Voice of the White House March 21, 2008

Washington , D.C. , March 15, 2008 : “There is a prevailing perception in America , even in conservative circles, that Jewish interests are American interests, and that unwavering support for Israel is a requirement for all Americans to avoid being labeled as the worst of racists.

Americans underestimate the power of Jewish interests in publishing and entertainment as well as the influence of political advisers throughout the political spectrum. Remember the power of Benjamin Disraeli in the UK . Because they have a unified ethnic and religious doctrine, other points of view simply cannot challenge their presumed moral superiority, even when their documents are patently false and hyperbolic.

In the American print and television media, the daily attention to Israel and its “courageous” battle against Palestinians in American media does not reflect the true importance of that region in world news. We under-report African issues (anybody keeping up with Mugabe for example), Sri Lanka , Indonesia , the Chinese build-up, on and on. Because of the NYT bully pulpit as much as 20% of the world news in American media is devoted daily to Israel , when it is a tiny nation of no significance to the United States economically.

The reality is that Americans cannot discern the difference between secular Zionists and Jewish people in general. Thus, any sustained revelations will be vulnerable to accusations of anti-semitism, a difficult charge to rebut. When we read about the at least 3,000 year history of anti-semitism, it is difficult to discern group identities, but all cultures have responded with hostility toward the Jew, even though Jewish contributions to culture can be demonstrated. The tendency of Jewish elites to seek control of social mechanisms (government, publishing, entertainment, commerce) is reflected in the famous quote of Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street,” when he said, “I produce nothing-I own.”

So the question is whether any sustained publication of material that might be termed anti-semitic will progress against fierce attacks and, even though large numbers of readers might follow the blog enthusiastically, it would be undermined by assaults from many directions. In this case, truth is no defense, since the law and the mass media dares not challenge the dominance of power elite, many of whom are indeed of “dual citizenship.” There are some who understand the history of how this came to be, but the average American does not understand the diaspora with its mix of blessings and curses, nor do they recall how and why the nation of Israel came to be or why the United States is bound to defend and support that nation unreservedly.”

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