An Apocalyptic Frottage in an Age of Hannibal Lectors

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 8, 2013

May your noses always be cold and wet.
Where are you Will Graham and Clarice Starling when we need you?
Slowly but surely, the air (or whatever force) in the bubble presses against the skin of the bubble and sooner or later, the bubble bursts. The same is true for the camel’s back and any allegory for Critical Mass that you want to use, sooner or later, the chickens come home to feed, except that they’re 15 feet high (courtesy of Monsanto) and will eat anything.
Now here is something that any objective reader with intelligence will see through in a heartsbeat. Besides being similar to a Cliff Notes Wikipedia entry, there are targeted sentences of intent. I’ll leave it to the reader to fathom it out. Also, why would a Satanist call himself Elijah AND the photo at the top is interesting too. Far be it from me to say one way or the other that this is written for a purpose other than it appears to be, for the purpose of. Far be anything from me now that I think of it, which is not an authentic part of my intrinsic and eternal nature. This is what gets obscured in times of material darkness …because the emphasis is put upon all things transitory and that is taken to be how it should be …by the public at large. It’s all a product of conditioning. If you repeat a lie often enough it obtains substance. Over time and sometimes, it seems, before you know it, it’s right there in that empty lot that isn’t empty anymore. It could happen that an entire ghost city gets constructed, a kind of dark spirit overlay, upon whatever may have been there before and it becomes the new real. It is easiest to be deceived by things that emerge slowly over time. Whole generations are groomed with lies and perversions, as we can see in the world around us at present. As collective insanity is nurtured from the top down, the laws become ever more absurd. On and on it goes, absurdity piled on to absurdity. This way, when the rare person, still possessed of curiosity about the state of the world around them scratches the surface, they’ll see a similar absurdity fossilized up below it.
I tend to read most anything because I often learn something from the most obscure and sometimes doctrinal sources.
Although the breakdown in the longstanding infrastructure of governments and religions is a necessary and unavoidable thing, certain aspects of life do not take place in a vacuum. Some facsimile of a former template will always arrive or be inserted into the absence created by the departure of whatever was there before. One reason why one should not reject things because of their provenance, or the fundie slant of the argument is that you never know when you’ll find something out. Beneath the seemingly innocuous surface of this banal Loony Tunes culture, all sorts of things are going on; in the basements of houses, in wild places, in empty and abandoned warehouses and other structures. We live in an age of Hannibal Lectors
Mr Apocalypse is backstage of the world theater. This is the place where people rehearse their real intentions in their minds, prior to acting them out, if they ever do but… some form of demonstration always occurs, if only as a result of what can no longer be internally restrained, breaking through to the surface via the weakest link in the chain that, until that moment, held it back.
Many things are slowly emerging and as a larger collective mind links up to them, their power increases. Then… and then there are the dumbasses that prove ‘a little knowledge is dangerous’ and who make ridiculous comments like Hanuman  is just another manifestation of Shiva.” Whenever you’re reading someone and their scholarship is either non existent, or bent to accommodate an agenda, you can suspect that there’s a lot wrong with where they’re coming from, even if their basic premise (Obama is evil) is more than ball park accurate.
In the land of guns and rage. In the land of haves and have nots (cue Lauren Bacall, ♫How little we know♫). In the land of ghost buffalo and Native American spirits. In the land of spontaneous violence, at the hands of roid rage robo-cops. In an age of unstoppable negative destinies, converging on a positive result, that cannot be presumed from appearances, the walls are tightening everywhere. In an age where both sides of the bad guys are now on the same side of the wire AND you are behind that wire. In the land where all the rules are made by those who break the rules and who snarl and sneer in the face of their own destruction. In this age and in this land and in all lands where this declining age approaches that steep drop, where at last “the center cannot hold” and things do fall apart, ONLY those connected to that which continues will continue. The rest will go to their assigned locations or be mulched under, into the nitrogen rich atmosphere of Karma pending.
Huge bodies are shifting in the material darkness, as long vested interests, arrange themselves for the Armageddon Polka. Gog and Magog are going “Aleman right” and “Aleman left” but you can see how that would work even if it is a polka. It’s a perpetual square dance for those who can’t get outside of the box. How strange is it, the way that poorly translated and much abused scriptures would dovetail to such a degree, with the appearance of this critical pending moment on the grand stage?
The stupendous rapacity of the greed-heads is breathtaking; already in possession of more than they can count, immune to taxation, the beneficiary of outrageous interests, collaborating with one another to yoyo string The Big Board of Commodities, up and down at their pleasure and for their profit, while maximizing the costs to the workers, through minimizing wages and benefits, while at the same time, offshoring labor and manufacturing; in essence, bleeding the country white. Vampires by any other name would still be vampires. They have shit all over themselves. They have shit in their pants and only they are immune to the stench. The public mills about like poleaxed steers, as outrageous crimes take place with impunity… so far. They had all they could ever need. They could have wallowed like pigs in the plunder for the length of their term here but nothing would satiate them but that they could squeeze blood from a stone. They have wrung humanity dry but humanity is not without their shepherds and these not only protect and guide both the good and the clueless but the evil as well …to all of their appointed ends.
We live in the Age of Chemical Reaction, where the combination of low level desire and the pockets of shit-fire gas, wreathe one about each other, in tendrils of ominously flammable potential. Everything is combustible, the plastic and the by product gases, the hog lagoons and compressed shit servants rubbing up against each other in dangerous friction; the mindless, by reflex, frottage of masturbating dooms, to each according to the dispositions of their hearts.
In the end, we will all stand and be counted for what we did and did not do, for what we did and did not say. In the end we will look through a continuum of vision, to see the totality of our passage from beginning to end. We shall stand in awestruck wonder and see those other passings that came before in other forms, across the vast expanse over which we have come. Imagine the disappointment of recognition and realization at what might have been. Truly, we have seen through a glass darkly. For those who, in this moment, comprehend the meaning and essence of it, stand fast in your assurance and be overwhelmed with gratitude that you have been permitted to see what so many would not and could not see. “How could I not have known? How could I have been so blind? Alas… alas…”
End Transmission


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