The Victims of Foreign Banker’s Wars in the Land of Eternal Stupid

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 3, 2013

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May your noses always have the facility of a proboscis (unless you’re a cokehead).
I’m pretty good about not being seduced into bastardizing the English language (not that it hasn’t happened at rare instances; or for the purpose of demonstration). I avoid phrases like ‘so fun’ the way I would a sidewalk with Paris Hilton on it; or Perez Hilton for that matter. I think his parents were big in the no-tell Motel business. I thought about migrating to sexual slang for this issue of Smoking Mirrors, calling it the ‘flaming buttcheeks edition’ but then I realized not only would I piss a lot of people off, I would also piss myself off for having to read the coming link in order to do this; it’s not like I’m up on these things. Take my word for it, you don’t want to go here (I warned you). I did not go there. Anyway, I also don’t use, “my bad” or a host of other “I’m with shithead” t-shirt ideas. There are no sideways arrows on my t-shirts indicating anything. Remember a few years ago, those ballcaps that had a turd on the bill that said, “shithead” across the cap? Who wears something like that? We know who manufactures them. Who watches reality TV? Who eats Pop Tarts? Who still thinks Obama is a competent and trustworthy leader of the no longer free world? I could list questions like this for the rest of the month and not run short. Do I really need to explain why I think such a vast portion of the population (everywhere) is stupid?
Here’s an example of “Hot Wheels for Stupid” (courtesy of Luis). This is the official Olympic charity fund for ‘Stupid’. There’s no difference between Hotwheels for Stupid and Hot Breast Cancer Hooters. Both depend on the diseases longevity, in order to grow as a corporation and both are intentionally incurable due to the necessity to make a profit.
I’m going to explain why that is (and take a lot of time doing it, while slipping in and out of digressions). It might make some people feel better about my conclusions, once they know how I arrived at them, unless they’re stupid and then they won’t get it. Okay, follow along with me and remember which stones I stepped on as I go. This way you can find your way back once our journey is finished. I won’t be coming back with you so… it is important, unless you’re one of those people that are already so lost that no one is ever going to find you anyway, must less note that you’re missing, in which case, what difference does it make anyway? Ah… that brings us back to the topic under discussion, except for the following digression.
Since we aren’t going to employ the colloquial porn angle, let’s go time warp. We’ll stay north of Chaucer. Few people pissed me off on my way through the unavoidable texts, as did Chaucer, after him was Freud and just about every philosopher besides Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, Swedenborg and Kierkegaard …and whoever I left out on the western front, which most of them should have been all quiet on. Now, unless you’re hippopotomorstrosesquipedaliophobic, you won’t mind what’s coming. Think of it as me attempting to broaden your horizons, without putting you through the expense of going to an optometrist and having peripheral mirrors inserted into your wrap around sunglasses.
The primary reason so many people are stupid has to do with the state of the world in the time zone it is occupying, like Paleolithic, Jurassic, Mesozoic. This period would probably be called Dumbassic, Retardian, Cluelessiferous or some such. Remember to watch the stones I take as you go. Metaphysically speaking (according to me in case I got this wrong) all of existence comes out of the unwinding vibration of Shiva’s drum. Even if this is not so, the principles are sound. Everything is made out of the same thing. Each unique item, or life form, vibrates at a different rate and that is what accounts for the difference. Deluded alchemists subscribe to this truth and believe that comprehending it’s meaning will allow them to transform physical lead into physical gold. That’s not what the whole dynamic is about but when the lead is in your head, it’s pointless to attempt to explain anything to you. Objects are not the only things that have a vibrational consistency. Atmosphere and… well, everything that exists has a vibration. Everything with a vibration, operates within certain parameters of bandwidth. Our senses register objects within certain parameters of bandwidth. Some of us have trained, or more powerful sense organs and can see and hear things most others cannot. This applies to the other senses as well, in case you are a member of the group under discussion. Some of us have super sensory organs activated (they sit on top of the usual sense organs). These allow one to see beyond the ordinary bandwidth. This also applies to the other senses ‘if’ they are so activated, in case you’re a member of the group being discussed. If you are, you don’t have any of these ultra senses active anyway, except for the occasional idiot savant.
If… that’s ‘if’ you have your Kundalini raised to a particular floor of life’s apartment building, you will see flaming letters, similar to hieroglyphics; a flame alphabet if you will, written into the fabric of every thing. The arrangement of the letters accounts for the specificity of the item and it’s essential integrity. Very high end magicians are in possession of the magical language (reference The Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage) and this gives them the ability to turn anything into anything else, should they want to, which they usually don’t. At the septic end of the profession are the reverse Kabala  boys who use it like sex professionals use Ben Wa Balls. They’re only able to do so much and only on certain planes but this is not to say they can’t be dangerous. Like Manly Palmer Hall said, “anyone who can burn an inch wide hole through a foot of hard wood should be considered dangerous (paraphrasing here). He wasn’t referring expressly to reverse Kabala Boys but rather to authentic black magicians. Generally, if you stay out of their way, chances are they won’t cross your path, ♫Chances are, though you’re wearing pretty thin, the moment you come into view. Chances are I’m trying to stay away from you♫
I’m gratified that I can walk in an alexiteric envelope, restraining myself from bangstry, due to all the desticating inhabitants of the eternal world of Stupid. Notice the segue? Okay… Stupid comes about when the vibrationary force of materialism exceeds the force of personal detachment from it. What this means is that it doesn’t matter what your IQ is or how smart you think you are, or how smart some others might think you are, if the vibrationary rate of materialism is greater than your resistance to it, you qualify as stupid and unlikely to survive, in the most important sense. The good news is that, possibly, you were never alive to begin with so… you haven’t actually lost anything. That’s not exactly good news but if you’re a card carrying member (pull out your wallet and see if there’s a completely blank card in there) you’re not going to notice anything.
