Mr Testosterone Rides the Gucci Express to Knockoff Gucciville

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 10, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Oh my, it looks like The Vatican is up to their old tricks again! Two days ago I could not find my shoes. I always take them off in my work room before I go to bed. I looked for them everywhere and could not find them. Hours later I found them behind the door in the kitchen downstairs, where I did NOT put them and according to the statements of the other resident, neither did she. Something else disappeared and hasn’t shown up again yet. Back when things were crazy, several weeks ago, my netbook disappeared and then reappeared twice over the course of ten days. I just went to check my bookmarks and at the top of them was this. I did not bookmark this and had not seen it before. Woo Woo! Course, I’m not listing all of the weird and near weird going on.
I’ve had this scenario running through my head for years. It dates back to a time when I was in Hollywood, back in the psychedelic years and I used to see cartoon characters popping up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard; characters from Warner Brothers, Hana Barbara, “Uh what’s up, Doc?”
It fit in with the whole sense of the unreal and transitory that that environment exemplifies. I saw things and people that were strange enough to remember to this day. I never fit in there in any way. That was about as strange and dark and surreptitiously evil as anywhere I’ve ever been. San Francisco wasn’t much different except in size. I know there are people that look at those locations as the promised land and land of opportunity, probably based on what they’ve been promising themselves. Anyway, I always thought across the years that other creatures were going to be coming out of the sidewalks at some point, not cartoon characters and they were going to be especially visible in locations like the aforementioned, especially visible; an intensification of things like that scene in “Ghost” toward the end, or “The Frighteners”. I used to think about Halloween and how it’s said that the Gates of Hell were opened on that night and all the lower astral entities would soar around the world and get up to whatever mischief it was they got up to, which I always thought amounted to a kind of time delay construct, where certain things were set in motion for a later date. I feel like there’s a lot of that about to go down- and up- as Mr. Apocalypse moves it up another notch and let’s keep in mind that each of these notches are exponential. We be dealing with quantum good and evil. We’re dealing with logarithmic expansions of time, circumstance and the amplification of human potential for most anything. We’ll probably see what that is about the same time ‘they’ do, unless you got that early warning system.

