“Healthy Eating” Makes Us Sick

henrymakow.com — Nov 7, 2013

Sugar in fruits, and carbs from bread, pasta, rice & potatoes are making us fat and sick, says nutritionist Barry Groves. Our stomach is identical to a big cat, a carnivore; but they want us to eat like a rabbit.
In his book, Trick or Treat: How Healthy Eating is Making Us Ill, Groves says meat and dairy don’t make us fat. They are good for us.
Are they lying about diet too? Does the low-fat, carb-heavy “healthy diet” create illnesses that feed the trillion dollar health care and pharmaceutical industries?

From the Daily Telegraph — Oct.20, 2008

For breakfast, Barry Groves had an extra large egg and a 3oz slice of liver, fried in lard. He washed it down with a cup of cocoa made with double cream.
At lunch, Barry, 72, who lives near Oxford with his wife Monica, 70, will enjoy pork chops, with the fat left on, plus a few green vegetables in butter.
Finally, the couple will have a light supper consisting of cheese with a home-grown apple or pear, topped with cream, followed by more cocoa.
Despite following this shockingly high-fat diet for more than 40 years, Barry now weighs 6lb less than he did on his wedding day in 1957 when he tipped the scales at 11st 7lb. (161 pounds)
He and Monica break every single diet diktat that has been trumpeted as “healthy eating”. And yet, here they are, trim, fit and full of beans, albeit metaphorical ones. How on earth do they do it? And where are the rest of us – eating piles of fruit and veg, and steering clear of cholesterol-laden butter – going wrong?

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