funny thing is, their ability to continue is diminishing by the day. They’re distracted from being able to focus on that because things keep going wrong and they can’t figure out why that is. On the inside of their mind they’ve got this portion that’s precision machinery and that’s the part that stays on top of fucking with the rest of the human race, though some of them are no longer members and none of them are in good standing. Thing is, things that used to happen with precision and what was out of sight would stay out of sight, that isn’t happening like it used to. A sane individual would probably begin rethinking their courses of previous action. They aren’t sane though and they are being driven more and more insane by the forces that covered their action in the past. Imagine your ability to do various things receding while the desire to do them steadily increases. Imagine your paranoia going up and up. It’s counterpointed by the intrinsic knowledge that you are a detestable life form. This is radiating below the threshold of your conscious mind. Occasionally it leaps out upon the surface like a flying fish and then it’s back under the water again. The waters are not stilled again for awhile. You know it’s there but it’s out of sight like a peripheral brain wave. You know about it but you don’t know about it. You know you’re troubled and it throws you off but the force of your arrogance is huge. Your memory of past offenses, truly awful offenses against your fellows is strong. You’ve had an incredible run. You’ve killed, tortured and maimed thousands, tens of thousands and no one has stopped you. You’ve stolen the wealth of entire countries. You’ve convinced a good portion of the world to believe improbable and impossible lies but now… the whole structure is shaking. Nuts and bolts are coming loose from their moorings. They’re clattering on the cold concrete. Something’s up… something big is up.
Digression… it  looks like I am going to go to that seminar. I should be able to finalize the details in the next 24 hours… ba da bing!
I hope I’m wrong. I often say things because I suspect it is possible that saying them affects them happening in some way. If enough of us are sounding the alarm, they might retreat. It is my fervent hope that they get caught in the act. That would be a wonderful thing.
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