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Tim King — Salem News.com Oct 8, 2013

A little Palestinian girl named Summer tells a story from an Egyptian hospital bed that seems too horrible to be true. Her younger sisters, the girls says, were lined up and shot to death by soldiers from the Israeli Defence Forces.

The BBC located the girl’s father, he cried as he reviewed the events that led to so much loss. He says the girls were killed shortly before 1:00 in the afternoon, the father said, “We were told to come out of the homes, the women, my three daughters”. He explains that an Israeli soldier climbed out of a tank carrying a US made M-16 rifle, and started to shoot at the children.

People who ask why this would take place, need to understand that the Israel military is ingrained with the thought that all Palestinian children will someday grow up to be their enemy, to threaten their lives. They discount the fact that such ambitions are born from stories exactly like this one.

The father says that as the children were murdered, some of the Israeli soldiers were eating chocolate and crisps. He says he is sure his seven year old daughter who survived the shooting misses the teddy bear he picked up from the scene of the shooting. Defending the shooting deaths of the little girls. IDF spokeswoman Major Avital Leibovich said “there were many cases of gunfire being exchanged between combatants.” Excusing the deadly event, she says many civilian facilities had been used by militants. She did not explain how or why Israel constantly attacks the Gaza Strip when it is not their country, in any way shape or form.