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Smoking Mirrors — Nov 6, 2013

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No! Not that Grove.
We’re on the other side of it again and unfortunately, once again, no one has seen fit to celebrates Guy’s anniversary the way Guy did in the original.
In one instance, drones are employed to protect us from alleged terrorists in the Hindu Kush. These ‘so-called’ terrorists furthest reach geographically (with possible rare- sehr seltan- exceptions) is Afghanistan, where they are at war against the Zio-American and UK drug empire. In every instance, they are in defense of their homeland and completely in the right, however right ever applies to warfare. Initially, when Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on their ally, known as The Great Satan by knowledgeable Muslims and also known as The Great Dumbo by the Israelis, the intent was to blame it on the Taliban. The very idea that a small group of Stone Age Arabs could have carried out such an affair is ludicrous on the face of it. Forget about all the other absurdities piled on absurdities that followed. Well, they’ve gotten more than their pound of flesh for however many pounds of fractal, fiat currency. All it cost them was the price of the ink and the paper and- no doubt- they got that at a commensurate rate to what toilet seat manufacturers get from the Air Force.
The reasoning for this whole quantum fuck was to get the Zio-American/UK drug industry back in operation and to secure geo-political murder ground proximity to future targets. These are the usual agendas of the turd souled swine-hearts who are all about maximizing profits with minimal investment, while also terrorizing and tormenting the populations.
There is another way that drones can be employed and effectively employed. If all we are talking about is eliminating the sources of worldwide evil aggressions and corrupt economic policies, all that has to be done is to send the drones to The Capitol (when in session-duh), the House of Representatives, The Senate Office Building, J & K Streets (D.C.), the Israeli Embassy, the CIA and FBI offices and corruption and aggression around the world will go down like a T-Street hooker, whom they all resemble more than a little, with one major exception. There are some things a T-Street hooker will not do. The same does not apply to the others already mentioned. Of course, you will have only partially accomplished your mission with these efforts. You next have to send your drones to NYC and eliminate all of the brokerage houses on Wall Street and everyone else who works with them. You might as well bomb the shit out of 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue while you are there. It wouldn’t hurt (you) to also take out selective locations on Madison Avenue as well. I’ll leave the Mayor’s residence up to you. You might want to bomb that with concentrated roach powder. Heck, dose the whole city with DNA selective roach powder; doe see doe.
Since, after all, you are on the Oceania mainland, it stands to reason that you should pay a visit to Hollywood and do a Dresden Dump. You might make it an, ‘in honor of Dresden’ venture since you’ll be hitting the genetic offspring of those who were behind pummeling Dresden and so many other places and then making fictitious movies about it all.
I’m going to digress a little into metaphysics for the moment. It says in the Bible, something about Satan cruising around the landscape in his Desoto limousine for a thousand years. Well, in matters like these, the Bible is often vague and not that much different from Nostrildamus, who wrote in a way that was geared to make every self involved knob gobbler look like an expert cause, who knows? Who knows? De shadow knows. If we think about The Devil and ‘his minions’, who have been both operative in and also expelled from most every country in the world, generally, with the exceptions being countries that hadn’t come into being yet. Taking a generous latitude with the time span, given how off The Mayan’s calculations have been, one could say that these execrable creatures have exercised their span of licentious mayhem upon the rest of us and that there term is coming to a close and THAT IS WHY they are so highly visible and noticeable in their avaricious soul sucking greed. As the chosen children of the operative God of the moment; the expected and obvious ruler of a period of ever greater and more pervasive materialism, they have flourished in their dark hour and their dark hour is now tinged with the flaming fingers of dawn, the vampire’s worst nightmare and there is, ♫nowhere to run, nowhere to hide… baby♫
It is unfortunate that these words are not more widely available because of the courage and optimism they would bring to those who see no exit out of the ‘seemingly’ approaching horrors of the time. In that case, so many more of us could join in a telepathic, emotional and mental hookup with our fellows and vastly increase the cosmic hum of affirmation.