Digression; I’ve been invited to participate in an event in London on Saturday, November 23rd. You can read all about it here. I’m not mentioned in the promo poster because I’m a late entry but… should enough of you decide to come in for the event, I’ll go through the changes necessary to get there and bring my A game (grin). I know I have more than enough readers in the UK to give us an audience. The promoters have had a real problem with the usual suspects trying to kill the event and they’re well organized in the banking center of the world, which they control. Their time is up and they’re in panic mode. They’d be much more in panic mode, were it not for their colossal arrogance and presumption of power. Well, the train is in the switching yard and the power circuitry is being rerouted. How else are we supposed to get that golden age? ♫When the train left the station♫
Mr Apocalypse is the engine of a progressive series of intensifying realities, like video game levels, except that you are inside it. It’s like the difference between watching people swim and swimming yourself; big difference. The environment is insubstantial illusion, which overlays the real concealed within it, or beneath it, however that sorts out in the schematic of of the undergarments of Maya; that dream woven web upon which we tremble. Once, I was in a state of psychedelic transfiguration and I was standing on an expanse of tile outside a house. It was in California or Arizona. All of a sudden, I was dressed in green and yellow robes and had an Asian mien, my hands were in that Kundalini state. The right hand was curled under my neck. My spine was arched inward and my head was back. I was slowly and slightly rocking in a state of utmost tranquility. I sensed movement below me and looked down to see a spider making it’s way across the tiles and a cold wave of awe moved through my body. I’ve never forgotten that. I bring all this up for a reason.
Every now and then, someone comes along (even though I’ve explained it over and over) and asks, “How come you have your hands that way?” That symbolizes evil, the Illuminati, masons” etc ( their hand signs are different, by the way). People like to point out to me how Bush would make that sign and all kinds of nefarious personalities would make that sign. They were mechanically assuming the pose. My hands go into those poses all by themselves. There’s a lot more going on than evil. If you look into other cultures and systems, you see other things. People can mechanically put their hands into positions, posing; doesn’t mean anything. The hands and fingers can also form on their own account, due to the ‘particular’ etheric currents running through a person’s body. The people with the actual dark power are backstage.
When I was in prison, I used to notice the gangsters would move around in what’s called a pimp roll and their right hand would be pressed (back of the hand) on their thigh just under their asses (they would be bent forward some amount from the waist as they rolled like a land shark sailor) and it would be that same mudra form, with the interior fingers curled up and the outside fingers pointed down. This was unconscious on their part. Yet… you see RamaKrishna in one of the earlier links on this page, with his hands in a very similar position and he is one of the most revered saints over the last hundreds of years. What’s going on with all of this?
There is ONE FORCE and that one force is defined in two specific and oppositional ways, depending on the intention of the one employing it. There is one other possibility and that is the middle way. Just because you see the hands held a certain way in western culture, or just because certain mudras have been adopted by certain secret or not so secret societies, does not mean they are not also in use by ‘the other side’. It’s simple. It should be easy to understand but sometimes these simple and eternal truths are impossible to grasp by those who have made their life a complexity of contradictions. When you’ve got your mind in a state where you has convinced it that you know all about all kinds of things, the inside of your mind is a cluttered place. You got all that mental documentation on all sorts of things and that is such a small percentage of all it applies to so that you are worse off than if you knew that you didn’t know. Well, we’ve been over this ground before…
Here is the thing about secret societies. The bad guys mimic the good guys. They pretend to be them. They have whatever power they have, courtesy of the weak souled members from the good side that got subverted and perverted. They stole the secret codes of letters and numbers and perverted them with foul intention. That’s how we got that reversed Kabala action going on. I know a lot of people, who think they are informed about all of this, like the people who don’t know about the hand signs and have all this superficial knowledge about so called Illuminati, Masons and Jesuits and who believe we are in grim times and at the mercy of an unoppposable power. This is incorrect. Whatever these fecal phantoms may possess of the higher mysteries, they only have information up to a certain point. The really important info is not in their hands and never will be. You should also know that the head good guys knew all along that certain secrets would be stolen. That was all part of the plan. It always happens in times of material darkness that negative elements get their hands on certain keys to the candy store and they are allowed to run amok for a period of time, under the tutelage of the Dark Lord, so that a whole lot of melodrama and tension (excitement) can go down; just like as if we were in a real movie about an apocalyptic period. Of course, at a certain moment, The Dark Lord abandons his charges and turns into the prosecuting angel, in the twinkling of an eye.
The purpose of the whole affair, in times of material darkness is about the harvesting of souls. It is to see which way we will individually and collectively go. The material circus cranks up with high powered lights, skimpily dressed bimbos, bimbettes, bozos wearing offensive cologne, with woke up in the morning hair that looks like rat’s shit in it and then they added crazy glue like it was Brylcreem ♫A little dab’l do ya♫ and didn’t pay attention to the fact that they don’t look like Jude Law and furthermore, don’t happen to be Jude Law. They got that perpetual 10:00 PM shadow and they be riding the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville. So… if you’re all wrapped up like a fish in last week’s newspaper, courtesy of the powerful force of the material world, you may likely be sleeping with the fishes in the Fukushima Narrows; spiritually speaking. Look! The whole game is fixed; has been fixed from the jump! The whole dance is choreographed! The whole landscape is mapped! The battle is already won. We are living in the echo as denouement goes down. It was all arranged before they even got around to writing anything down about it.
All of this may be garble and nonsense to those for whom none of this seems real …but to which all of what is unreal appears to be real. It’s all about what you buy into. One is instant gratification and one is delayed rapture. One goes on in the carnival realm of sensory delight (if ‘delight’ is the term you use to define ‘unfulfilled’… longing never ends), the other is an internal affair that takes a long time to activate and then is composed of an equally slow arriving -incrementally concentrating into a greater density of luminous intoxication. Occasionally and rarely, you get the thunderbolt investiture, that scrambles your eggs for a good while until your new, upgraded gyro kicks in. Whichever way you get there, it requires determination and certitude. You need the two because you can’t be determined without certitude. You drop off pretty quick once the dilettante dabbler thing wears off
I hope we’ve dispelled some of the smoke in the mirror this early afternoon (my time). If not, the comments section is a mere click away. that’s ‘click’, not ‘klick’. Now we’re going to crank up that radio broadcast in the interim before Game Day starts (damn! I can feel people cringing from here). I get an education from everything I watch because that’s my intention and that is the result anyone can have if they hold on to their objective sense and watch to see what’s really going on.
End Transmission…….
Could be a radio broadcast this eve, depending on what happens once I get there.


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