Military Cocktails at the Feeding Ground for Ghouls

Visible Origami — Nov 5, 2013

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If something is the way it is and continues the way it is, it is because certain interests want it that way. Eventually the truth about a whole lot of things will burble to the surface like toxic, septic seep. The stink will be noticeable and the source identifiable. All things are going to be resolved That is the nature of an apocalypse. It’s all about revealing, summing up and adjusting the scales of cosmic justice. If people in general were more aware of how critical these times are to their onward bound travels, they would be a lot more focused and circumspect. The great power of materialism and the efforts of it’s agents are all for the purpose of taking people’s minds off of what is important, by body-slamming them with trivia and the inconsequential. Things are not going to go on the way they have been going on for so long. Things are going to change radically and quickly and then we shall see what all sorts of things have been set in place for.
People are far too concerned with the ill conditions that affect them and less so about why those conditions are there in the first place. We ARE being tested and how we respond and change has everything to do with where we wind up. As has been said here any number of times, it doesn’t matter what sort of a conveyance you use. If you are headed for Kansas City, if your ticket says Kansas City, you are going to wind up in Kansas City. If you don’t want to wind up in Kansas City, change your direction. If your actions are of a certain order and type, the cosmic reaction to them will reflect exactly what is called for. If everything you do falls under the heading of ‘for the purpose of material gain’, you can presume that you are bonded with the destiny of that sphere. Look around you. What do you see? Take a hard, extended and focused look. Go into a mall or a park or anywhere and study the people around you. What is in their eyes? Are they aware that they are there or are they walking in a dream? You can train your mind to see this. There are those who profiteer off of this condition. They don’t give a shit about any outcome so long as their profit targets get met. You’ve heard of ‘old souls’ (did your life coach tell you you were an old soul? How nice for you). There are also ‘cold souls’. Here is a grievous gaggle of them. Here’s what happens when you step out of line. My reaction would be ,”take this job and shove it”. If you go along with the incremental creep of ever more offensive constrictions, you will eventually be very constricted (Kansas City?).
If your life is series of compromises and accommodations of going along to get along, you’re not actually going anywhere, you are being herded. It’s kinds like going wrong. You make a concession here, you sidestep what’s called for there. You measure your moral sense according to the prevailing climate. What is that? Is that another kind of climatic warming, meaning it’s heating up?
Appetite and desire blur the critical eye. You can’t see what’s going on because one siren or another is singing in your ear. Your state of consciousness is dark because the times are dark. Most people succumb to the prevailing climate and bend with the prevailing wind. They don’t want to call attention to themselves. They want their misery with company. The weight of material things has a specific gravity and the more of it there is, the more it drags you down and the more you are confined by it. Freedom is an essential key to joy and well being. Lacking it, you lack them as well. One cannot be happy when  they are confined and that extends across the gamut from physical, to emotional and mental.
There is an effort afoot to drive everyone into the cities; easier to control. When those in charge of seeing after your welfare are stealing your resources, they know they have to set up protections for themselves so they preempt the discovery of their crimes (Mr. Apocalypse) with a police state. They set up shootings of TSA goons so that they can tell the press, “I just wanted to protect people (sniffle). Only a cinderblock head does not hate the TSA. So, getting some of them shot is how they do PR. It’s just one more false flag. They’re pretty much all false flags because people are easily convinced because? People are stupid, gullible and frightened. How do people get stupid? People are obviously more stupid than they were earlier. Some of it has to do with convenience on all sides. Some of it has to do with a concerted effort on the part of those who employ the educators to dumb down the curriculum. Some of it has to do with replacing knowledge with trivia, or not providing knowledge to begin with. A lot of it has to do with the level of entertainment. It’s got a lot to do with those that the public emulates and imitates. They copy the language. They copy the poses. They see themselves performing like these vacuous actors in pursuit of the eternal swag of sex, money and social position. . The second two guarantee the first.
Rap music was designed and proliferated, in order to ratchet up the tensions, celebrate the violence and demean the feminine. Here’s a whole page at Google that illustrates the type of goons at large these days. These things are considered cool. You get women marching in different countries, celebrating their rights to be sluts; ‘slut empowerment’, ‘regaining one’s inner slut.’ ‘ Find your Slut Goddess’! That all sounds like some profitable new age courses that you can get your life coach to turn you on to.
One of the most amazing world wide examples of brainwashing, is that mindset of former soldiers, who fought in one banker war or another, glorifying their service. They say it is in the service of their country. The war was completely unnecessary. It only happened so that bankers could finance both sides of the conflict and so that the arms merchants could sell weapons and all the big armament corporations could produce their products and people like Bush Sr. and the rest of the corrupt Satanists, over at Carlyle, can make a killing in more ways than one. Look at all of these fools standing in front of black walls, with the lists of thousands of names of those who died for banker profit. Look at them putting wreaths in front of one of thousands and thousands of white crosses, where lie buried more casualties of banker wars. Look at them dressing up in their uniforms, overcome with cheap emotion for the only time they felt alive, or had any camaraderie, which is what they really missed and didn’t need war to have in the first place. Look at them, slumped over on bar stools, telling inflated self glorifying lies about their time in combat when they were flying a desk in the quartermaster’s corps.
Look at them getting all outraged and seething with violence when you challenge the legitimacy of what they see as their sacrifice; these dumb bozos see what their country thinks of them when they need medical treatment. Look at the politicians in the employ of bankers and how they treat the soldiers. It hits me as incredibly sleazy to see these Nam vets going on and on about their war tales, much of which involved burning women and children and so called enemy combatants with napalm and phosphorus, which involved the Phoenix Program and all kinds of other horrible things and glorifying the whole sad affair. World War 2, The Korean War, Vietnam and all those nasty little skirmishes that followed… all banker wars.. all for banker profits and having nothing else to do with anything other than pacification, resource looting and control.
We know it’s all a sham. A lot of them know it’s a sham but… it goes on, this glorification of violence for the sake of bankers, this toleration of every kind of outrage, this dehumanizing process in the creation of huge feeding grounds for ghouls
Here’s one of the weasel swine employed by bankers. Send this lying Zio-Ogre a message at his Facebook page like I did. Read what he has to say in that article. I look forward to schadenfreude concerning this reptile. I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t but he curdles my blood, just like all of his fellow Tribe members that dominate the ranks of now ubiquitous, yellow journalism world wide. They lie and lie and lie and press for bloody wars without conscience. They cheerlead for war with no hesitation whatsoever. They are monsters. They know Israel did 9/11. They applaud and support this. They want Syria destroyed. The deaths of others mean nothing to them. They’re paid more in a year than I make in 20, to tell lies and petition for murder and the stupid of the world support them and believe them. So it goes for the moment. It’s going to change, count on it.
Only so much corruption and stench can be tolerated. Eventually the stink of it permeates into the realms of those who are entrusted with the restoration of balance. They are patient and long-suffering because, once the necessary changes are set into motion there’s no turning back and the fallout can be awesome and awful. That’s coming and I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of some of those who have no idea of what is on it’s way to them. It shouldn’t be long now. I can hear the thunder. I expect that I will soon see the lightning.
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