That’s what happens, you don’t notice. You don’t notice that three buildings came down into their own footprint.. You don’t notice that a foreign country is completely in control of your own and… they hate you. You don’t notice that all wars are created by bankers and that you and those unfortunate enough to have a blood connection to you, are provably stupid enough to die in those wars because… you do, don’t you? You do die in them and your dick gets hard every time John Phillip Souza comes on those Voice of the Theater speakers at your local Victims of Foreign (banker) Wars or down to the American Legion of Mouthbreathers who fought in Banker’s wars. Yes, all of you Echopraxia addicts (don’t) know what I’m talking about. You matriculate through this dumpster culture like hypnotized mungos, emulating the apes in Kubrick’s 2001.
Stupid is the one who does not see the obvious because it has been explained to stupid as something other than it actually is, so stupid has accepted a definition that goes contrary to the evidence of elementary logic, common sense AND the senses. Stupid believes what it is told, even when it takes accepting complete absurdity to believe what it is told because of the impossibility of it being actual.
Right about now, or well before this, you realized or are realizing that much of this post is offensive. Really? Why? If it’s true and more radically so than being shown, it’s not offensive, it’s true. Study this headline. Do you get any sense of the ironic there? One can be defined as seriously stupid, if they don’t know this is going on, a coward if they don’t oppose it at every opportunity and a monster if they support it. For me, stupid is not simply being quasi-operational in a narrow bandwidth of awareness. It’s being unconcerned about man’s inhumanity to man and blindly supportive of it because you are deaf to common sense and capable of being convinced of anything no matter how ridiculous the argument may be, because…? Because you are stupid. Because you are stupid, people die. Because you are stupid, people go hungry and homeless. Stupid does not live alone. Stupid lives in a crowded apartment with all of the other unsavory life forms that live off of stupid and are alive because of stupid.
Stupid is what makes it possible for billions of dollars known and many billions more, unknown, to go to Israel, while food stamps are cut in the US AND food stamps and all of the other poverty programs are only necessary because of what Zionist bankers have done and are allowed to do to the economy in the first place. The true cost of stupid cannot be measured. Once again, stupid occurs when the vibration of materialism is more powerful than the vibration of one’s objective awareness of it. The true interpretation of religion is that which you give your devotion and fealty to (“where your heart is, etc”.). It is what your internal genuflections are given to. It is what your focus of desire is set upon (there your treasures are). When your devotion is co-opted and programmed by the conscious force of what has been called Mammon, you are just one more pre-desiccation fly in a spider’s web. You are on your knees at the altar of materialism, in the Church of Stupid. You think you are worshiping so and so but you are worshiping and serving The Devil and this is especially true of Christian Zionists; all fundies actually.
You can have college degrees. You can have a high IQ. You can be the practitioner of a skilled profession. You can live in a big house with a thin wife, with big grasping claws and flashing stones on many fingers. You can have lots of money in the bank. You can vacation in Bermuda with all the other tasteless dressers, where black people still know their place. You can be all these things but still be certifiably stupid because these things dictate the state of your mind and the level and direction of your awareness. The apex of stupid is to be cluelessly suicidal because all of your attention is on ♫I… I…. me… me… mine ♫ and driven by a frenzy for acquisition, at the expense of everything worth having and the loss of all of what makes life worth living. It happens every day. It happens all day long; smart, powerful and rich people proving that “stupid is as stupid does.” Not only do they go down the tubes themselves but the sucking draft of their passage and their influence on the lives of others brings about a conga line of stupids behind them.
Materialism makes you stupid! I don’t care how smart you think you are or anyone else thinks you are. I don’t care how much money you have; how many lifeless manikins you fuck, how many private clubs you belong to, how many expensive restaurants you eat in, what celebrities you know or whether you caught hepatitis shaking Obama’s hand and will never wash it again. If you are a materialist, the initial stages are increasing levels of blindness and increasing degrees of moral relativism that eventually results in stupid and then gravitates (down) into your being the conscious or unconscious bitch of a practicing Satanist …and don’t you look nice with that gag reflex red ping pong ball in your mouth? Television commercials tell you what the perceived level of your intelligence is. Your watching them tells you if you are stupid.
Oh well… hopefully this serves by way of explanation. I don’t mean to be malediscent, all of this is likely no more than a psithurism. Now you can have at it with your tetrapyloctomy. I bid a less than fond adieu to all the quomodocunquizing junkies. You’ve got your millstones around the neck (not my kind of bling), enjoy the swim. I wish you good luck, since there’s no such thing. Good fortune, on the other hand, that’s something you make as you go.
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