Dilenttantes, Dabblers and Quija Warriors

Visible Origami — Nov 9, 2013

Dog Poet Transmission…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
It’s a slender, slender thread. It’s a narrow, narrow way. Is it any wonder we fall to one side or the other? That’s no wonder at all. What is a wonder is how few ever bother to even try. When they do try, it’s one of those compromise jaunts, leading to one of those plateaus which exists for several reasons; one of them is as evidence that that is not the place. Another is the profit factor which always attends being resident in a place that is not the place and then… there are all the reasons people have for actually thinking there is an easier way, spending all that time looking for an easier way (when they could have been well on their way) and all the other reasons known and unknown for why people don’t take advantage of what there is, just cause they can’t see or identify it for what it is. There are no TV commercials for the invisible lokas and plenty for the open sewers, with their lipstick mouths (metaphorically speaking) talking in tongues, speaking that corporophagial glossolalia, singing that material world version of “Amazing Grace” called “Amazing Waste”. I’m still surprised that most people don’t know the story of that song’s author; the first song, not the second one. The second one has many authors and is never completed.
And then there’s really important news (courtesy of Anon). AND the really important issues; “A University of Hawaii professor has estimated that same-sex marriages could bring in another $271 million to the state over a three-year period starting in 2014.” Oh… that’s interesting, ♫Won’t you tell him please to shoot up some speed, swallow my seed, Oh how I need… someone to go down on me♫ (Apologies to Gershwin? beautiful version…) Once again, this is about the Tribe sponsored political push, whose intent is the destruction of the family unit; no need to argue about it, that’s a proven fact. Besides, visible believes everyone is bisexual and all of us are female to God, the latter visible is personally aware of. Of course, those who like to hammer on visible are indifferent to reality since they needs must construct a fantasy in the first place. First they construct a fantasy about themselves, which likely has not been nor ever will be realized and then? They construct a fantasy about you. What has sustained me over time is my full recognition of Nature as a mirror and each of us as mirrors to the other, like it or not. That’s one reason I am absolutely comfortable with my jeremiads. You hear a lot of new agey folks and westerners, with new Asian names to go with their saffron robes, talk about that mirror aspect. Certainly those who have looked within the Buddhmind to any depth, are aware of this as a cosmic phenomena. Ergo, it’s easy to suss out where other people are coming from if your mirror is operating in an efficient manner and is not distorted like a fun-house mirror, or totally opaque from reasons of neglect.
Let me make something very clear. There is a vast distance between the dilettante and dabbler and the consistent practitioner. The dilettante and dabbler get scared off at certain levels because they are not considered worthy of what comes after, given that they are dilettantes and dabblers to begin with. You’ll get this if you are a consistent practitioner but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler. You will also understand how to clearly interpret the motivations of others but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler because the factor of personal dishonesty hasn’t been cleared up. This is the primary reason that those who use the cloister of anonymous for venomous assault do so under such cover. Those who are secure in their position need no such hideyhole. Once again, this has nothing to do with being anonymous, I can well understand why people feel the need for anonymity. Not everyone has my dispensation for the purpose of demonstration; believe that or not, the proof of it should be evident after ten years of this and that includes all my wild antics, for whatever my reasons and the reasons of the cosmos might be. I don’t come out of so many situations or perpetuate as I do without serious backup. Make of that what you will.
Speaking of being ‘out there’ (which we were, sort of), I’ve been invited to a seminar. As a late invitee I am not presently listed on the event flyer or website. Should any of the readers out there have an interest in coming to London Town you’ll get to meet me and the others listed. I was offered 30 to 45 minutes but I demurred to 15. My feeling is that if you can’t say it in 15 minutes or less you’re usually confusing and overstating the case. I was once invited to speak at an event in Switzerland by an exceptionally fine man. David Ray Griffin spoke and so did Niels Harrit. They went on and on for at least an hour and a half each. An associate of the man’s delightful daughter got me ripped on some high end pot. I mentioned to the man that these speakers were boring the audience to tears, even though they were Swiss (inside joke which you have to be mainland Europe to get). He agreed and as soon as there was an opening I was sent up. I went into my George Carlin mode. Heck, I was already in George Carlin mode and- to be honest- I was outrageous and said things you aren’t supposed to say in Europe and I’m guessing you know what that was. I stayed on for about 15 minutes and when I walked off stage, half the audience followed me out. I think this added to the annoyance and paranoia I created. I still feel bad about blindsiding this wonderful man but it’s my job to do this, precisely because most people who put themselves up as truth-speakers avoid the combustive truth. I do not, fool that I am. The people who followed me out did not seem inclined to go back in and finally the man had to come out and get them. He gave me a measured and intelligent, compassionate lecture on the ride to the hotel. He was and probably is a sterling individual. He was wounded that I would get so declarative. It was unfortunate but, once again, it’s what I do. I am more mindful than I was in the past. I’ve been in an envelope of years that confined me in the cycle of certain shortcomings. Those have departed lately and should be toast in a few weeks, I’m hoping. I haven’t been as clear as I am these days in a long time. Let’s hope that continues. I am told that it will. God, it’s been a haul.
