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henrymakow.com — Nov 9, 2013

The enemy of Christians is not the Muslims. The enemy is Illuminati Jews and Masons. The United States government is an instrument of their satanic agenda.
As Charles Upton shows, the Prophet Mohammed prohibited hostile acts against Christians. But the Saudi-American-Israeli backed Islamist faction has no hesitation to slaughter Christians in Syria. Where are American Christians? Charles Upton is leading an initiative to build Christian-Muslim solidarity.

As a Syrian Orthodox priest said to me “there’s a saying in the Mid-East: ‘When the American Flag goes up, the Christians disappear.'”

by Charles Upton

Until recently the Wahhabi/Salafi (Islamist) extremists wore the mask of “the only Muslims with guts enough to fight U.S. imperialism”, which meant that Muslims disgusted by their atrocities still couldn’t reject them, in part because they felt guilty for not being as committed to defending Islam as these mad dogs.
But NOW, with the U.S. openly supporting the Syrian rebels who are attacking churches and massacring Christians, all that’s changed. Now for the first time Muslims can oppose the Wahhabis openly.
Virtually all major interfaith initiatives have been under the control of the globalists, opposing the Islamist (Wahhabi/Salafis) and acting as a smokescreen for Western support for them. But now we have a rare opportunity to blow that smoke away.


Dr. John Andrew Morrow has published a book entitled The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World (available through Amazon). These treaties which the author discovered in obscure monasteries and libraries command Muslims  not to attack peaceful Christian communities, rob them, stop churches from being repaired, tear down churches to build mosques, prevent their Christian wives from going to church, etc.

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