Support the Dupes who Die in the Bankers Wars

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 11, 2013

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Dayum! Some ssssssstrange things are happening. If you read yesterdays’s Smoking Mirrors, you will remember my mentioning that a link had appeared in my bookmarks, which I had never seen before and it was about Israelis caught with detailed maps of nuclear installations in the U.S. /not thinking (how very unlike me- grin) I posted it, only to be notified by a reader that the link was 12 years old! (Thank you for that!) Now, my computer was hijacked over a month ago and my only ‘admin’ user account is now listed as ‘visitor’ and I am listed as guest and I haven’t been able to find a way around it and various circumstances have kept me from attempting a format and clean install of my OS. I’ll have that sorted by a tech, I hope, this week. These invaders were doing all kinds of things to my system for a week or so and then backed off and I haven’t seen anything of them since but… their work remains. Arguably, I should have checked the date on that mysteriously appearing link. I didn’t. I’ve got too few hours in the day for the things I do and so I move at high speed through my days. This is a warning to put a stop to that. Once again, my apologies for not being comprehensive. I’m learning but… I’m a slow learner, sometimes.
As most of the people who come around here know, I watch professional sports (U.S. sports). I do this for various reasons. One is that I played the major and minor sports all through my early life. Even at 35, I was traveling around Virginia with a pick up group of other men and we would play local, black sandlot teams. We won as often as we lost so… we were credible. I was the pitcher. I have always loved sports. I love the competitive energies, within reason, so long as they remain good natured. I also watch now because there is a lot going on besides the games, including the unbelievably crass commercials, the things the announcers talk about and all the things that an observant mind can pick up on. I learn things. The main thing I notice, besides the surreptitious and ubiquitous tits and ass, is the slavish pandering to low level, patriotic emotionalism concerning, ‘support our dupes’. Yes, ‘dupes’. Every single game, they have cameras showing a couple of dozen uniformed drones in the owner’s box, or they’re out there, before the game (like at The World Series), singing one or another of those bombastic and pompous, threadbare and saccharine songs from The Wayback Machine; ♫my country tis NOT of me, license is liberty! The banks are God. Land where our father’s died because their leaders lied; may e v e r y mountain slide down on top of them♫
If there is one hard-wired lie that dwarfs all the rest, outside of the lies that Israel is founded on, across the entire world, it is this lie about service to one’s country at the cost of one’s life, limbs and reason. If there is one thing that will turn public opinion against you, it is calling attention to this bullshit, brass band accompanied passing, of a monster load of stinking shit! Up and down Main Street, this massive, triple tractor trailer load of banker financed shit, travels. It’s like a Mardi Gras of death and dismemberment celebrations. Veterans limp down the boulevard. Old fossils, dressed in moth ball scented, forgotten and ill fitting outfits, attempt to swell out their sunken chests in pride  at what they are absolutely clueless concerning. World War One, the first major effort by international bankers, after their success in establishing the Federal Reserve, was one of the ugliest periods in recent human history. Imagine the carnage at these battles! Imagine the bankers; Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs and all, rubbing their hands in glee over their profits. Imagine the solemn speeches by all the sober faced politicians with the morals of a crack whore. Once off the stage they are behind the scenes also, rubbing their hands with glee. Next, these same vile creatures orchestrated World War Two. Imagine the carnage!
Oh, they were busy little psychopaths between the conflicts as well, spreading death and disorder in the name of imperialism around the world. Then they created the Korean conflict. Here’s a little primer on that one. Around this time they began to understand that they could have their cake and eat it too by manufacturing controlled conflicts abroad, in specific areas, where business interests could be served. So we got the Vietnam War, once again, courtesy of the international banker, the munitions industry, The Pentagon and all the corporate swine who feed off the conflicts, with all of this aided and abetted by the political whores who “sign ze papers old man”. Following the Vietnam conflict, there have been so many nasty little incursions and excursions, in and out of the slasher and snuff film world, of the beasts who create them.
Now we have arrived at the apex of idiocy, as The Monster of the Middle East, whom we have allowed to grow to the size it is, seeks to plunge the whole planet into a raging conflagration. Behind the scenes these monsters are preparing to visit Hell-fire upon Iran. They can see the writing on the wall. One of the positive benefits of The Apocalypse is the awakening taking place in the human mind all around the world. No mind is immune. Despite being corrupt to their bone marrow, the leaders of the free (snicker) world are aware of the great danger that Israel presents to every other living thing. Negotiations are underway to resolve the long standing crisis with Iran. Israel does not like this one bit. Israel is all about death and destruction. Keep in mind that 94% of the Israelis, 94%!!! supported Operation Cast Lead.
They are up to something this very moment. Let us hope they get caught at it before they commit it.
The incredible and self destructive activities of the bankers and the super rich, are all being directed by Mr. Apocalypse. There is no way that if they were reasonably sane, they would proceed as they are doing. It IS for the purpose of demonstration. Seen from one perspective, one can reason that they are well protected and secure in the commission and continuance of their crimes. However, as Lao Tzu said, “At no time in the world will a man who is sane Over-reach himself, Over-spend himself, Over-rate himself.” If you want to KNOW how things ALWAYS turn out, read this. The universe, this planet we occupy, the stars in the sky and the mites in your skin, are all bound by mysterious laws. These laws are mysterious because the majority of us live in ongoing violation of them. We are damned as civilized nations for the way we treat animals, (some of us are doing something about it) if for no other reason and there are other reasons. Believe me, there are other reasons. A man or woman in possession of wisdom knows that there are times when little can be done. Things must run their course but there is no law that says they have to run over you, unless you are running things, or think you are.
This is the truth, wars are initiated by bankers. They create the economic conditions that foster and foment the human desire and capacity for war, By their manipulation of the economic and political climate they can manipulate the emotional climate and by their control of the media, they can control the public’s perception of events. Thusly they create canon fodder out of the youth of the country. They do this by crashing the job market and the economy, which puts the citizenry in extremity and which funnels them into the military, with the promise of an education, after their term of service. Meanwhile, members of ‘the chosen’ Tribe avoid the need for this and make up 25% of the students in Ivy League schools. Not only is a certain large faction of the Tribe responsible for a large number of humanities ills but they reap the majority of the benefits available by hook, or by crook. Competing for a share of the responsibility in the SNAFU status of contemporary existence is the collective of ordinary ignorance and greed that gets led around by the stomach and the genitals; reaping the woes and maladies that attend the ongoing satiation of these appetites, effectively selling their birthright for a mess of pottage. Who sells them all of these ideas and opportunities? It’s a vicious cycle.
Runaway materialism leads to ever more toxic and serious insanity. Materialism always results in the guaranteed and certain decline and destruction of the culture where it is allowed to flourish. Balance cannot be maintained in such an environment so it is a matter of time. Make of this what you will. Consider your surrounding and the implications with whatever degree of attention you think it merits. Size up your circumstances and factor in the writing on the wall and what common sense (should you possess any) tells you and plan and act accordingly or don’t. Pay attention or don’t. Wise up or don’t.
Until the international banking cartels are shut down and the bankers thrown into jail, along with the majority of those at work on Wall Street, you are ever more definitively screwed. Either you go along with the program until extremity and desperation has made violent revolution the only option, or… you all step away from the machine and collectively demand the resignations of all of your political representatives and see to all of the other changes that are necessary. Then… then there is the mysterious will of the cosmos. No one knows what it intends but we will definitely find out. We will find out.
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