Report: CIA leading arms deliveries to Syrian opposition

Press TV — Nov 10, 2013

French journalist Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro has uncovered how the CIA is leading massive arms deliveries to the Syrian opposition, in contradiction of the 2012 peace plan.

Sources told Malbrunot that the weapons convoys are escorted by drone aircrafts, which are guided from a CIA-led command center in Jordan. Despite the shrinking presence of moderate opposition groups in Syria, the US ramped up the arms deliveries in September.

The weapons shipments have already totaled 600 tons of arms this year. In 2011 France illegally airlifted just 40 tons to anti-Ghadaffi groups in Libya, which then fuelled a civil war in Mali.

The arms deliveries have not changed the balance of power in Syria, which many speculate is why the Geneva II peace conference continues to be delayed. But the CIA’s decision to flood weapons into Syria seems certain to destabilize the entire region for years to come.


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