I think it also says in that part of the Bible that Satan would then be locked up again for awhile and then loosed for a season so… maybe that’s all of what it’s about and the reason we didn’t notice any change during the hiatus was that we were all collectively going down anyway and simply cruised in the same direction until that particular demi-urge was ♫Back in the saddle again♫ Of course that whole section might have been just another part of the big mushroom trip going on on the Island of Patmos. The sub strata behind a great many ‘documented’ religious experiences, is permeated with the power of psychedelics. One of my favorite tales is that of Santa and the Amanita Muscaria. Meanwhile, so many anally retentive and fearful types decry the use of these incredible tools and scoff at the idea that such things would be employed by mystics and other seekers, certainly many prophets got their visions via the Rainbow Wisdom Highway (my term).
It is a KNOWN truth that you can contact the celestial realms while on psychedelics IF you are one who is welcome in the Groves (‘grooving in the groves’, said visible). I have personally met many high front personalities for the Ancient of Days …and Lady Nature has appeared many, many times to me, in person, albeit usually invisibly. I have walked and talked with them at length and they are always there. Every time I ingest the skeleton key of consciousness, I can unlock the Doors of Perception and ♫walk right in, sit right down, baby let your mind roll on♫ Oh yeah, so when I hear the offal offerings of the uninformed on the subject, I reflect back on my catalog of experiences and have to laugh at how little they know and how much they miss out on. Now, arguably these substances are not for everyone. They are not for Ken and Barbie, who seem to be everywhere these days in their clown makeup. It’s not for metrosexuals or materialists. It is certainly not for the fearful because YOU WILL be expected to disrobe and unencumber yourself of all that shit you walked in with. Remember, when the truth takes off her clothes the world disappears. If you are a scaredy cat, what would ordinarily seem benevolent and loving, will change into whatever apparitions your fear might imagine it to be. Everyone should see the film, “Jacob’s Ladder” Good Grief! Everyone should know what Jacob’s Ladder is to begin with, if you are thinking of climbing up to particular planes for a bit. No.. you can’t stay, not yet ♫Please stay, don’t go, please stay, don’t go, if I got on my knees♫ etc.)
Yes, there are none so confined as those who presume to know all about that which they have no experience of AND… if they had that one big bad experience that sent them running after plastic Jesus well… that kind of sums you up anyway doesn’t it? See the previous paragraph for explanation. Yeah it’s sad and it should be embarrassing …but for some reason, those who know all about something they know nothing about, sort of like the disconnect between the average physician and healing, or the average judge and justice or the average cop and common sense, are addicted to the darkness in which they move about. ♫Your time is gonna come♫ Uh huh ♫Your time is gonna come♫
Of course, this lack of a fundamental awareness of a given subject is wide spread these days. It is from the ranks of the clueless and self adulating that our present crop of experts are harvested. The expert comes into the room and whoever is employing him or her says, “This is how it is, please flesh it out for us and put your face on it” and these experts nod their head like a loose hood ornament, on an old truck going down a logging road. Now… if the bullshit being slung and spun is especially toxic and deadly to most life forms, the pay is reflective of the Karma incurred in the service of such awful lies.
We hear a lot about living in the here and now. A certain new age pundit likes to push that ‘here and now’ thing’. His way of handling it is extending his hand for your money ‘here’ and then saying, “‘now’ I’m leaving” It’s like that t-shirt all of us should take note of that says, “Trust me!” on the front and “Hasta La Vista” on the back. Anyway, the thing about these instant experts (just add water) and those who know all about things they have zero contact or experience with, is that the now of denial and presumption they are living in eventually crystallizes into a prison cell of ignorance and you see them, should you be unlucky enough to encounter them, looking like Alfred E. Neuman with his fingers in his ears saying, “nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you.” No… you can’t. Doesn’t matter to me. Time will tell if it matter to you.
Everybody ought to take the time to sit down to whatever they are eating and ask themselves, “Why am I eating this? Is this any good for me?” The same goes for every action anyone takes. Everyone ought to have one day a month, one day a week, when they get up and say to themselves, “Today, I’m going to pay attention to everything I think and say and do and see if I can also catch what the effect of any of it is. That should be bookended by another day when you say, “Today, I am going to watch everyone else and see what I come away with in terms of guidelines for my own life.” These are all simply exercises in self-inquiry. You can come up with whatever variation floats your boat. That you should come up with one, should go without saying. Trust me, once you find out who you really are, life takes on meaning and value that it never had before and that just intensifies and increases as you go; word to the wise.
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