The Warlocks of Wall Street and the Devil’s Buttboys

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 4, 2013

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Here we are at the cross pollinating culture blog AND- not a day goes by when we don’t have something behind something behind something, intending something else. Meanwhile, the Zio-Nazi, Tribe created, TSA is in search of their own, Genrikh Yagoda. It’ s hard to really gear up into a full blown police state without having a front man who looks and acts the part in a uniform. It should come as no surprise that… in an imperialistic, materialistic, Mammon worshiping wasteland of a -‘seemingly’, formerly impressive, socio-economic experiment of a country that a stone cold, sociopathic, empty suited, dung beetle of  a whatever he actually is, would be the figure head of the country. It also stands to reason and conforms to the laws of ordinary logic that the most materialistic, blood thirsty, Satan worshiping minority on the planet, would be in charge of looting and destroying that self same, ‘seemingly’ formerly impressive socio-economic experiment. These things need to be hammered, imprinted and branded upon human consciousness at every possible opportunity. These are monsters! Here be monsters.
Flashback (to the last couple of posts)! We merely scratch the surface. Whatever you hear, it’s worse. In a sane world, in an allegedly sane 1st world country. The government or a powerful citizen’s action group (no such thing) would be launching class action lawsuits against all the major fast food chains, all the major soft drink manufacturers, all the most abusive major manufacturers of drinkable and edible shit, like Nestles, Coca Cola, Pepsi-Co and the lot. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, the heads of every major bank would be in prison for multiple felonies, Rico offenses and crimes against humanity. The same would be true of the Warlock’s of Wall Street. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country (yes, I know I put the comma in different places so piss off), nearly ALL of the major players of the previous administration would be in jail, along with a considerable number of the members of the present administration.
In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, many of the high ranking members of both The Justice Department and Federal Law Enforcement agencies would be in prison for being traitors and for breaking quite some number of the offenses they are empowered to stop. In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, all ties to Israel would be cut and they would be designated an enemy of the state and all professed dual nationals would be deported, permanently as a result of committing the 9/11 attacks and many others, with the assistance of the administration of the time and the intelligence services (see also).
In a sane world, in an (allegedly) sane, 1st World country, there is no way that the country should have sunk to the levels of comparison that it has. Some things are going right. It is fitting that the Houston Texans should lose over and over again, sometimes remarkably so, when Barbara Bush, George Bush and other reptiles are in the stands. Things behind the scenes have changed dramatically. Why is there little evidence of that down here? It is because we are in the theater of time and the archetypes responsible for ongoing transitions are not. Be patient. Don’t be stupid. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to risk offending people by pointing out how incredibly stupid so many people are. In a sane world and in an (allegedly) sane 1st World country the author of this blog would not have to hammer on and on about America’s number one enemy (Israel) but the author has to until something is done. The author has to speak truth to power because… IT WORKS! It works just like Nom miyoho renge kyo AND for the same reasons. There is a time for warriors and a time for harmonic maintainers. This is a time for warriors and as Lord Krishna says; “There is nothing more auspicious for a warrior than a righteous war.”
Wars are not exclusively conducted with physically applied weaponry. There are all kinds of ways to wage war AND if you wage it with the certainty and conviction of the all powerful, you are victorious long before it becomes evident. Word! (speaking of rare times that I utilize contemporary colloquialisms, which we weren’t). When your cause is righteous, you cannot fail. You only fail when you divert from the righteousness of your cause. Many are those once bearing standards who have become the devil’s butt boys, like Governor Jerry Brown.
It is extremely hard in this day and age to hold to one’s integrity even unto death, which will never come if you are really connected or it will be for the purpose of demonstration and you’ll get a heads up on that.
One has to hew the line and let the chips fall where they may. One has to endure slander and all manner of cowardly crimes and seldom give it a thought because… one knows how it eventually turns out. You have to have the necessary measure of conviction and certitude. “How important is certitude’? It’s one of the pillars of Islam. It is indispensable for any one presenting themselves as one in possession of certitude. Like integrity, you cannot progress without it. One can be all kinds of reckless and unpredictable, appearing as all kinds of things to all kinds of people but… if one has these two qualities, welcome to a fait accompli. Yes, pull up a chair because you will be there forever, once ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ and it ALWAYS does. Do you want to know unequivocally where you are headed? Take a close look at what you are doing. Assess yourself within by comparison with those you purport to emulate and remember the ultimate arbiter has a capacity of latitude and fully comprehends the force and reality of things done out of Love. Those who love much are forgiven much and if you are going to be hard on others, you have to be even harder on yourself. Done!
People, it isn’t difficult to understand. It might be difficult (and is) to perform, until it becomes a piece of cake when the investiture arrives (as it will). This is the reason so many step aside, give up or fail. It always has something to do with lacking the necessary passion or selling out. As soon as you put a price on what you do, you wind up packaged and on a shelf, with a due date.
Who is devoted to Blackberry? Like I said, things have changed on the higher planes and change is precipitating down, now.
Here’s a mystery for you. Think of all the real shits that are out there; the Hillaries, the John Kerry’s, the Obamas, the Chucky Schumers, think of the vast numbers of powerful entertainers, business magnates and sundry.Why is it that none of them comes forth and tells what vile nasty creatures they were. There’s no cry for atonement, no public remorse, no catharsis of the soul. It can only mean that the cosmos has it’s thumb on them. Why are there no high level Satanists and ‘connected’ government pedophiles going public and telling all? I don’t mean that obvious shill who shows up now and against on Makow’s site and purports to be from Australia, I think. It has got to have to do with directorial control of life’s plots and it’s overall direction. Still, it’s a mystery.
If you want to see just how vile the gamut of these Hell-bound freaks is, experience them in their own words. It’s the Gospel of Wealth all over again. Should any or all of these miscreants be torn apart by angry mobs or found hanging from public light fixtures it will be less than they deserve. These creatures can no longer be called human and soon enough they will cease to be. They have forfeited their right to incarnate on two feet, lest it be as a kangaroo (unfortunately and despicably) bound for dog food. The cruelties of this time are much greater than we are aware of. There is a darkness on the soul of some that is horrific in it’s texture and density. As the shadow knows, “What evil lurks in the heart’s of men?” There are truths in the backgrounds of many of these fiends that is awful to be sure. John McCain fought tooth and suppress all inquires into MIA’s in order to shield his role as a collaborator with the, so called, enemies. You can be sure that equally unpleasant and quite possibly far, far worse is true about all of the rest of them, Kerry, Graham, Cantor, the Tribe member, Senate Bitch Twins of California. These are criminal elements so steeped in privilege that they are the human equivalent of cowboy coffee.
We should all thank our lucky stars that regardless of the difficulties of our present situations, we are not like these doomed and damned souls; in those cases where souls are actually resident. Strive hard!
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Apologies for no radio broadcast. I was all set to go when something in me said, “No.” It was the same with  the most recent Origami. Things are changing.


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