Anyway, if you have an interest in coming to this event, please make your interest known because it might not happen otherwise. There has been ACTIVE opposition to this event and these efforts have hamstrung the work of the promoters to make it happen. There’s a serious discount available now and a fantastic meal is in the offing. Should the event go forward, I am strongly considering attending, even though the expense of having to travel on such short notice will put a serious dent in my meager financial holdings. Anyway, there’s that sorted, sort of.
Back to that mirror thing. Nature is a mirror of humanities’s mental and emotional intent and expression. You might also call Nature a blank canvas. We write our karma on it. There’s a Dorian Gray kind of a thing that takes place and you’ll have some idea of that, unless you are a dilettante or a dabbler. There’s a dark side to being a dilettante and a dabbler. What would that be? Dilettantes and dabblers have no secure connection to the prime mover, which protects those who are not dilettantes and dabblers. I like to call that particular contingent, The Ouija Board Warriors. Invariably that medium is taken over by conscious entities who have been at the game of deception far longer than individual lives are known for. This makes them a lot sharper and more aware of the weaknesses in human nature than most humans and more than ALL dilettantes and dabblers. This is why, no matter what your intentions are when entering into a study of Magic and the practice of Magic, you will invariably gravitate to the dark side, due to the absence of a purified will. You only get a purified will when well past the point that dilettantes and dabblers are allowed to proceed. Let this stand as a stern warning to all who consider this path. You have no idea of the force.and sphincter loosening fear that can be brought up by any number of those whose path you might cross.
A word to the wise about Magic. I brought with me into this life a long term association with this area, which came to my attention, along with all kinds of things following my Kundalini rising. I was very lucky that my Karma kept me from the dangerous ends of the practice and luckier still that I met a holy man (Guru Bawa) who removed it all. He told me, he could activate the totality of it in me but I would be in terrible peril if he did. So he just swept it all aside (apparently with my permission- grin) and it never crossed my mind again. All the fascination with it (and it was a fascination) went, poof! It was a reverse abracadabra of sorts. The ONLY ones who prosper in this field are those ordained to do so and who come into the presence of those who are masters at it, or they are chosen for the purpose of demonstration (God help you if it’s the latter). It’s the same thing with Tantra. For some reason, most of the self styled Tantric authorities are Germans. No one learns this system who does not learn it from a bonafide master and… of all the systems, there are fewer of these around than there is representative of any of the other systems and it takes decades, under the best of circumstances, it takes decades to master. Believe what you will.
There are all kinds of fools running around claiming to be empowered to give out instruction on everything under the sun. Some of these clowns, by virtue of the diligent pursuit of particular siddhis, obtain them and can demonstrate some ‘seemingly’ remarkable things. Simpletons, dilettantes and dabblers think this means something and that somehow these ‘performance artists’ can be helpful to them. You see someone manifesting and manipulating phenomena and you imagine that implies Wisdom or spiritual insight. These things do not come with parlor tricks. I have certain siddhis as Sim and others have experienced. One fellow last year around this time went off in flight, terrified, telling another of the former readers here that if anything happened to him, no matter if it looked like an accident, I was responsible for it. There are others also and those I haven’t met in person who have had ‘events’ in their life and with their health. I’m not bringing this up to pump up my profile. I’m really not like that, regardless of what some might think, because of the mirroring thing. I bring this up so that I can explain how it works with me. I DO NOT employ these attributes. These are exercised through me by those who operate me and to whom I owe fealty and loyalty beyond anything I can adequately or accurately state. Because mine are exercised in this manner there is no way I am made responsible for errors I would ‘certainly’ make (even if they might appear to be errors to some [grin, they are intentional. Some things happen around some people and nothing happens around others. In some few cases, panic and fear are the stronger result. In other cases people are delighted and entertained or… nonplussed.
I try not to discuss this aspect because it is certain to infuriate certain personality types. Their level of self awareness cannot process this sort of thing. They are dilettantes and dabblers, often misanthropes, constipated iconoclasts and sundry. Balanced and aware individuals are not threatened by these things and secure sorts are not challenged by them. They know “there are more things in Heaven and Earth.” Meanwhile, there’s widespread poof across the years of what I say. There’s a whole lot about all of this that I don’t understand and I am given to believe there is a very good reason for that. We’ll see. On all these matters we’ll see. Time will tell and until then, we will just keep on keeping on.
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